George Soros Gives Generously To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

George Soros is a democratic supporter who has given millions over the years to support democratic candidates in America, and a recent article in Politico shows that George has gone all-in helping Hillary get elected. This article briefly lays out why George is giving so much money to democratic candidates, and it will cover why George believes strong liberal leadership is needed in America.
#1: George Believes Liberals Help In Times Of Crisis

George has many political beliefs, but his strongest belief is that a liberal politician is more likely to perform well in a financial crisis. George has many concerns about the global economy, and he wants to see Hillary Clinton elected to help the world economy improve. Anyone who is planning on voting for Hillary will likely get well-acquainted with the name of Forbes billionaire George Soros, and it would be wise to learn about his economic views.

#2: George Is Concerned That History Will Be Repeated

George thinks that history is being repeated by people who are ignoring global financial problems. The Chinese are having trouble with the yuan, and the migrant crisis in Europe is taking hold of Europe’s economy. The issue for George is regulation, and he wants to see tighter regulation so that countries and large companies will make proper decisions. George is the sort of man who does not want to hear promises. George wants to see change in action at once.

#3: George Is Something Of A Kingmaker

George is widely regarded in the democratic world as a kingmaker. He is seen as the person who gives the extra money that is needed to win an election, and many democrats actually take George’s endorsement a sign to endorse the same candidate. Many democrats will rally in the corner of Hillary Clinton because George believes in her, and the Politico article shows that his $8 million gift is his largest show of confidence in quite some time.

#4: Can A US President Change The Economic Future?

A US President cannot change the economic future on their own, but a US President is more than capable of crafting policies that will help ensure global stability. George prefers stability over rampant growth, and he wants to see someone in office who will help prevent China, Germany and the whole of the EU to go under. Losses in China will be felt everywhere, and the migrant crisis in the EU will spread quickly.

George Soros chose to give $8 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to ensure she will win the presidency, and he believes that Hillary will help stabilize a world economy that is teetering on the brink of falling over the edge of yet another recession cliff.