PR World’s Top Honor

Darius Fisher had a dream and a plan. He wanted to raise critical awareness towards the importance of reputation management. In the age of the internet and Google, bad news has a tendency to linger. Fisher realized that innovative public relations, search engine optimization, and internet marketing strategies could be employed to help those in need of assistance. He co-founded Stats Labs in Austin, TX to help succeed in his mission. Fisher has succeeded immensely and, amazingly, he and his company are still growing in the market.

Is it any surprise PR World would bestow a prestigious 2016 honor onto him? Fisher has been named “Business Development Individual of the Year” and this is another feather in the man’s hat. Previously, he was named to PR Week’s Innovation 50 list for top digital marketers.

The massive growth of Status Labs is clearly among the top reasons he was given the award. The exceptional work Fisher did at Status Labs played a major role in his being bestowed the award. The company grew rapidly in a very short period of time. Revenue increased 930+% from 2012 to 2015.

Status Labs has opened major offices in New York City and San Paulo. 1,500 clients have called on Status Labs for help. Several of those clients were affiliated with Fortune 500 companies. Seriously, the growth of Status Labs was amazingly impressive. The growth of the company is not going to slow down.

Darius Fisher continues to serve as the president of the company and he is sure to win more awards in the future. Fisher is not one to rest on his accomplishments. He also knows there is a great need for the services he makes available. In time, Fisher may end up becoming one of the most well-known and influential names in public relations and digital marketing history.