OSI Industries Food Processing Plant Inspires Other Networks

Today, public disclosure is a strict part of the rules mandated by the government on food? Do you eat from your local restaurant or deli and wonder where does your food come from? More importantly, what’s in your diet? These are very important questions according to OSI Industries president, David McDonald and he says, this information is available on their website for their customers. They will agree, not all grocers, restaurants, and deli markets get their food from OSI, but they meet the demands of a stabilized food industry. Their mission is the safety of the general public as leaders in the food industry.

OSI Industries Expansion Goals

There was an internal growth initiative within the OSI Industries network led by their executive team including COO, Sheldon Lavin. This led to international expansion efforts which has grew their net-worth by an estimated $7 million dollars. For example, their EU partnership has been responsible for their successful business growth and they process one of the biggest food processing plants in Europe. They will process pie filling and food condiments for the largest food plant in Europe under their Flagship partnership. Sources for both parties has said the deal has been very lucrative.

They also have decided to promote organic vegetables to India. They work diligently towards mimicking all their partnerships after the success of the United States and Asia. They also celebrated a 20 year milestone in China. Based in Zurich, Illinois, they’re one of the largest food processing plants in North America today, serving thousands of satisfied families across the globe. They currently process hot dogs, pie fillings, frozen poultry, sandwich meat, and organic vegetables. OSI is committed to feeding their clients an all-natural diet. Get exclusive details about their food products from their website portal.

You can find unique career opportunities with OSI Industries. Would you like to work in an executive or skilled food processing position overseas? They provide career opportunities with the benefit of company advancement. You’ll come to work proud each day knowing you’re doing your part to provide safe meals around the world. You can find a list of their career opportunities on their website and how to apply. Why trust your diet to anyone else? You can join thousands of other customers who are proud to eat under the OSI Industries Inc. name because of their commitment to serving only the top food products in the industry.

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Stream Energy: Recently Giving Back to Hurricane Harvey Victims

A press release was recently released about Stream Energy giving back in response to Hurricane Harvey. They donated through their charitable department, Stream Cares, $25,000 to the American Cross. It was reported that the severe flooding effects included several deaths, approximately 30,000 residents were found homeless, and 300,000 power outages occurred over that weekend (https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Stream-Energy).


The CEO and President of Steam Cares, Larry Mondry, stated that this program is established to assist people experiencing homelessness from natural disasters. Also, this organization has been collecting more donations, such as food, for relief efforts.


About Stream Energy


Established in 2005, Stream Energy is a Dallas-based, privately held organization that specializes in energy, deregulated electricity, business opportunities, deregulated natural, business opportunities, direct sales company, home services, protective services, and mobile services. Their company size is 201 to 500 employees. Also, this company has generated over $8 billion of lifetime revenue in 12 years which makes this firm one of the biggest direct selling firms in the global energy market.


This company also has energy services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, Washington, D.C., and New York. They just started powering Delaware which makes this state the eighth one powered by Stream Energy plus Stream Energy’s other services are also available throughout the nation. And they can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter also.


Stream Energy is always finding ways of giving back. A few days ago, they partnered with Hope Supply Co. and donated over 300 gifts and toys to DFW metroplex’s homeless children. Many of their employees also volunteered their time by sorting and wrapping gifts and toys at the Hope Supply Co. And they give helpful tips to their clients, such as ways to watch out for high electric bills during Thanksgiving and how not to get stuck on the road (YouTube).

Jorge Moll Proves Science and Giving are One

Science may seem a cold and rational subject to many, but Jorge Moll has proven that emotions are a large part of its existence.


Moore, a neuroscientist at the National Institutes of Health, recently stumbled upon an interesting channel between the hard-wiring of the brain and pure altruism. Altruism is the act of promoting someone else’s welfare, even at our own expense. This places emotion into the mix of what was thought to be a minor part of brain function.


Being able to control emotional responses was once thought to be a chemical reaction of certain parts of the brain. However, by using an MRI, the responses from the anterior prefrontal cortex proved this theory to be wrong. Without the use of mind-altering chemicals, the brain succumbed to a change of events through nothing other than a natural occurrence. This explained how altruism is a hard-wired part of the body that is available upon request.


Jorge Moll’s discovery is bringing an entirely new outlook on how science and medicine treat pain, depression, and disease. Instead of trying to find a scientific answer to healing, the mind can cure certain ills by just deciding to help one another.


Studies have been conducted throughout the past 10 years in an effort to understand why some people are naturally more healthy when kindness is involved (Terra). It wasn’t until Jorge Moore took this novelty to the extreme through neurological procedures that the entire scientific community was awakened to the reality. Science and altruism are indeed partners in the function of the brain.


Whether through charity or a random act of kindness, it is now known that the emotional component is directly built into the neurological signals of the brain. Certain biological changes occur, such as increased blood flow and increased levels of activity to the prefrontal cortex.


This goes to show that our primitive ancestors were correct in stating that it is better to give than to receive.

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Perry Mandera’s Custom Companies: Setting the Standard For the Transportation and Delivery Industry

In the transportation industry, it is important that clients always know where the product that they ordered is at.


Perry Mandera is the President and owner of the Custom Companies, Inc., which is renowned for taking advantage of cutting-edge modern technology, as well as web-based services (http://www.customcares.com/about.html). these services are created and developed in order to provide both clients and their staff with real-time tracking of deliveries that are used to known where deliveries are at, as well as less paperwork, reducing the amount of paper required to do the same activities, and streamlined general services that are now setting the standard in the industry.


Perry Mandera believes that what is better for the client is what is better for his company, The Custom Companies, as well. That becomes true when analyzing the biggest strength of the company: The positive feedback, in an overwhelming fashion, that they receive from clients and companies that use their services.


When clients avail the services of any company in order to deliver their items, clients only naturally expect that each item would be delivered fast and safe (GazetteDay). Perry Mandera understands this, and that is why he decided to invest and rely on technology in order to meet his clients’ needs. With the proper use of the technology available at his company, the clients can have the peace of mind knowing that their items are coming their way right on schedule and safe because they can monitor each delivery trucks with real-time tracking provided by The Custom Companies.


After the delivery reaches its destination, The Custom Companies‘ hi-tech software helps in streamlining payments and completion of contracts by relying on barcodes instead of more paperwork. With the use of technology, Perry Mandera believes that it lessens the possibility of human error and promotes not just the streamlining of processes but also accuracy.


But make no mistake, Perry Mandera‘s, The Custom Companies Inc., doesn’t just rely on technology. Of course, the technology that they use is still controlled by humans, and that is why Perry Mandera made sure to hire only high-trained staff to ensure that each client of his company receives the most professional and prompt customer service in the industry.

Troy McQuagge triumphs in the One Planet Awards as the Best CEO of the Year

Troy McQuagge the CEO of the USHEALTH Group, Inc, is announced the Gold winner, in the concluded One Planet Awards in the category of the best CEO of the year. USHEALTH Group, Inc is a company that offers insurance holding services.

The announcement was made in January 2017. Troy McQuagge said that the award was an honor for him and the entire team at the USHEALTH Group, Inc. He acknowledged that the award belonged to every team member at the USHEALTH Group Company for their hard work and dedication to providing affordable healthcare solutions for their customers. The affordable healthcare solutions have been achieved through the innovative coverage USHEALTH Group gives to their customers as the customer’s healthcare needs grew.

In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group and in 2014, he was elected into the position of the president and CEO of the insurance holding company. His promotion as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group was as a result of turning the insurance company into a successful company through the reconstruction he did to the captive distribution agency, the USHEALTH Group advisers. The reconstruction he made recorded a tremendous increase in the profitability of the USHEALTH Goup, Inc. Read more on glassdoor.com about Troy McQuagge

When he became the CEO, Mr. Troy M Quagge was able to bring the USHEALTH Group, Inc at the top of the success list in the highly competitive healthcare insurance market.

The One Planet Awards

The prestigious One Planet Awards is a leading business awards program that honors different industries, and their employees for their professional excellence in their contribution towards service delivery. Professionals from all industries are eligible to apply for the award. For-profit and non-profit organizations, private and public industries, new business start-ups, and small and large businesses are also eligible to apply.

The USHEALTH Group, Inc

USHEALTH Group, Inc is a healthcare insurance company that offers innovative health insurance cover to individuals. The USHEALTH Group, Inc insurance products are recognized in the market as the most competitive and profitable in the insurance industry. They are also so innovative to cater to the needs of their customers.


Who is Rick Smith?

Richard A. Smith is the man behind Securus Technologies, one of the largest companies in the corrections industry. Not a lot of companies in that industry focus on building up inmates as much as successfully offering quality products. For Securus, inmate safety and productivity is an integral part of creating safer communities.

Getting into the industry was easy back then, but it wasn’t easy to achieve positive results. Smith had to build safety into his company’s DNA, thus ensuring his company’s success. Most companies measure success in dollar signs. Mr. Smith measures his company’s success in appreciation letters and emails from local communities. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on prnewswire.com.

For the decades that Smith’s served at the company, he’s never achieved a greater accolade than when he acquired JPay Inc. as a Securus Technologies subsidiary. The acquisition was announced after both companies signed a Stock Purchase Agreement. This would prove to be a great move for all involved.

Part of Rick Smith Securus job is looking for new opportunities that can grow his company beyond its limits. JPay is one of the more innovative new companies in the business. He’d been watching JPay since it introduced some modern conveniences to the industry. That introduction created a whole new segment in corrections. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

Once JPay reached a point where it could no longer expand, Securus approached the company about the acquisition. It’s a decision that affected both companies but in positive ways. JPay has the innovation that Securus needs, and Securus has the resources that JPay needs.

CEO of JPay even spoke about wanting to join Securus Technologies. Not only are both companies at the top of their respected segments; they both share commons beliefs. For JPay, it’s about developing the best products that can enrich their constituents’ lives. Also, having Securus’ resources at their fingertips allows JPay to complete their most groundbreaking products in half the time.

Like all brilliant leaders, Shapiro credits his success to his team. They’re the ones working day and night to improve the current prison system. They uphold the company’s vision of making prisons safer and more efficient while giving inmates a better chance to re-enter society as law-abiding citizens.

The common bond the two companies share over bettering communities by embracing inmates is why Securus acquired JPay as a subsidiary. This way, JPay can continue operating as it always did.

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Stream Energy: Aiming for Greater Heights

Stream Energy, a Texas-based energy company, is actively expanding its operations in the Northeastern region of the United States. They are capitalizing on the fact that the population living in these states requires more energy, and the demand surges as the winter approaches. The company was founded in August 2004 by two visionaries, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, and their primary objective is to supply the whole country with energy that is more affordable and more reliable than the energy being sold by larger corporations. They initially served the state of Texas, but when the opportunity came to operate in other states, they never hesitated and began their operations in nearby states. With the inclusion of Delaware, Stream Energy has been providing energy and power to a total of eight states. The company is also operating in the nation’s capital, supply energy and power in Washington D.C. View the company profile on facebook.com.

In the beginning, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki never realized that their business would become successful. After they managed to secure the rights to operate in other states, the revenue of Stream Energy started to balloon, eventually reaching billions of dollars. The current head of the company, Larry Mondry, stated that the reason why the revenue of Stream Energy keeps on increasing is that of the support coming from their customers. The price of the services that they sell the people is comparatively low compared to their competitors, and it resulted in the addition of new customers. Today, more people are inquiring about their services, cutting their contracts with their energy providers because there is more value with the energy coming from Stream Energy.

Visit: https://gazetteday.com/2017/11/stream-energy/

Larry Mondry also revealed that Stream Energy is planning to expand, and later next year, more states will be added to the areas that they are serving. They are already securing the license to do business in other states, and they are looking forward to serving the people and give them a cheaper alternative. Stream Energy continues to grow, and they are seen by experts to dominate the industry in years to come, and they can become the most abundant energy supplier in the country. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

Rocketship Education Sets the Pace For Modern Educational Breakthroughs

Rocketship Education is a unique public charter school concept that is usually placed in lower economic neighborhoods where quality public schools are not available. The emphasis is to get the community at large as well as parents involved in the entire educational process because both parties have much at stake in the process.

When the community and parents see how Rocketship Education operates and the results that have occurred from the unique approach that is utilized, they are anxious to participate in the program. The average Rocketship student acquires enough knowledge and credits to graduate a full year ahead of the average public school student, which is a very impressive achievement indeed.

Rocketship Education takes the education and the development of the students very seriously from K through 12th-grade education. They take the traditional model of education where students are run through the regimen of 4 or 5 formal classroom sessions where everyone is taught the same subject matter in the same way. This does produce results, but not in the measure where excellence is the outcome.

Rocketship not only emphasizes the subject matter in unique ways, but the development of the student is a very important activity as well. Rocketship education emphasizes three pillars of their transformative process. Personalized learning, the development of talent, and parent power are the three keys to the success of Rocketship.

There are characteristics that are emphasized to the students as well in their learning process at Rocketship education. Students are exposed to different formats in learning which does include formal group classes, but then they are broken down into smaller groups where students can get questions answered and engage in intimate projects and questions to gain depth in understanding of the subject.

There are distinct digital sessions where repetitive material can be processed through the students’ engagement with laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is an environment where many students are already proficient and subjects such as math, language learning, and similar facts memorizing can be learned in a very natural way.

Rocketship education has proven its worth in many communities where the community, parents, teachers and students band together to create output that speaks for itself. Total success in achievement in practical skills and personal growth.


Lori Senecal Offers Advertising Expertise To Businesses

We are constantly surrounded by advertisements for almost all of the products in the world. We see them so frequently that in a way we have become desensitized to them. Advertisements have just become a part of our everyday lives. This poses a unique challenge to advertising agencies. How do you stand out from the rest when thousands of others are trying to do the exact same thing? Lori Senecal is the current Global Chief Executive Officer for Crispin Porter & Bogusky which is one of the most widely recognized and respected advertising companies across the globe. Growing up. Lori saw all of her older siblings lead very successful loves in a variety of fields. This led her to work even harder so that she could love up to the family name that stood for hard work, perseverance and a long lone of success. Immediately upon graduating with a degree in sales and marketing, Lori Senecal found almost instant success. It seemed as though every company she would begin a new position with would almost instantly improve in her area of expertise. This led the industry to quickly notice the young businesswoman and commend her for her achievements.

According to campaignlive, Lori Senecal has received many honors throughout her very successful career. She won what is known as a Quantum Leap Award in 2013 for her extremely quick entrance and success into the advertising industry relative to her peers. Recently, this year, Lori Senecal was recognized by Fast Company as one of the “Most Creative People in Business in 2017”. It always seems that Senecal has the unique ability to bring out the best in whoever may be on her team and working with her on a number of projects. She isn’t afraid to offer constructive criticism in order to bring out the best in those around her. Check out GCReport to see more.

As a Global CEO, Senecal must manage the firm’s ten different branches all across the globe. This means lots of travel and late nights of hard work to ensure the business is running according to plan. Lori Senecal shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. With her at the helm of Crispin Porter & Bogusky there is no question that the company will continue to both grow and thrive well into the future.

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The Sensational Bruno Fagali

Photographers in France have been issued with new rules which involve a statement being attached to the photographs that show that they have been retouched. Photographs which involve the models’ bodies being retouched has to adhere to these rules. The France Health sector came up with these rules so that a strict diet has to be followed by the models. The models are also required to have a medical certificate while presenting their documents. These should also be accompanied by their body mass index where the correct assessment should have been done by a certified person. Bruno Fagali is the person in context.

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The advertising industry has been tasked with creating rules that conform to the anti-corruption laws. The CGUU have to be consulted about these rules in that the appropriate measures have to be followed while enhancing the laws. An individual who has specialized in the matters relating to the communication of public interest has to be consulted. The person in this perspective is a Brazilian known as Bruno Fagali.

The individual has to be invited since the advertising agency also covers international organizations. The process commenced two years ago where a strict compliance system has been created through the measures that have been followed. The compliance system has then been affected by the agency since it has followed the right procedure.

The directives of the commission have enhanced transparency in the advertising agency. Internal changes had to be effected so that the process was coherent. Bob Vieira da Costa is the founder of the agency. New leaders were evaluated through the forum while the code of ethics was followed. Silvia Urquiza and Bruno Fagali are the lawyers who were behind these rules.

Members of the internal ethics committee and the corporate managers went through these rules which they later approved. Employees have been trained on the issues before the code was relayed to them. The intranet of the agency has also been provided with the code. The Nova site has been uploaded with a primer so that individuals can access the information easily. Bruno Fagali has been instrumental in the administering of the laws. The specialist has performed well in the public administration law. Bruno Fagali studied at the USP where he achieved a master’s degree in state law.

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