Securus Technologies Acquires GovPayNet To Expand Payment Options

Securus Technologies recently announced a new acquisition that will help bring about a better way for customers to pay on their accounts more efficiently. NetGovPay has been in business since 1997 and was founded by a former law enforcement agency worker, so NetGovPay specializes in: records fees, towing and impound fees, restitution, speeding and traffic tickets, property taxes, child support payments, and other payments including revenue payments. GovPayNet serves over 2300 agencies, processing payments in over 26% of the nation’s counties. NetGovPay has the expertise in payment processing to help expand the billing department of Securus Technologies offering a more complete billing program.


The CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Robert E. Pickens is excited for the new partnership and stated that between the two businesses, Securus staff will process over 40 million payments annually. NetGovPay has an excellent track record according to Pickers, which is important to maintaining high customer service standards at Securus. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus oversees the safety and security of over 3400 facilities across the nation, servicing 1,200,000 inmates daily. Securus specializes in: information management, investigation, incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, and inmate self-service. To read more about the merger or each company, please click here.


Is Securus Technologies a Company That Is Worth Using? Read More To Find Out.

Securus Technologies is offering both inmates and their visitors an opportunity in which they can communicate with one another through a video conferencing method of chatting. There is a vast array of reasons why someone may want to utilize the form of communications that Securus Technologies offers. Amongst one of those reasons is the amount of convenience that it offers. Whether you’re aware of it or not, conducting a visitation session by physically visiting an inmate can be time consuming. By utilizing the program that’s offered by Securus Technologies, a visitor can have assurance of knowing that they can begin chatting with the inmate who is currently in confinement during a time that is convenient for them.


There is a list of correctional facilities that are on the website which lets visitors know which correctional facilities have already had the system implemented into their options of communications. If the correctional facility the inmate you’re wanting to get in th with isn’t on the list, you may have an opportunity of making a request so that that particular facility can have it installed. In such a case, it may be possible for you to begin speaking with the confined inmate very quickly.


Securus Technologies has received plenty of positive reviews which makes them a company that is highly recommended for anyone to rely on for their needs of efficient and effective communications. Be sure to contact a customer service assistant if you’re in need of guidance regarding the program. Today is a great day for you to reach out to someone who may be needing a close friend, co-worker, or relative to speak with.