Oren Frank: Talkspace Therapy Does Well

Modern times bring us more pressure and even more challenges. Many of us don’t have a person of trust or someone to confide in, and yet, we must open our souls to someone. Very often – because of the social stigma – we avoid seeking the help of an expert. But for quite some time, this is possible through one of the applications that have made a revolutionary turn in mental healthcare.

Numerous applications on mobile devices are very popular. Among those, you can find many senseless contents, but also some very helpful ones. However, the question is – how to choose the useful one? The point is to choose the one that helps you accomplish your goal. Talkspace application can definitely help you if you’re ought to improve and work on your mental health. Today, mental health is a part of the health culture, and yet, we still seem to be ashamed to seek for an expert.

That’s why Talkspace is such a revolutionary application. It offers you a highly expert help but with discretion and affordable price. Follow Oren Frank on Twitter for updates.

Talkspace Helped Felps

Michael Phelps famous swimmer is one of the public persons who openly spoke about facing depression. Phelps was trying to improve his mental state and so he revealed his issues to a therapist using Talkspace. Today, not that he just solved his issues, but he had also become the promoter and the advisor of Talkspace.

But who is the man standing behind this inventive idea?

His name is Oren Frank. A Co-Founder and the CEO of Talkspace, is the man who has helped over a million people in order to help them find someone to talk to and someone who will provide effective therapy. In times when mental health care is almost a global problem, the effectiveness, convenience, and discretion that Talkspace provides, definitely stand out.

Oren Frank did a very important role in connecting clients with professional licensed therapists.

With the idea and the power of innovation and technology, Oren Frank founded Talkspace with his wife Roni. After Oren and his wife had an experience with a couples therapy, they have got the idea of the Talkspace. They were both great believers and philanthropist who believe in moral rights, and accessibility to the support and psychotherapy.

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