VTA Publications: Jim Hunt’s Company For New Investors

Whenever You’re looking for new answers to your financial questions, or a better way to invest money, there are always many sources who claim they have the answers, but not too many of them have the right ones. Sometimes the real answer is understanding how you can make things like the stock market work for you, or how you can plan out a retirement or run your own business. That’s what VTA Publications, a UK distance learning company wants to empower you to do. It’s not distance learning in the sense of academia, but instead this company’s materials are for independent-minded folks.


The subjects that VTA Publications covers include retirement principles taken from the bible, a different way of planning and making your retirement happen. They also show you the basics of stock trading by learning how to read stock charts and simplifying all the numbers and data. They also give knowledge about the futures market and little-known options and strategies, and some of the best business seminars have been recorded and can be bought along with these other materials at www.vtapublications.com. The company was started by a man who’s spent a number of years helping the lesser educated investors catch up to the big investors. That man is Jim Hunt, self-made investment guru.


Jim Hunt was once a part of the corporate banking world, but after feeling that most of the bank’s customers were being mistreated and taken advantage of, he started up his own investing business and giving secrets to the average investors. Hunt started up his own YouTube channel where he gives viewers an in-depth look at stock charts and offers many trading tips and number pointers. Hunt believes that stock trading has been made to sound more difficult than it really is, and that a few simple trades could actually yield millions in profits.


Jim Hunt started up two projects to illustrate his point, one being “Wealth Wave” and the other “Making Mum a Millionaire.” As Jim points out on YouTube, “Wealth Wave” is the guide to taking advantage of money that leaves the stock market when a bear market is about to hit. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is Hunt’s demonstration on how just 10 trades could lead to someone becoming a tax-free millionaire.  For more free info about Jim and his programs, check out his Twitter.  Or read Hunt’s words straight from the man himself in his interview on Ideamensch.