The Multi-Investor: Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch, born in March 1953, was raised in Pennsylvania. While still in Ithaca College, in 1976, Burch and his brother Robert spearheaded their dream in the fashion industry and founded the Eagle’s Eye with a meager of $2000. His operation spread over to other campuses, and eventually, the brand ventured into retail stores. Over time, the company’s sales expanded to $160 million in sales which he partially sold it to Swire Group.   More to read on

Burch has interests in the entertainment industry where he was a producer for the romantic comedy film “watch it” that was aired in 1993. He secured a spot as one of the earliest investors in the internet IPO for Internet Capital Group. Faena Hotel+Universe located in Buenos Aires was a hatched interest by Burch, architect Phillipe Stark, and hotelier Alan Faena in the year 2004. This was Burch’s first investment into real estate. The building first existed in 1902 and acted as a grain storage facility but was rebuilt and reconstructed to serve a greater purpose. In search of more real estate investments, Burch bought a luxury home in Southampton, NewYork for $14 million and later sold it for $25 million after four months of renovations. Related article on

In 2006, a visionary Burch founded J.B Christopher which supplies construction materials to real estate developers. In 2011, together with his partner Austin Hearst, they completed the development of a $19 million luxury home developments in Massachusetts. Unstoppable, Burch acquired a townhouse in the west village where he bought it for $11 million. Later on, he took over a renovation project that was unfinished before releasing the property into the market once again. In 2013, Nihiwatu Resort on the Island of Sumba made it to Burch’s bucket list.  Check this to read more about the resort.

Moreover, he went ahead to make several investments in telecommunications including Powermat and Aliph. Partnering with James McBride, Burch acquired Nihiwatu resort in 2013. Christopher also made Voss Water part of his investment list, alongside BaubleBar with a leading investment of around $10 million in 2014.

Chris Burch was indirectly linked to Tory Burch fashion label where he helped his wife launch the brand in the year 2004 and served as co-chairman of the company. He then founded J.Christopher Capital LLC in 2008 and later renamed it Burch Creative Capital. The sole purpose of the company was to incubate new brands and manage any other investments. He launched C. Wonder in 2011 that is known for home décor accessories. Xcel Brands later bought C.Wonder in July 2015. To read more about his diverse investments, click

Burch is indeed a decorated investor; he made it into the Forbes magazine in 2012 after being declared a billionaire.  To read more details about him, head over to

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