Victoria Doramus Journey In Life


Victoria Doramus takes a leading position when it comes to marketing matters in the global marketing world. Getting to this stage in her impressive career life has not been an easy walk. The executive has successfully overcome so many hardships. At the end of the day, however, the top marketing executive has earned so many titles in the market.

She has many roles in the corporate world, and she manages to handle them with the wisdom required. For a woman to become so successful in the market, she must sacrifice and go the extra mile. This is the secret to the impressive career of Victoria Doramus.

Victoria Doramus expertise in marketing has come after so much hard work. The business executive understands the international market trends and the consumer retail trends. Her resume indicates that she has been working in the media too. Some of the organizations she has served include Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency among others. Her expertise doesn’t end here. The businesswoman has served as a personal assistant to one of the leading film directors in the world, and she has emerged as a very competitive candidate for the position.

With such a successful career, people can be misguided to believe that Victoria Doramus doesn’t have any issues. However, there are times when the executive has had to abandon her work so that she could deal with drug addictions. Recovering from drugs, according to Victoria Doramus, was one of the difficult things she has ever done in life. Click Here to learn more.

The experience she got from the drug addiction has however changed her life for the better. She is now one of the drug recovery experts in the United States. There are so many people who have been able to live better drug free lives because they were assisted by the marketing executive.


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