Meet Krishen Iyer: A Successful Entrepreneur

Krishen Iyer is the founder of the Managed Benefits services. The company is located in Southern California and specializes in dental insurance, health insurance as well as consulting. He has earned good professional reputation in areas of specialization like online marketing, client interfacing, and technical development.


The San Diego State University’s graduate is principally involved in the main focus area of the business, which is creating connections between lead-generating firms and companies interested in the particular type of marketing solution. Krishen Iyer has a strong background in marketing, insurance, adverting, distribution, and insurance products.


Krishen Iyer possesses a remarkable and diverse professional skill set. He has demonstrated a strong ability to apply his talents by the market demands or the circumstances. Krishen started sharpening his skills before starting Quick Link Managed Benefits. He decided to start the businesses because he was well versed with the industry.


How Quick Link Marketing started making money


Krishen Iyer’s company offers an important service that wasn’t available to the lead-generation firms there before. It generates its revenue by promoting connections between firms that generate leads and those likely to benefit most from the marketing solutions offered by the correct lead-generation firm. Also, the firm (Quick Link Marketing) provides high contracts to sales agents to work below them within an insurance capacity while acting as the marketing buyers.


When Quick Link Marketing Company become profitable


According to Krishen, Quick Link Marketing became marketable before the schedule. Although the schedule was not up to standards, they began reaping the fruits before the expected period. Their goal was actually 24 months, but the firm became profitable before that.


More about Krishen Iyer


Krishen Iyer grew up in California. He went to the San Diego University for his undergraduate studies. Here, he specialized in Public Administration. He started his insurance career immediately after graduating from the University. He started a real estate firm known as the Iyer Real Estate Holdings.

Banco Bradesco Triumphs with Trabuco

     Sixty-six-year-old Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the CEO of Bradesco Bank in Brazil, the second largest bank in Brazil, and the second largest private bank in the country. Named “Entrepreneur of The Year” by Isto Dinheiro magazine,Trabuco has demonstrated exceptional skills and leadership ever since he was a mere teenager. Luiz was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 6th, 1951. He began working at Bradesco at the age of seventeen as a clerk at the Bradesco bank. As a college student, he majored in Philosophy, and once he got to graduate school, he studied Sociology at the School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo.

Over the course of a few years Trabuco worked his way up by performing various tasks regarding banking and delivering great customer service until he was promoted to marketing manager. For eight years he worked to define the country’s perception of Bradesco as one of the best banks. Then in 1992,he was promoted to manager, and chosen to take charge of a privately-owned company that focused on private pension. In 1998, he was chosen to be the new manager of Bradesco Bank. A year later, he was promoted to Vice President, and in 2003 he became the president of Bradesco Seguros, which included eight other companies such as Capitalization, Bradesco Saude, and Bradesco Vida e Providencia.

In 2009,he was named chief-executive officer of Banco Bradesco. He served in that position for nine years. For years he served as the chairman of the Board of Directors of Odontoprev S.A., a member of the Board of Directors of Arcelor Mittal Brasil, and a member of The Strategic Committee of Vale S.A. and a president of the Marketing and Fundraising Commission of The Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities. Over his forty-eight year run working for the company and taking lead, Trabuco has spent many years building a good rapport with his co-workers and colleagues while also strengthening the company. He was one of Brazil’s most hardworking men and an asset to his company.

Bruno Fagali: How To Choose A Reliable Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a top attorney and he has been representing clients for years. He is one of the leading attorneys in Brazil and he has a proven track record.

Hiring a reliable or reputable lawyer like Bruno Fagali is an important decision for anyone who is facing a legal matter in Brazil. Organizations, professionals and individuals who are encountering a legal problem, should take appropriate steps to ensure a swift resolution of the situation. That’s where a competent lawyer comes in. In fact, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who is well versed in the area of law you’re dealing with.

Whether it’s a business or personal matter, it’s crucial to research before hiring a lawyer. Some lawyers can handle cases for businesses, while other have great expertise in representing individuals or handling cases that don’t involve businesses.

If you are planning to enlist the services of a lawyer in Brazil, you ought to get in touch with Bruno Fagali – a leading Administrative Law and Regulatory Law expert. You should choose a lawyer that has an established history of delivering excellent service to clients. Having a powerful attorney by your side will give you confidence that your legal issue will be handled appropriately.

Legal problems can occur at any time but it is crucial to address these issues promptly. Complex legal matters require the expertise of a competent attorney. A large number of complicated or complex legal issues involves business dispute and breach of contract. Not all attorneys can handle such situations effectively.

You can find lawyers or law firms from many different places. Many people get a referral from someone they trust. You can get a recommendation from a friend or relative or perhaps a professional such as your accountant or physician. You can also consult a reliable online local directory of lawyers.

Business or corporate related legal matters can be addressed by knowledgeable business or corporate attorneys. Sometimes disputes can be resolved without involving the court but it’s up to the parties involved to decide how to reach a resolution. Their attorneys will meet to discuss the situation, and come up with an agreement or settlement.

Bruno Fagali has been addressing legal matters involving Urban Law, Ethics and Regulatory Law. He is also well versed in Administrative Law and Compliance and comes highly recommended in the industry.

Highland Capital Management, an Experienced Global Alternative Credit Manager

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a profound company that offers a range of services including investment advisories. The company was first established in 1993 at Dallas, Texas in the United States of America by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Highland Capital Management is SEC-registered and offers an array of services in finance, Asset Management and Banking categories.

Highland Capital Management now manages assets worth $15.4 billion in collaboration its affiliates. Highland has managed to sustain its global reputation as a highly experienced alternative credit manager. The firm is mainly focused in credit strategies that include long-only funds and separate accounts, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and distressed and special-situation private equity.

Additionally, Highland offers its clients with alternative investments that include; long/short equities, emerging markets and natural resources. The company’s broad base of customers mainly comprises of corporations, financial institutions, governments, foundations endowments and high net-worth persons. Highland Capital Management has offices in Singapore, Sao Paolo, Seoul and New York while its headquarter is found in Dallas, Texas.

Highland Capital Management values its community and intensely invests in its employee. Apart from the financial markets, Highland is highly concerned about the welfare of its employees. The company offers the community several services such as volunteerism, financial donations and advisory board involvement. Moreover, the company is keen in partnering with other organizations from across the world. A case in point, Highland has committed an excess of $10 million to other collaborative global organizations.

Highland capital recently launched a $147 million healthcare fund with full support from one of its affiliate Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. South Korea’s National Pension Service serves as the anchor investor for the latter fund. Highland partners with other organizations particularly in health and other investment returns. Further, Highland partnerships are resourceful in accessing opportunities.

Apparently, Highland is now set to partner with Stonebridge Capital, a private equity and venture capital firm from Korea. This move is exclusively for increasing the access to healthcare services while creating noble opportunities for healthcare investors. Dondero serves as the presidents at Highland Management. Finally, Dondero is proactive in local philanthropy and other investment strategies.

No Job is Too Small or Too Big for Sawyer Howitt

     According to the article on by Sawyer Howitt, the RFID technology creation is something done primarily for helping many enterprises dealing with the clothes sale to boost their sales and their inventory keeping methods. Although the RFID technology use is something most companies should adopt, recent studies show most of these attire businesses still lag behind in its adoption. Therefore, it’s proof enough that majority of retailers either lack awareness of that technology existence or fear using it.

The RFID systems use that incorporates sales software, barcode readers, and tags only account for approximately 8 percent of the total attire business in Europe and the U.S. that have added it to their daily operations. These surprisingly little numbers have happened because many retailers are just interested in testing the technology, but not using it. To this end, these technology developers think their product is beginning to break ground while the demographics show differently.

Another factor that could contribute to the RFID technology adoption low turnover is because lots of people in the industry of apparel are traditional. To this end, these people rarely try new waters till they become convinced of how a specific factor is going to able to change their lives. Also, the low integration percentage of the RFID technology first-generation into the industry of apparel has come about because of the exorbitant cost accompanying these systems installations.

Retailers have especially been discouraged installing these systems as it’s straining the small profits they make. However, the companies producing these systems have emerged with better, new technology, and cheaper to get. Things might get better soon.

Howitt is the Meriwether Group Project Manager. He takes pride to help entrepreneurs and businesses to grow. He has an extraordinary work plan spinning from finance, business, as well as customer service. In spite of his age, he has the strong capability of understanding the financial and operational requirements of a business plus has already directed various philanthropic organizations.

Howitt is planning on attending the UC (University of California), situated in Berkeley, in 2017 fall. At this institution, he’s planning on graduating from their degree program in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Read Tips To Better Your Business Skills By Sawyer Howitt for more..

Taking the Wine Business to the Next Level

     Every individual has a specific way of relaxation after work or journey. Leisure is part of every living human being. Taking wine is a pleasure as well as a leisure to many. To others, it is a hobby. There are a variety of brands when it comes to wine, and each of them comes with its features. The process of testing can sometimes prove tricky and tempting. With the Travel Vineyard Company, the process is adventurers and fascinating. Vineyard Company was founded in the year 2001 with the aim of helping taste wine in a more enjoyable way. The company has discovered unmatched varieties of wine adding up to more than a hundred. The company has a way of encouraging people to use their product, keep coming back for more as well as bring more customers. In the process of wine testing, the customer stands a chance of winning a variety of exciting prizes. The awards are based on the products that the company stocks. The company extends its services to a good number of states. Among the accessories that Travel Vineyard Company shares, includes chillers, decanters, and openers.

The company stocks at least three classes of wine assortments with their prizes ranging from 14 dollars to 25 dollars per bottle. The services at the Vineyard Company ensure total satisfaction of every customer, and in return, the clients can not hesitate coming back and to invite their friends as well. With perfect service as well as attractive offers, all the wines stocked at the vineyard company guarantees 98% satisfaction rate. In the issue of offers, the company has platforms in which the clients have a chance of becoming wine guides. By paying 174 dollars, any customer can become an agent of the company in the sense that 99 dollars earns the customer a success kit while the rest of the money earns him or her fruits tasting kit. On attaining a target of 750 dollars in the sales, a customer is awarded an electric opener. For a client to qualify for this, he or she must hit the target within 60 days.


Tony Petrello Takes Nabors In The Right Direction:

Tony Petrello provides leadership to Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is undoubtedly one of the biggest oil well digging companies in the industry. It not only manufactures and provides onshore and off-shore services; it has an extensive inventory. Its oil and gas services and equipment remain second-to-none.

Overseeing such an impressive operation and assuring that the requirements of the customers are met: would be a challenge for many leaders. However, as humble as he remains, Petrello “easily steps up to the plate,” meeting, successfully, any challenge that comes along in life. It his true acumen as to being a leader: that, frankly, has a good many individuals “eating humble pie.” He simply just knows how to take care of matters–and he gets things accomplished: great things.

Petrello, too, comes with a terrific past history. He is blessed with a capacity to easily solve math problems. He attained two degrees. One is a B.S. degree and the other an M.S degree from the highly eminent college of Yale University. Tony easily matriculated to Harvard Law School, wherein, he earned his J.D.

He went to work for the influential law firm of Baker & McKenzie (now Baker McKenzie). He eventually became the firm’s Managing Partner. A Managing Partner is basically, the same as a CEO, within a corporation: in way responsibilities. The term, is, used, most readily, in accounting firms and in legal firms. However, a law firm, as a model, is a great deal different than that of a oil servicing and manufacturing operation. Providing leadership, inside of a law firm, and then transitioning to an entirely different kind of industry, still in a leadership capacity, is something for the uniquely talented leader. Tony Petrello, not surprising, made the transition, effortlessly.

He provides strategy to Nabors Industries Ltd. He is characteristically a visionary; and his visions are reasonable and practical. Tony sees opportunity where there are “blind spots.” He creates opportunities where there are empty vessels.

After his tenure at Baker McKenzie: Tony moved on to assume a leadership role at Nabors Industries, Ltd. He eventually and easily stepped into his roles of CEO, President and Chairman of the Board.

Tony Petrello is in constant movement, whether it is community-based, or working as Nabors Industries CEO and strategist. In example, one area where Nabors Industries is highly focused is the area which follows. (It is necessary to understand that Nabors Industries, Ltd., plays many roles, within the oil and gas market, and the following extensive description, in way of one of its customer-centric operations is a small section of what the corporation provides its clients–and Tony oversees it all:


Nabors currently runs the largest land drilling fleet, on a global basis. There are around five-hundred rigs supplied, in more than twenty-five nations; as well as in nearly each and every important gas and oil basin.

The company has the highest sum of specific rigs. There are more than two-hundred fifteen new AC rigs. The company has added over one-hundred fifty, recently, refurbished SCR rigs to its impressive inventory. The rigs are designed, for the most part, to meet the challenges of specific drilling applications. One example is that of service required in the coldest regions of the world—such as the Arctic. Other rigs are used to address the challenges of a desert environment.

Some of the company’s rigs are considered the most technologically sound and advanced—the world over. One is specific to multi-well drilling: which is the current innovation. In explanation—this application saves money. Pad drilling, when used in practice, allows the operators to drill multiple wellbores from that of a single surface area. Prior to this type of technology, the operator would drill one well, and disassemble the drilling rig. He then moved about to a different location—repeating the same process, over-and-over. When pad drilling is used four, ten, twenty and more wells are drilled from one singular location. The process saves the consumer, as well as the operator, a great deal of money and time. The time spent, previously, packing and moving the rig; and preparing the new drill site is eliminated. The use of the preceding application does not impact the environment—to the same effect of the older application.

As is witnessed, the preceding operational section, is just one small facet of the Nabors Industries Ltd., operation. Suffice it to say, Anthony Petrello, as leader of the eminent corporation, has much on his plate: however, he easily assumes his roles with intelligence and, again, looks at challenges as opportunities to improve upon operations—with the objective to offer superior services and technologies. In the end, Tony Petrello, always makes the best profitable decision, available.


Ageless Beauty


Watching videos created by the wonderful Wengie, loyal viewers may be surprised to know that she is in her 30s. The sound of jaws dropping can be heard everywhere. Ah, how unfair is it that someone can seem so ageless and beautiful with such little effort? The Rainbow haired wonder has heard your sighs and has appeared to share several of her top secret beauty tips so all can share in her “I just wake up this way” cuteness.


Coffee lovers may need to tote the tea since, according to Wengie, there are a myriad of ways it can help one appear younger and fresher. Green teas, especially, have tons of antioxidants that are beneficial to one’s body and their skin. It is a must have in everyone’s beauty arsenal.


The price beauty is high, quite high in fact. Wastefulness is not an option with the cost of high quality products. Sadly, accidents happen. Quite often, they happen to liquid skin toners that drip between the fingers before reaching the face. Instead of seeing dollar signs dripping down the drain, listen to Wengie’s waste not, want not tip to save every drop of your skin toner.


Removing nail polish can be simple and cost effective. There are removers that can cost upwards to $6 a bottle, however Wengie has a wonderful way to cut costs by making your own remover that lasts longer, is easier to keep and can cost as little as a $1 by repurposing items in your house that otherwise would have been thrown away.


Put your wallet away and learn from Wengie, how to create your own makeup remover pads. Rather than $10 for a pack of seven pads, you can create your own removers for pennies a pad that are just as effective and gentle on the skin as a high quality brand name product.


From saving fake eyelashes that have gone frumpy, to feeding your skin with coconut oil, Wengie has what you need to appear timeless, ageless and fresh with ease of effort, and kindness to pocketbook.


Learn more about Wengie:


Talk Fusion: Life Is Better Than Ever

In it is now nine years that Talk Fusion has been in business thanks to Bob Reina. He is a true visionary and is someone that is able to see things ahead of time and be aware of what the trends are out there. That is what keeps Talk Fusion so popular and why it keeps growing by leaps and bounds. People are looking for a change in their life, and they are realizing that not all change is bad. There is good change out there. So often, they were programmed to think a certain way, feel a certain way, and behave a certain way. Learn more about Talk Fusion at PR News Wire.


Now, they are breaking free from that line of thinking and realizing that there are unconventional ways to make a living. People simply don’t have to work at a regular job. It does not mean they are lazy or want things for free. It simply means they feel as though they have more to offer the world than what is put in front of them and they want to achieve that. People in the business are seeing what Talk Fusion is doing and how they are consistently trying to make the product bigger and better for their clients, which is why they are a two-time award winner in 2016.


This award is for the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award and it comes from Technology Marketing Corporation. They see a ton of products and it takes a lot to impress them. One of the major upgrades that Talk Fusion has done is their video chat. They have made it to where now people can use it with an Android or iPhone and chat with people, even if they have different carriers. People have also been very high on the look and feel of the product. That is big.


Talk Fusion also offers video newsletters, video conferences, and video emails. They can do it all and they are making life better than ever for people out there. They have the world at their fingertips and they are loving each and every day they rise in the morning.

Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Has Taken Industry By Storm


Many companies and corporations are raving over Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion. The technology allows clients to embed videos in emails at a very low cost.

Companies are enjoying their online experience much better thanks Talk Fusion. David Kale of Kale Designs says his company is running far more smoothly. Since he first started his business, it has always been his goal to make his business stand out. And as far as Kale is concerned, Talk Fusion is the ticket.

Talk Fusion is now one of the largest video email and conferencing companies in the U.S. Kale says one of the best services he enjoys is the ability to send clients messages through his computer flip phone or web cam. Kale says everything is very simple to use and he can also set up email through the same portal.

Another cool thing that Kale loves is he can do his own company graphics branding through the portal. He can choose through a number of templates, colors and text. With Talk Fusion, the user can send to one person or thousands. One unique thing about the service is that the video isn’t re-routed, you can press play and get it immediately.

With Talk Fusion, videos can be stored and used later. Packages are relatively cheap, and users can sift through several to find the right one. Kale says he loves the idea that he can find a relatively inexpensive package and not worry about bringing in some outsider that would cost a fortune.

Floridian Bob Reina has built a great brand. He is well on his way to making over half a billion. After working for a short time in law enforcement, Reina enrolled at South Florida University. He was always interested in technology and decided on a whim that he wanted a way to embed videos in emails.

Reina hired a few techies, and the rest is history. Reina says he is really grateful that his idea has taken off. “I owe it all to the people who believed in me.”