Sound Investment Solutions To Clients By Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions are always welcomed by clients as these allow them to grow, protect as well as manage their assets in a much better way. A resourceful partner as well as advisor in this respect is Richard Blair. He is highly experienced. He is a qualified professional with several certifications that include CAS, CES, in addition to RICP and CFS.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. This is an Investment advisory firm. It is based in Austin, Texas. It is operating there as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

Richard Blair believes that a solid plan is required by all in order to pursue their financial goals. He wants to arm the Austin, Texas, community financially. This can be done by providing them wealth management services along with retirement planning to clients.

Wealth Solutions is following a three pillar approach. This way the firm can discover the financial situation of their clients quickly. It can also assess their retirement needs accordingly. This makes it easier to devise a holistic plan that can be customized as per each client.

First Pillar is specifically designed for helping the client in laying down their financial roadmap. It helps to identify their strengths, goals along with risk tolerance ability besides the growth opportunities. This helps to forge a great financial roadmap for them to follow.

The second Pillar is used for developing a long-term strategy in order to meet the client’s investment needs. This needs to be tailored as per the liquidity needs of a specific client besides their investment goals. Richard Blair believes in reallocating and managing assets in a way that would ensure maximum performance of the portfolio of a client while the market is suitable. This helps to reduce the impact of the investment of the client when the market is not so favorable.

The third Pillar is all about determining the goals of the client. It is about establishing strategies in order to achieve these goals. This would include long-term care along with life insurance and annuities too.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has made the decision of offering financial services as well as advice to individuals and small businesses as well as families. This decision has been largely influenced by the teaching background of his family. His grandmother, as well as mother, was teachers. He witnessed how teaching was able to build confidence and increase knowledge. Thus he started Wealth Solutions in 1994 in order to serve clients based in and around Austin, Texas.