Investor George Soros Is Not Done Fighting For Democracy

The media have inundated online and print news outlets with stories about Donald Trump. The number of times Donald Trump’s name has appeared in print has to be in the billions by now. Trump has ignited a firestorm of anger and frustration in the United States. The political arena has not seen this sort of blowback in more than 70 years. The truth is, Trump didn’t really win the election. Trump stole the election, according to new reports that indicate Russia played a part in electing Trump. Democratic donors like billionaire George Soros have suspected foul-play for months. George Soros donated more than $8 million to Clinton’s campaign through Super PACs, and he donated another $6 million to elect Democrats for Senate and Congress seats. Soros even donated money to attorney general races in several states. Soros is a big advocate for restructuring the Justice System.

When Soros got the news that Trump had more electoral College votes than Clinton, he immediately went into action. He set up a conference through his Democratic Alliance Donor Club. The attendees at the Washington conference discussed the future of the Democratic Party, and steps to hold Trump accountable. The members of the Democratic Alliance Donor Club of George Soros as founder are wealthy Democrats that want to promote a liberal agenda. But the liberal agenda that Clinton was promoting was not in sync with the voter’s concept of liberalism. Soros and other Democrats want to change the Democratic meaning of liberalism over the next four years.

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The 86-year-old Soros is up for that challenge. Soros is a Holocaust survivor, so he understands what freedom and Democracy really mean. George left his Hungarian city to escape capture by the Nazis. George was able to change his family name to Soros, thanks to his father’s connections. He arrived in London on his own, and he went to work in a restaurant. George enrolled in the London School of Economics, and he earned two philosophy degrees. He got a job with an investment firm in London, but he accepted a job on Wall Street a year later, thanks to a friend. Wall Street was just getting started, so to speak, and Soros fit right in. He had a knack for investing. By the time he was named “the man that broke the bank of England” in the 1970s, he was a billionaire.

George Soros founded his Open Society Foundation in the 1970s. The Open Society Foundation has donated more than $6 billion to causes around the world that promote Democracy and freedom. Soros is well-versed in global economics. He is an outspoken critic of the European Union and the annexation of Crimea by the Russians. His recent $10 million donation to document hate crimes and his $10 million fund to help migrants start businesses show the true colors of George Soros.

Trump has made a lot of promises over the past 18 months. He has been very vocal about his first 100 days in office and the programs he plans to repeal during that time. But Soros and his wealthy Democratic friends are not going to make those goals easy for Trump.

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George Soros in 2016

George Soros, the billionaire investor who traditionally contributes to presidential campaigns is back in 2016. George first made major contributions in the 2004 campaign where he gave an unprecedented $27 million dollars to the Democratic nominee. He quickly became hated among conservatives for repeatedly investing large sums of money to defeat their picks and nominees.

George Soros is back in the 2016 election by donating more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton, her peers, and causes supported by the Democratic party. That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what he is estimated to donate. His net worth is estimated to be about $25 billion and he intends to use as much as necessary in order to promote the Democratic party.

George Soros has a 25 year relationship with Hillary Clinton and intended to watch her receive the official nomination on Thursday. However, because of his return to active trading, he was unable to attend the Democratic Convention.

His busy lifestyle, however, has still left time for him to vocalize his concerns on the direction of American politics. His donations to the Democratic party are fueled by his fear of a Donald Trump presidency. Soros is noted saying that Clintons rival is “doing the work of ISIS” by encouraging fear and hate in the United States population.

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While George Soros has traditionally and consistently donated to the Democratic party, his recent surge in charity has been a result of what he perceives as the high stakes of the election this year. Even before Trump was the official nominee, the leading candidates of the Republican party stood against what Soros believes. The candidates all set plans for immigration reform and criminal justice reform that George Soros despised. In addition, while Soros often heralds religious tolerance, he felt that a running theme in the Republic party was religious intolerance.

George Soros does not only give, because in addition to donating, he advertises Clinton among his circle of powerful friends. He is seen throughout the Democratic party as one of the most persuasive and influential donators as a result of his ability to sway other activists into giving. While other liberal donors have given large checks, such as Don Sussman, none are able to provide the waterfall effect of Soros.

Overall, the Democratic party finds that donors like Soros are huge advantages against Donald Trump. The donors on of the Republican party are wary at best of donating large sums of money to his campaign.

Soros has a long and colorful history of adamantly supporting the Democratic party. Starting with his passionate cries against George W. Bush in 2008 up until now, Soros has been an active participant in the politics he donates to. Source: