The World Of Workout Gear

Fabletics along with Kate Hudson and entrepreneur fitness brand, is about to introduce their swimwear line. The company says that they also have plans to begin a line of dresses that will flatter any woman. Kate Hudson told Elite Daily that she loves the summer and is very elated about what is about to happen at Fabletics. She added that the designers are working hard to make sexy, stylish comfortable swimwear, that will compliment any body type.

Their model for the swimwear is a take off of the beautiful tropics, ocean theme and tribal patterns. All of their beach wear are made from recycled materials, which makes it very good for the environment. The swimwear will deflect the sun rays away from the wearer. The prices are very reasonable also. Bikini sets start from a little under forty dollars. Anyone can find something at Fabletics because the sizes starts from XXS and goes all the way up to XXL.

The company began it’s operation in October 2013 by Adam Goldberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. Their plan was to give companies like Lululemon and Nike some stiff competition.

They are a division of JustFab. These companies are online merchants that offer subscriptions. Fabletics also has men’s active wear that is run by Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson. September 2015 saw their first retail stores when they open in Malls all across America.

The cost of a memebrship is about $49.95 for the month but, members can choose to forego a month. It will not be deducted from their credit card. First, one would have to fill out a short survey, telling Fabletics about their workout routine and their fashion taste.

The outfits will be chosen for the month, based on their options. Marie Claire Magazine has reported that within the next fours years we should expect to see another seventy five to one hundred more stores in mall near us.

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