With Its Neuroscience Technology, Neurocore Helps In Curing Depression Symptoms And Other Disorders

In this fast-paced society, more and more people are suffering in both mental and behavioral disorders that affect their everyday life. There are treatments that are already available for the public to treat these conditions. However, a lot of patients abstain from getting these treatments because of two things. The first one is the social stigma that is associated with this condition. The second one is that patients don’t want the side effects of these treatments. Neurocore, the leading authority for Neuroscience and its capabilities are changing the landscape with its Neurofeedback treatments. Founded in 2004, they already have nine brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

One of the challenges in treating mental and behavioral disorders is that different kinds of people respond differently to the treatments. On the other hand, there are side effects that might not look attractive to a lot of patients. With their expertise in Neuroscience technology, Neurocore devised a treatment that uses the brain’s natural ability to learn and to improve, which doesn’t have any side effects at all.

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The Neuroscience treatment called Neurofeedback is designed to alleviate symptoms of mental and behavioral disorders. Neurocore administers this treatment for common mental and behavioral disorders such as sleep problems, stress, depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, and both cases of teen and child ADHD. Regardless of the disorder, Neurocore provides the same treatment because its Neurofeedback harnesses the ability fo the brain to improve when given information. Thus, making the brain stronger means making it deal with symptoms easier.


Neurocore’s painless Neurofeedback treatment has two major steps, the first one is scanning and the second one is administering training sessions. In the first part, the patient will need to wear a custom “hat” that will measure the brain’s electrical activities. After the “scanning”, a personalized brain map will be made, which will be the baseline to use for training sessions. After the scan, the patient will then undergo EEG Biofeedback, which includes watching a favorite movie while wearing the specialized machine that monitors changes in electrical discharges of the brain as well as the breathing and heart rate. Neurocore also offers a home session for the convenience of their patients. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.