How Doe Deere’s Creativity Made Lime Crime a Massive Success

Lime Crime is a revolutionary company in the world of cosmetics design and salesmanship. Founder, Doe Deere, has mastered the art of turning the Lime Crime world into a community of nearly cult-like followers. Most typical brands simply focus on sales. Lime Crime focuses on engagement with its fan base and this engagement keeps fans coming back again and again as well as engaging heavily with the company on social media and beyond.


When Lime Crime was first launched by Doe Deere, it was designed to be a company that focused on putting the digital element first. The company is specifically interested in attracting Generation Z followers and has made its products fun and trendy to attract the fickle Generation Z flock of consumers. For instance, even the names of the products are made to be fun, funky and a bit different. The brand even launched a full line of lipsticks that give credit to founder, Doe Deere.


Lime Crime has a following that has been described as nearly a cult. Fans of Lime Crime love the brand because the company actually engages with its fan base in a social media basis. Doe Deere’s fans have given her the loving nickname of Queen of the Unicorns. This nickname comes because the mascot of Lime Crime is a brilliantly colored unicorn. The unicorn is a testament to the company goal that its followers should never be afraid to stand out boldly in a crowd of people.


Speaking of standing out boldly, the colors of Lime Crime are designed to reflect that. From blue lipstick, to pink hair dye, to gorgeous sparkling highlighter, Lime Crime is all about being bold and standing out in a big way.


Doe Deere founded Lime Crime in 2008, meaning the company is nearly a decade old. For the past ten years she has worked tirelessly to expand the company and to share her positive motto and ideas with people across the world. She initially founded Lime Crime and bought the domain to sell her clothing designs. She has been crafting her own line of clothing since her youth and wanted to share those creative designs with people everywhere. In fact, she was studying fashion design during the time she transitioned Lime Crime into a cosmetics company. She knew that her life’s work should consist of more than designing clothes and, while she still designs her own clothes, she knew Lime Crime was absolutely her life’s work as soon as she dropped out of the fashion design institute and founded Lime Crime.


Lime Crime has always been a creative entity. For example, the company released a line of eyeshadow palettes that have a shell that looks identical to the ‘90s toys Polly Pockets. The palettes have been a massive success and are a testament to the level of creativity that Doe Deere and her entire team put into every single product that they release to fans.


The company’s fans are hyper loyal and Lime Crime only releases a product once they are sure that fans will fall in love with it. Learn more:


Doe Deere And Lime Crime Riding The E-Commerce Wave: Her Business Tips

Let’s be frank; selling anything on e-commerce might look simple, but it isn’t child’s play to maintain a hot brand year after year. Selling makeup online is almost impossible because you can’t see or touch the cosmetics in person. Learn more:

Somehow, entrepreneur Doe Deere has made it work, and her Lime Crime makeup brand is now more popular than ever around the world. The Russian-born beauty had a specific plan in mind, according to the French Tribune.

Her dream began in her native country with the aspiring businesswoman selling temporary tattoos to her classmates in middle school. Doe Deere had the gift of gab and was able to convince students that the tattoos were the latest cool trend.

She loved fantastical creatures like the unicorn and colorful hair, fashion and makeup. By the time she was a teen, she was living in New York City and experimenting with all kinds of ventures, from selling clothing on Ebay to joining a rock band. Learn more:

By trial and error, Doe Deere became sharper with the business of building a brand. She learned to master the internet and studied the benefits of e-commerce and how this way of new selling would take over the world. She also became savvy on social media and how exchanging ideas with future customers offered a number of advantages.

Then one day back in 2008, Doe Deere developed an incredible concept and strategy. She would create her own makeup line but not just any brand.

Doe Deere did something successful entrepreneurs understand well; she found her business niche. Doe Deere would build a cosmetics brand, Lime Crime, on bold, modern makeup. This type of beauty was not around even large cities like New York, and because Doe Deere enjoyed pairing strong makeup with her wild hair and fashion, she would make her own. Her makeup color palettes feature unusual shades with super pigments.

She dove in and took a huge gamble with e-commerce. These days, Lime Crime is the little darling of social media and very popular among young women and men on a global basis. Doe Deere also features the makeup at some well-known brick-and-mortar stores like Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill.

Another piece of advice she offers falls under communication. Doe Deere is hands-on with Lime Crime. She’s involved with the lab chemist and introduction of new lipsticks, eye shadows, hair dyes, etc. She’s totally immersed.

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Julia Jackson a Successful Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry

Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of the Jackson family, born in 1988 in San Francisco, California and cannot remember a time when she wasn’t interested in wine making.

Julia Jackson is currently the spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines. She attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has a Certificate, General Management. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from Scripps College.

Jackson stated that the Jackson Family Wines are set apart from the rest due to her mother’s intuitive understanding of the land. Her mother, who runs the company, is her role model and she considers her a genius.

Julia, in 2014, become the founder of Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. A non-profit organization that celebrates women who have overcome adversities and life’s hardships. These same women are becoming the inspiration for other women in their communities to do the same. They award, each year, $100,000 in cash grants to other non-profits who uphold Cambria’s programs pillars of equality as well as spirit and the community.

The Jackson Family Wines have vineyards in France, Italy, N. America, S. America, Chile, and Australia.

Their winery in France is in a historic 4th-century chateau in Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux. The flagship wine for this winery is Lasségue, a sophisticated elegant wine. However, the vineyards are planted to 60% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. The second label from this vineyard is Les Cadrans de Lasségue which got its name from iconic sundials that are part of the chateau’s charm.

As a child, Julia’s father instilled in his children what it takes to become successful and she has never forgotten these lessons. This business is still to this day male dominated even in California. In 2010 A Pinot Moir from Cambria Estate Julia’s Vineyard was named by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as the Wine of the Year.

Check this website for more info at Cambria Wines.

How Doe Deere Launched A Cosmetics Craze With Lime Crime

Doe Deere, known for her pastel-colored hair, whimsical fashion style and bright makeup, has learned a thing or two about running a business since she launched Lime Crime back in 2008. Lime Crime, a cosmetics brand sold exclusively online, has captured the imaginations of millions of millennials with its unconventional approach to makeup.

As a Russian-born girl raised in New York City, Deere can recall playing with her mother’s makeup and gravitating toward wild and funky clothes as a little girl. She believes that she was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, always looking for ways to encourage others to express themselves visually.

In 2004, Deere launched an eBay store to sell her DIY fashion line. For product photos, Deere modeled her clothes herself and completed the looks with bold, bright and unconventional makeup. Soon enough, customers adored her makeup style just as much as they did the clothes that she was selling. That’s why, just four years later, Lime Crime was born.

When Deere decided to launch her cosmetics brand in 2008, her goal was to fill a gap in the market. Deere had always chosen wild and whimsical makeup when it came to expressing herself. She believes that makeup should be less about concealing imperfections and more about making strong and fearless statements. However, many makeup trends at the time played it safe, sticking to a more minimalist approach.

From the beginning, Lime Crime’s product line has been synonymous with bright colors, iridescent glitter, shiny metallic textures and bold packaging. The products are known for their intense pigmentation, ensuring that any person wearing Lime Crime makeup gets noticed. For instance, Deere’s Diamond Crushers lipstick toppers give lips a glittery finish so sparkly that lips can be spotted from across the room.

Deere’s unique brand attracted a loyal fan base right away. Today, Deere’s Instagram account boasts millions of followers. However, Deere has experienced her fair share of hiccups along the way. For instance, a couple of years back, a security breach threatened the future of the company. Deere had to work tirelessly to earn back the loyalty of her customers.

Needless to say, Deere came out of the situation stronger. Today, her company is known for its unparalleled customer service and security. Deere constantly communicates with her customers through mailing lists, giving them insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

By simply being herself, Deere has launched a craze of unapologetic self-expression in the world of cosmetics. Thanks to Deere’s vision, millions of millennials can be seen wearing glittery and fearlessly bold makeup.

Express Yourself With Bold Lime Crime Lip Colors

Who doesn’t love a pretty face? Glam master and lover of all things color Doe Deere is serving up plenty of eye catching selfies, and tools to help you achieve her look. Founder and CEO of the bold and exciting Lime Crime Cosmetics, she is on a mission to change the way guys and girls feel about makeup, restriction and inhibitions. Inspired by her own inner sense of creativity and uniqueness, Deere has produced some of the most bold and colorful lip colors to the market. She believes that looking your best is simply about feeling your best. With so many restrictions on what is considered normal or natural, it an often be difficult to find comfort in your own sense of style. Lime Crime was founded on Deere’s determination to help people around the world express themselves, unapologetically.

Deere remembers a colorful childhood, filled with bright ideas, and bright clothes and accessories. As she grew into her teenage years and began to explore make-up, she found it difficult to find colors that matched her style and personality. She found herself wondering “is adulthood colorless”. Feeling as though she would soon be forced her love for color to the side as she entered adulthood, she began to explore with different makeup accessories and colors. In 2006 Deere began uploading makeup online, sharing her make up experiences with viewers all over. To her surprise, she quickly gained a following, and soon began receiving request for make up tips and advice.

Still unsatisfied with the options for makeup and cosmetics, Deere decided it was time to create her own. Starting from the ground up, she began to build a brand as bright and bold as her own personality. As a major supporter of women and entrepreneurship, the Self Made businesswoman also uses her new cosmetic line as a way to inspire other young women like herself. Her own inspiration comes from her fans themselves. Deere gets inspired by women who dare to be different, and those who dare to chase their dreams. Inspiration from her fans and her love for color come together to keep her creative fire burning. Aside from the irresistibile variety of colors or both eyes and lips, all Lime Crime products are vegetarian, which means no animals were harmed in the process. As an animal lover herself, Deere is an avid supporter of no-kill animal shelters and against the violence of our innocent four legged friends!

Lime Crime can easily be considered a makeup lover’s one-stop-shop for all things color. Your face is your canvass, paint it as bold and bright as you would like!

Follow Deere @doedeere

Helane Morrison Financial Warrior

Helane Morrison is a pioneer in the field of financial justice. She is currently serving as not only a Managing Director but also as the General Counsel and Chief Compliance officer of one of the largest investment companies in America, Hall Capital Partners. Hall Capital is located in San Francisco and the company is run completely by women which is one of the reasons Helane wanted to work there the other was due to the company’s diverse leadership culture. She also realized that after the market crash of 2007-2008 that investors still had absolutely no confidence whatsoever in the financial professionals that ran the markets. One of the things she wanted to correct at Hall Capital Partners was to help restore the investing public’s confidence in America’s financial sector.


Helane came to Hall Capital intellectually well armed. Helane had earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the School of Law at the University of California at Berkley. She had also worked for Justice Harry Blackmuas as his law clerk for a period of time. Afterwards, she joined the law firm of Howard Falk & Rabkin where she was elevated to partner not long after joining the firm. The law firm focused on business litigation, private securities actions, and other issues related to SEC issues. The Firm and Helane also worked closely with a team specifically targeting illegal trading. This investment in pursuing justice paid off handsomely when it caught the government’s attention and she was offered an opening at the U.S. Securities and Exchange in San Francisco. It wasn’t long before she was offered the position of Head of Enforcement at the SEC, a position that allowed her the power and leverage she needed to pursue the predators that were ruining the financial sector. This new authority also gave her the ability to sheild the public against the predators stalking these innocent people. While at the SEC Helane was responsible for:


Bringing fraud investigations against major American company executives

Uncovering the illegal sale of non existent securities to the military

Exposing auiditors disposing of fraudulent documents

Helping to eliminate illegal insider trading schemes

Providing defenses for a large number of defrauded senior citizens


Helane Morrison spent a number of years at the SEC’s enforcement agency before she came to the decision to change her focus. This is when she found Hall Capital Partners LLC. She almost immediately applied for a spot on the team and was appointed as Hall Capital’s Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance officer. Hall Capital manages over $24 billion dollars of assets and it manages the assets of some of the wealthiest people in America. The thing about the firm that really attracted her was its purely female leadership. In her capacity at Hall Capital Helane works alongside not only officer Kathryn Hall but also all Capital’s President, Sarah Stein. Their work is always centered on how to help promote a truly equal workplace environment worldwide.



Compliance officers take on a huge role

The business world is filled with complicated regulations. These regulations are meant to protect the economy, consumers, and businesses from grave harm, but they also make navigating the regulatory environment incredibly difficult. Many businesses struggle to comply with the law, and they put themselves and their employees at risk. To avoid the risks that breaking the law brings, most businesses are investing heavily in compliance departments.

The compliance field is relatively new. Twenty years ago very few businesses had a single compliance officer on staff. They simply followed the law as best they could, and counted on their public relations and legal departments to handle any issues that came up. That strategy is no longer applicable. The government will harshly penalize anyone that breaks the law, and the media will further punish these people.

Today, almost every business is required to have a chief risk officer. The chief risk officer, or CRO, plays an important role in the daily operations of a business. At one time, the CRO would simply look over policies to ensure that they complied with the law. Now, CRO’s are taking on a major role within their companies. Most CRO’s actively work with the business to make policy and to make decisions. CRO’s ensure that the business has reduced risk and that they are in compliance with all regulations. They ensure that the business is aware of every possible risk, and that there is a plan in place to handle these issues.

There are several talented compliance officers in the world today, but one of the brightest is Helane Morrrison. Helane started her career as a journalist in college, but she quickly went on to receive her law degree. She worked in the world of law for almost a decade, and she then went on to work with the SEC. Her great investigative background eventually led her to the world of compliance. Today, Helane works as the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital.

Helane has several duties as Chief Compliance Officer. She must ensure that every action taken by Hall Capital is in accordance with federal regulations, and she must avoid unnecessary risks. She loves working at Hall Capital because the company is filled with talented young women that want to be successful.

The compliance industry is rapidly growing as businesses seek to protect themselves from unnecessary risks. Helane Morrison is probably the most sought after name in the compliance industry.