Understanding The Real Estate Market in NYC


New York Luxury real estate group of companies which include Macklowe’s Properties, Simon Baron, Sorgente Group of America, and O’Connor Capital Partners, are the most active real estate developers in Long Island City and NYC. These firms oversee construction activities, and they believe in quality projects that are economical and affordable. Town Residential states the main aim is to unite both worlds and create homes that appeal to a wide range of buyers’ worldwide that are seeking apartments for rent in New York.

The real estate group latest projects are projects based in Manhattan and 200 East 62nd Street. Manhattan has little or no new luxuries projects while 200 East 62nd Street stands out in the real estate industry as it blends uptown and downtown sensibilities. At Manhattan NYC Luxury real estate, the basis is on property management whereby the constructors will be in a position to offer properties at affordable prices as compared to the other projects.

Their next big projects are in Long Island City, Green point, and Upper East Side partly because these three areas have a lot of room for growth. The real estate group also wants to establish areas such as Upper West Side, where entering barriers are high due to landmarks. The other project is a conversion of Rosario Candela building opposite Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side in the 80s. These buildings interiors have historical designs, and the architects use modern sensibilities to construct the houses.

In the recent years, foreign currency has fueled the growth of luxury real estate, making it global thus easy for everyone to access it. Given the ups and downs in the global financial markets, one of the safest investments in the market is the bricks. With political instability and economic fluctuations worldwide, the United States foreign opinion of real estate market remains a substantial investment which keeps the demand high.

While doing their projects, they make sure that the streets not only preserve historical events, but they also have a layer of sustainability that takes the buildings to a whole new level. With a neighborhood with a lot of activities such as new restaurants coming up, better retail markets and an overall great value, it will only be a matter of time before the real estate market in NYC sprouts out completely.