Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Group Battle New Hampshire Insurance Company

There has been a recent development in the ongoing feud between the former Atlanta Hawks owners, led by Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, and the former general manager, Daniel Ferry. After reaching a settlement over a wrongful termination suit, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC expected to be covered by its insurance provider, New Hampshire Insurance Company. Instead, New Hampshire Insurance Company refused to cover the expenses of the wrongful termination suit, which has led to an entirely separate lawsuit between the two companies.

Bruce Levenson, as well as the rest of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group, believes that they are owed for coverage of the settlement as a part of their insurance contract. By contrast, New Hampshire Insurance Company is claiming that the settlement with Ferry did not fall under the guidelines as established by their contract. In fact, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group has outlined in its complaint the general behavior of New Hampshire Insurance Company during the entirety of the settlement with Daniel Ferry. New Hampshire Insurance Company did not make any attempts to facilitate the payments or indicate that Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment would be covered for the costs.

Aside from the pending litigation with New Hampshire Insurance Company and the United Communications Group, Bruce Levenson is also known for being a philanthropist in both Atlanta and Washington. In fact, Levenson spent several years as a writer for the Washington Star before he moved on to other ventures. As of today, Levenson can be seen working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Washington, as well as running the Atlanta Spirit organization. His business acumen, combined with his charitable nature, has managed to turn Levenson into a publicly admired figure across the country.