Greg Secker’s Path to Success

Greg Secker is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, international speaker and a master trader. He was born in Norfolk in England on February 18, 1975. Secker origin is from a humble background. He is the founder of FX Capital, Learn to Trade, FX Capital and SmartCharts companies. The primary mission of these companies is to teach people how to prosper in trading and improve their individual lives.

Greg Secker was inspired by the lack of affordable educative programs that can help people to start trading. He, therefore, saw an opportunity to train people on how to trade in foreign exchange at a little cost. He began his career by working for other companies. At the age of 27, Secker decided to invest in forex trade at home and resigned from the corporate world. He began to teach some of the family members on how to trade in forex market.

Within the first three to six months of his trading, he was able to make a good turnover and reinvested most of it as a back plow profit. The challenges that Greg Secker faced during the start of his project did not discourage him. Instead, he was motivated to create webinars and workshops for Learn to Trade. These webinars and workshops were set up to provide educational resources to anyone who wanted to invest in the same field without experiencing similar problems as him.

Greg Secker had his family members and friends as his first customers. He was motivated by his friends and family members to start the Learn to Trade program. Through the support of his family, friends and business partners, Secker has moved forward greatly. They have also helped him to gather new ideas on how to improve his trading and entrepreneurial skills. Secker considers the launching of Knowledge to Action one of his Greatest achievements.

Greg Secker is a graduated from the University of Nottingham. He became a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial services. In 1998, He was awarded the British Telecom Award for developing an online trading platform known as Virtual Trading Desk. In 2003, he retired from Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President and became a full-time forex trader. He started providing mentorship programs on trading strategies in his home. This mentoring program is what led to the inception of Knowledge to Action Group.