How Did Bruce Levenson Become One Of The Finest Owners In The NBA?

Bruce Levenson began as a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and the ownership group dissolved leaving him as the principal. He took the reins of the team with quite a lot of confidence, and he ensured the team was built in the image of other great teams in the league. This article ( explains how he emulated the San Antonio Spurs in building his franchise, and there is a look at how influential he was in small markets.

#1: The Spurs’ Winning Legacy

Mike Budenholzer and Danny Ferry were brought over from the Spurs to ensure the Hawks could be built from the ground up, and he was quite influential in copying the styles of the best teams in the league. Small market teams are following his lead as they attempt to remain competitive in a league with quite a lot of talent.

#2: Bruce Built Up Philips Arena

The stadium for the Hawks is known as Philips Arena, and according to it was updated several times over the years while Bruce was owner. He gave the fans an experience that was far above any other, and he ensured the customers who watched the games felt as though they received value. He built a brand in the city of Atlanta, and he ensured the city was aware of the lovely time that was to be had at a Hawks game.

#3: How Did The Hawks Become Great?

Bruce was patient in his growth of the team, and he waited while the roster was built to win 60 games in a season. They have never been better, and they will continue to grow given the infrastructure that has been put in place.

Time Magazine says the leadership of Bruce Levenson has been powerful in the life of the Atlanta Hawks. The team has never been better give its current makeup.