Details Behind The Fortress Investment Groups Acquisition By SoftBank

SoftBank maintained a rising growth trajectory since it was started several decades ago. It has now embraced a new path of becoming one of the largest investment firms in the world with the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, a global investment management firm. The Japanese company acquired Fortress for $3.3 billion but it is not going to alter the way the leading investment management firm operates. SoftBank made it clear it won’t interfere with Fortress’s management of assets amounting to billions of dollars.

This comes as good news for both parties. Fortress Investment Group thrives when it is given its space to decide on the path to take as well as avenues to pursue. After all, that’s part of the reason why SoftBank acquired the firm; effective and proven judgment over time.

SoftBank was started in 1981 by Masayoshi Son as a PC software wholesaler. It acquired a controlling interest in Yahoo in 1996 and its fate changed. Since then, SoftBank grew rapidly into a major player in the globe and it owns over 400 internet companies across the world. It developed a strong interest in tech startups.

On the other hand, Fortress Investment Group was founded by Randy Nardone and Wes Edens in 1998 and it is headquartered in New York City. It currently manages assets worth billions of dollars on behalf of over 1750 private investors as well as institutional clients all over the globe. The Japanese agreeing to not to have a say on how Fortress Investment Group manages its assets contributed to the successful closing of the deal.

SoftBank also paid a 39% premium to the share price to be able to close the deal successfully. SoftBank also had other transactions underway and they needed to be completed before completing the Fortress transaction. Additionally, the celebrated founder and Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son, also put some behind-the-scenes efforts to make the deal a success by visiting Trump Tower and promising $50 billion to the United States. Consequently, his company earned a political good will to continue to pursue its avenues.

Fortress Investment Group was the first private equity firm in the US to be publicly traded. Wes Edens was recorded saying that becoming a private firm is a good thing and it will help them persue long-term goals.

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Gareth Henry And His Role In Investment

Gareth Henry is a renowed investor, knowledgeable in actuarial and businessman. He is now a Managing Director which is an investment based firm since the start of February 2019. Henry developed a passion in mathematics while he was still young thus getting enrolled at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland to study a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Upon completion, he was employed at Watson Wyatt as an analyst in the research team. Gareth Henry served and manage insurers and consultants at SEI investments where he worked as an investment manager. Gareth also served as the Global Head of Investor Relations for Angelo Gordon where he raised more than 6.7 million dollars for the company between 2016 and 2017 thus giving him a front row seat in the investment industry.

Through various networks on capital sources, Henry has had an opportunity to learn how refined investors think about hedge fund investments and equity. He uses this experience to talk to investors and teach them on the comparison between traditional stock and hedge funds and the roles they can play in the economy. When traditional stock are struggling to penetrate the market, hedge funds take advantage of this bazzar and use it to improve the investment portfolio. Gareth Henry has seen the rising rate of hedge investments over the years thus making them attractive in the investment market.

Risk evaluation plays an essential role in investment according to Henry Gareth. Gareth Henry has provided bursary for specific students and also offering mentoring and coaching programmes to assist them in their respective careers. He oversees client services, marketing and sales in which has many outlets around the globe. Gareth is a certified UK actuary with a first class honours in his bachelor’s degree.

As depicted by Gareth Henry, quantitative analysis helps investors to consider alot in terms of asset pricing and trading volumes in hedge funds manager and in financial establishments. Quantitative techniques as said by the quants helps to analyze the market with the data collected before and also predict future events. This has led to the growth of quantitative analysis at the rate of more than 10.3%. Due to crowding, Henry advises investors to take other modes of analyzing the market apart from quantitative analysis.

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Lincolnshire Management Overview

Lincolnshire Management is a privately owned private equity company under the category of banking, consulting, financial services and venture capital founded by Frank Wright and Steven Kumble in 1986. The company’s headquarters are in New York City, New York, United States specializing on investing in and developing medium market firms. The company has other offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago and manages over $1.7 billion assets in both public and private organizations. Read the company’s history here

Company Profile and Leadership

Lincolnshire Management has developed into among the top companies in private equity with a professional investment team devoted to offering opportunistic investment with a wide array of contacts. The company has grown to over eighty-five acquisitions creating an essential value in various private equity investments.

The company has an experienced staff of twenty investments, operational and sourced expertise who have worked in the industry for over thirty years. Lincolnshire Management has a trained team of analysts, partners, and principals who oversee the company’s operations in all fields. Among the most recognized investments include the American Coach Lines, Wabash National Corporation and Riddel.

Lincolnshire Management Sales Holley

Lincolnshire Management recently sold Holley Performance Products to Sentinel Capital Partners as a disclosed amount. Holley Performance Products markets and distributes quality carburetors, fuel injectors, and pumps, manifolds, race applications, water pumps, and superchargers. Founded in 1903, the c located in Bowling Green, KY with three hundred and fifty employees. Sentinel aims at investing in more productive companies such as Holley which was owned by Lincolnshire since October 2013. Read more in the article.

A portfolio of Sentinel, Driven Performance Brand (DPB) acquire Holley to expand its products to online retail sales, auto dealers, warehouse suppliers and OEMs and also direct trading to clients. DPB is a firm established in 1953 with expertise in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of high-performance automotive accessories for both small vehicles and trucks. Sentinel acquired it in September 2015 where Dubin Clark previously owned it from July 2005. Read more here

Nitin Khanna a Portland Based Serial Entrepreneur

The Silicon Forest is used to big exits however in the lasted decade it has recorded very few exits, and one of them is the acquisition of Saber Corps. Saber Corps was founded by Merger Tech Owner and CEO Nitin Khanna way back in 2009. The Portland-based company had been contracted by the US government to provide some of the government services to the members of the public. The state government services include vehicle registration, issuance of driver licenses and registration of those that are unemployed among others as detailed here.

Saber Corps first acquisition took place in the year 2007 when EDS purchased the firm at a tune of 420 million dollars. Nitin Khanna after the firm’s acquisition continued serving as the firm CEO. Saber Corp a year later was naturally absorbed by HP Company after it acquired EDS. After the purchase of EDS by HP, Nitin Khanna opted to leave the firm and pursue other entrepreneur interests.

Nitin Khanna, an entrepreneur at heart, established another firm together with his brother known as MergerTech. MergerTech is an investment bank that is headquartered in California. The firm focuses on providing capital and offering buyout deals to early-stage firms including small businesses that are worth less than 100 million dollars. Nitin Khanna will serve as the firm’s CEO and will run the business while in Portland. Nitin Khanna’s brother will serve as Merger Tech COO and will be the one carrying out the business operations in California.

Nitin Khanna is optimistic that the new investment will have a substantial market for its services. The niche that Merger Tech chose is free from completion from big investment banks that targets big businesses. According to Nitin Khanna, Merger Tech considers three factors when selecting potential clients. One of the things that they look out for is businesses that are in distress and are seeking for a fast buyout deals to salvage investors equity. The second category of business that Merger Tech deals with is those companies that are growing and are look for investors. Lastly, Merger Tech looks for mature startups that want to exit.

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Email Him And They Will Come

To understand emails all you have to do is send and receive, but to get more technical with marketing efforts your going to need CEO Krishen Iyer to do the job right. Krishen Iyer’s company specializes in marketing services for health and insurance companies that wants to expand their lead generation services and consulting opportunities. It may seem out of the ordinary, but taking advantage of the industry leaves a great opportunity to forward such industries. These companies need a system for newsletters and updates to send out to their subscribers. I’m sure we both have seen a few of our emails filled with news on our next visit to the Doc’s office. However, in order for these emails to get open there are a few rules needed to be followed for us to get attentive to reading about our medical issues we pretend don’t exist. Read more about email marketing here.

Yet, Krishen Iyer has light for all of us with his company “Managed Benefit Services” they use techniques and email analytical tools to determine the best outcomes so we don’t forget to stay healthy and help our fellow insurance companies waste revenue and put it to good use. As a marketing expert Krishen Iyer’ need for multiple marketing streams to emerge from new organic traffic is a death toll to gaining the results they need because only one source will not produce the results industry leaders need for a more proficient business and ethical service to the clients they provide services for.

Kristen Iyer plans for his companies ability to identify “ cost per acquisition needs “ and special factors customers require. In the end result his plan is for his system to make it easy for customers to filter these essential components that demonstrate his companies competitive cost. As a determined entrepreneur any insurance company or medical firm wanting a taste of increase in their firms value should contact him not by call but by email. As we have already investigated in this article he knows his emails and I’m sure he will know what to say and do upon the first message when you hit send.

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Where HGGC Currently Stands In Their Domain

Boasting a high degree of proficiency and acumen, HGGC, a private equity firm, is an organization of notable prestige and honorable repute. This PE company graced the industry in 2007, at which point Steve Young, Rich Lawson, and Steve Taylor combined entrepreneurial forces in hopes of propelling HGGC to new heights. Given the company’s status as a leading middle-market equity firm, Young, Taylor, and Lawson materialized their goal. Since its inception, HGGC’s helped various portfolio companies find their niche in the market. What’s more, they’ve executed countless transactions totaling $19 billion.

As strong proponents of modern methods, HGGC seeks to inject newfangled ideas into their operations. Advantaged investing is a promising trend that’s slowly making its mark on the present-day corporate world. With that said, Young, Lawson, and Taylor made the savvy decision to incorporate this practice into procedures. As a result, the company’s acquired keen insight into investor-operator relations. No doubt a prudent business move, HGGC is continually rewarded for their willingness to embrace ultramodern strategies. What’s more, this private equity firm puts a premium on diversity. It’s for this reason why they’ve honed their skills in various domains including acquisitions, platform investing, recapitalizations, and industrial services.

While the company is most prominently known for its vast portfolio of successes, HGGC is no stranger to controversy. Just three short years ago, Young was met with a fiasco of grand proportions. Following accusations from A. Schulman, a global plastic supplier, Young was tasked with cleaning up the mess. According to A. Schulman, Young and his partners were falsifying test results in the name of saving face. When Young denied these claims, A. Schulman filed a lawsuit for $275 million. Though the civil trial is still in the works, Young, Lawson, and Taylor are desperately trying to get through this scandal unscathed.

Basic Freedom Checks Questions Answered

If you have seen Matt Badiali’s famous advertisement for freedom checks it probably has left you with some questions. The most fundamental of these questions probably ask what freedom check actually is, if it is an actual investment, who is eligible to get one, and how much they cost. Many investors have asked these questions and they have been quite happy at answers they have found.

What is a Freedom Check?

Freedom Checks are in actuality return of capital payments. They are the payout for an actual investment in a natural resource company called an MLP. These payments arrive in monthly to quarterly installments. In Badiali’s freedom checks ad he holds up a sizable check. Like any investment the size of a payout depends on the amount of stakes purchased, and how well the company the stakes belong to performs.

Are Freedom Checks an Investment?

As aforementioned freedom checks are a legitimate investment. MLPs, or Master Limited Partnership, have been around for awhile. They are privately-owned natural resource companies that operate as publicly-traded companies through the sale of stakes. Stakes are like stocks and each one buys a percentage in the company issuing them. The investors provide the company with working capital in exchange that the company pays back before taxes.

Who is eligible?

A freedom check can be acquired by anyone. There are no restrictions. Old and young can take part the only qualifying element is money. If you have the cash to buy stakes then you can participate in the opportunity. There is also no limit on the amount of stakes you can buy accept your own personal budget. The stakes have no controlling interest so they will not procure you a say in the company. The only thing having more than less will do is provide you a bigger payout.

How Much Do They Cost?

Stakes can be bought for as low as $10 dollars but that depends on the company. Mostly though they an be acquired on the low end. There are over 500+ natural resource companies that file as MLPs, and they all have a wide variety of prices for their stakes.

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Shervin Pishevar’s Dire Economic Warnings

Twitter is a pretty interesting place if you know where to look. Just check out the geyser of information that has erupted out of Shervin Pishevar. He takes aim at the economy, Silicon Valley, infrastructure, President Donald Trump, Bitcoin and more. It all stems from a 21-tweet explosion that took place over the course of a day.

Of course, Shervin Pishevar paused his Twitter rant so that he could enjoy dinner. Then he got right back on his smartphone to predict the demise of the American economy. The culprit? He thinks this administration’s trade war is partly to blame.

The ex-head of Sherpa Capital fired shots at Trump and his trade wars. He believes volatile trade coupled with a stagnant economy will cause a 6,000-point drop in the stock market. And he sees a sluggish economy as income inequality widens. His tweets illustrate that underemployment has become an accepted part of life and is now the new standard. All of this will lay waste to the American economy in a short period of time.

He also thinks Silicon Valley is going down. He points at five Silicon Valley companies as holding technological monopolies. He lists Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft as monopolies that are crushing innovation in the valley. He also believes that the innovative spirit that helped found Silicon Valley will leak out by calling it a borderless idea that is not tied to the valley. New innovations will wipe Silicon Valley out.

Shervin Pishevar is also prognosticating the fall of Bitcoin. The internet currency will plummet to just a few thousand dollars before recovering slowly for 24 straight months. And he sees the breaking of the bonds market as it tries to rally for a depressed economy. Eventually, it will collapse and it will take the equities market down with it.

This is some seriously bad economic news and it comes from a former Silicon Valley man. Shervin Pishevar was one of the early investors in Uber and he was the former head of Sherpa Capital. He knows this economy and its pitfalls so we may want to pay attention.

The Retirement Plans Richard Dwayne Blair Wished People Knew

People who always want to succeed in life have plans for where they are and where they are going. However, it’s astonishing that only a few people have discovered how to plan for their life, especially on retirement, in the right way. Planning for a successful retirement can be confusing and trick without the help of investment advisors like Richard Dwayne Blair. He can help someone reach their true potential if only they pay attention to his ideas. Having a master plan to life and savings is crucial for everyone. However, what Richard does is finding a financial or retirement plan tailored for his clients.

He outlines all the areas people need to revise in life to easily achieve their dreams. Richard Dwayne Blair has a method he uses as the blueprint to help his clients. He refers to the method as the “three-pillar approach.” He believes that a life-plan has to be well outlined for it to be realized. A closer look at his method reveals that he has a knack for organizing ideas. Richard came up with Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory firm, in 1994 to help small business owners, families, and individuals make positive and significant differences in their lives.

Richard outlines what to do and the suitable precise moments to think about when investing money. He uses a well-thought plan to help the clients to feel comfortable and ready to face oncoming challenges. This way he can be able to formulate a long-term plan with clearly set out goals that can only lead to success. Richard Dwayne Blair is a certified specialist in tax and income, trust and estate, as well as, annuity. Richard helps his clients to know the difference between retirement planning and living in retirement.

Among the people Richard Dwayne Blair helps are minimum wage clients. People from this income bracket tend to have a harder time investing and saving. They need a critical thinker like Blair to help them make the right financial decisions. He can make sure that these people manage their debts and get financial freedom. As an experienced investment advisor, Richard shows people the pitfalls they should avoid, and the strategies they should embrace if they are to realize a successful retirement.


Ian King: Publishing Articles about Cryptocurrency

Ian King is one of the contributors to the Banyan Hill Publishing company, and he writes articles about cryptocurrencies. The Banyan Hill Publishing company has been hiring a line up of the most successful business people and investors, offering them compensations for writing business-related articles. Ian King is one of those people who has chosen to write for the Banyan Hill Publishing company and saw its potential to reach a high number of the audience while at the same time, helping the public with their questions about how investing in cryptocurrencies work. See more of Ian King on Facebook.

 Ian King is a new addition to the growing roster of successful business people and investors who are joining the Banyan Hill Publishing company. He has been a cryptocurrency trader for several years now, and he gained the moniker as the cryptocurrency guru. He invested in Bitcoin and other related ICOs, and he thought of sharing the information he knew about cryptocurrencies to the public, so he joined the Banyan Hill Publishing company in 2017. He contributed a lot to the company even if he is only with them for a few months, and because of his excellence in writing cryptocurrency related articles, he was given a task to work on two newsletters. These newsletters called the “Sovereign Investor Daily” and the “Crypto Profit Trader” enabled him to write helpful articles which helps the public gain more knowledge about the new investment option that is shaping the world of business.

Ian King’s articles have been read by the public many times, and those who have followed his pointers ended up successful. According to business experts, he is writing his articles as if he is talking to someone he knew, and the tips are not that difficult to follow. Many people have felt this connection with the author, and they followed the instructions given to them with the confidence that they will succeed. Ian King’s write-ups inspired the public, and many people who eventually succeeded because of the cryptocurrency market are expressing their most profound gratitude to his works. The cryptocurrency guru has been with the company for only a year, and he stated that he has more visions in mind on how to inspire the new generation of investors and traders.

The Banyan Hill Publishing company continues to hire people with impressive backgrounds in the field of business and financial management, and they stated that those who are interest in writing are welcome to join. Learn more: