Anyone In Need Of A Great Phone Plan Should Choose A FreedomPop Plan

Finding a very useful FreedomPop review isn’t as hard as it may seem because just about every one of them have their own set of information that can be used to inform a person about one or more of their great services. From cell phone service to the Internet, FreedomPop has it all is as willing to give these services at outstanding prices or even for free. The service that is available free of charge is the cell phone plan that comes with 200 minutes, 500 MB of data, and unlimited text messages, which is a fantastic offer for anyone.


Not everyone will be able to manage having a cell phone service with such limited resources, but some people can make it work for them, and they save any money that they would have paid for another cell phone service. There are other companies that are willing to give cell phone service for free, but FreedomPop is a much better choice because using the service is not restricted to any type of phone. Many who are using free cell phone service are stuck with older phone or with phones that have very little if any features.


Those with the FreedomPop service plan are welcome to use just about any phone, including the great smartphones that are being used today. It’s nice to know that anyone can use a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone with this free plan, and no payment is required unless it’s something that’s optional. The optional choices are adding extra data and minutes to the plan, but it may be more beneficial to simply upgrade to another plan that costs very little, such as the paid plan for $10.99. With the paid plan, there is no limit to the amount of minutes and data a customer has, but there is still 500 MB of data.


Those who see the data cap as a problem can break free, choose the unlimited everything plan that comes with no data cap and will include 1 GB of 4G LTE data. Streaming music, videos, and using apps will never be an issue with the unlimited everything plan, and the cost of the plan is only $19.99 each month. With the several phone plans from FreedomPop, no customer can say that they don’t have choices because FreedomPop is all about choices, and their choices are very low in price too. Start a FreedomPop phone plan today.

FreedomPop Pushing to New Territory

FreedomPop continues to impress and continues to push into new territories with its mobile service offerings. The company has made a name for itself for not only voiding any kind of mobile phone contract but it has been allowing customers to save money each and every month they use the services. While it first started up in LA, it has expanded throughout the country and it now is raising more money to push its services throughout the international market as well.

Recently, other mobile phone service providers have been hit with a rather major violation and fine, including Verizon Wireless, which had to pay out $1.4 million due to installing a super cookie onto the phones of customers. The cookie collected data of the Internet usage on the phone and set the information back to Verizon in order to let them know how to better create advertisements for the user. Other companies have seen similar fines, yet FreedomPop has avoided this kind of issue. In fact, it is expanding its services with one of the least expensive congrats in the world. In order to do this, FreedomPop has needed to raise money through fundraising tactics and investment practices. It currently us riding VC funds towards expanding its services.

So where is FreedomPop expanding its services to next? It has its eyes not only on Europe but South America and Asia. These different locations would allow the growing network to easily work throughout the world while not charging users a large international roaming fee. All of this might prove especially helpful for customers who want to travel but don’t want to spend large amounts of money staying in connection with their current service providers. All of this is proving to be that much more beneficial for FreedomPop and its customers nation wide.

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