Shervin Pishevar Tells It Like It Is On Twitter

The world of Twitter is definitely a place that people go to tell it like it is. They are not afraid to release their thoughts on world events no matter what those thoughts may be. Shervin Pishevar was one of those people who was releasing his stream of thoughts onto Twitter recently.

When a person puts out many tweets in a row about a single topic or series of related topics it is called a “tweet storm”. This is what Shervin Pishevar did when he released fifty tweets over a period of twenty-one hours about topics ranging from the economy to China.

Shervin Pishevar was an early investor in Uber as well as AirBnb. He was smart enough to know that he should get in on the ground level with these companies long before others caught on to this fact. That helped him to generate a lot of wealth for himself that he would not otherwise have had. This also put Shervin Pishevar in the spotlight for making predictions about economic matters.

The first tweet released by Pishevar in the tweet storm was perhaps the one that would get him the most attention. It was a tweet about how he believed that the stock market would collapse by about six-thousand points before perhaps making a rebound at a later date. That was enough to open up some people’s eyes. They were surprised that he had the guts to make a prediction like this. They were also surprised to see it because he had not been on the social network in some time. Refer to This Article for more information.

Following that tweet, Pishevar continued by talking about China and how it was likely to rise past the United States on a number of metrics. He believes that the United States is going to release its top spot in a number of areas related to human and country development. If true, then China would most likely be the place that took over the reigns of control in that respect says Pishevar. That also has some people worried.

Given all of this, it is incredibly likely that people will have to face the very real prospect of a changing world if Pishevar turns out to be even a little right in what he predicts.


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How Igor Cornelsen Became A Very Successful Investment Manager

Igor Cornelsen’s journey began on October 4th, 1947, the day he was born. After graduating from high school he decided to study engineering and so he attended the only engineering school in his region of Brazil, the Federal University of Parana. While he became very skilled at using a slide rule, a very important engineering tool at the time, he made the decision that he’d rather be an economist and so in after his second year of college education he switched majors.

After he graduated in 1970 he found a job at an investment bank in the States of Parana and Santa Catarina. He says that his skills in engineering, especially the slide rule, helped in his job at this firm because they enabled him to figure out compound interest rates at a fast clip. At that time very few people had access to calculators, let alone computers, so these skills helped him advance his career. Read more on about Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen was successful enough at his job that he was able to find a position in the financial industry in Rio de Janiero. He started out as an investment banker and after having just graduated from college four years earlier he found himself on the board of directors for a large bank, Multibanco. Two years after that he was elected as the chief executive officer of this bank.

A few years later Multibanco was purchased by the American banking giant Bank of America. Igor Cornelsen decided to leave at this time and joined another banking firm, Unibanco. He stayed with this bank for seven years before moving to one that was a London Merchant Bank, Libra Bank PLC. At this bank it was the first time in his career that he was paid in American dollars rather than Brazilian money. A consequence of this was that he could do much more personal investing with his money.

Over the years, Igor Cornelsen became an entrepreneur who had his own investment firm. He continues to operate to this day as an entrepreneur and as a successful investment manager for many people who are of high net worth. Learn more:


Matt Badiali Answers Your Questions

Recently Matt Badiali, editor of Real Wealth Strategist, answered questions about himself, his newsletter and his life.

In college, Badiali majored in geology and earth science, getting his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in those subjects. He intended to work as an earth science after he completed his PhD. However, in 2004 he made friends with a financial expert who wanted to invest in metals and other natural resource-related industries. Badiali’s friend helped Badiali to understand his scientific expertise could also be financially valuable. He began researching companies and opportunities around the world, visiting oilwells and mines as well as corporate headquarters. He used his scientific expertise to evaluate their financial potential.

In 2017, Badiali began his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill Publishing. He covers gold and other metals, oil and other energy sources, commodities and other natural resources companies and investments. His goal is to help his newsletter readers use his expertise to make money themselves. He still travels and visits some of the far reaches and exotic remote corners of the world so they don’t have to. Check more reviews at For Exceptional Investors about Matt Badiali

He says he started his publication because success in the natural resources areas requires a solid knowledge of both geology and the financial aspects of the business. Most professional stock analysts are trained in finance, but not earth sciences. Badiali is one of the few people who is an expert in both fields. This makes his advice rare and valuable for ordinary people who wish to reap the investing profits from this market sector.

Matt Badiali strives to keep his readers up to date on trends in this area, and to alert them to opportunities to profit from valuable companies selling for less than their true value. Every week, he tells them how his recommended investments are performing.

Badiali does not carry out his main research from a cubicle in lower Manhattan. He travels to the minefields and oil rigs he writes about. He’s visited such places as Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Turkey, Peru, Canada, Iraq, Singapore, Switzerland and Mexico. He also meets with such industry leaders as T. Boone Pickens and Ross Beaty.

He does most of his writing first thing in the morning, no later than 8:15. He writes for two hours because that’s when he’s fresh and can concentrate the most productively. He spends a lot of the rest of his time reading to keep up with the markets and his stocks. He recommends Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.



Ted Bauman Discusses Why Bitcoin is Way Behind on Becoming a Mainstream Currency

The year 2017 saw a rise in the value of cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $20,000, and many experts feel that the price might go up even more in the coming years. Being an unregulated market, the value has been drawing more customers looking to make some extra money. The major benefits of using Bitcoin is that they can be used by the users rather than going through the banks or other financial institutions. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology meaning that they cannot be copied making them very useful.

The advocates of Bitcoin are too mesmerized by the benefits of the currency that are overlooking the limitations that it has. Since Bitcoin uses electronic gadgets and technology to operate, there would be a big problem in case the power goes off. Also, the processing time for all Bitcoin transactions is quite long and can be quite inefficient for any country’s economy. The structure of Bitcoin is such that the speed of the transactions depends on their security. Thus, it is vital for the Bitcoin miners to find a way to not only accelerate the processing time but also make it more secure as hackers are finding ways to counterfeit the digital currency as well. Follow Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman wrote an article talking about the drawbacks of Bitcoin as currency when most others were in awe of the growing value of Bitcoin. There has been news of people putting their homes for a mortgage to purchase Bitcoins. But, according to Ted Bauman, it is not a wise decision to make as it would eventually lose its charm if they cannot change the structure of their data to not only increase the transaction time but also to ensure privacy. The performance issues of Bitcoin need to be dealt with professionally to make it to the race for mainstream currency.

Ted Bauman was born in the US but spent most of his growing years in South Africa. He earned two post-graduate degrees from the University of Cape Town. He has spent many years working with non-profit organizations offering them financial advice. He then returned to the US and joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He currently writes for the publication monthly on many different topics that would help his readers to make wise financial decisions. All of his articles are easy to read and understand along with real-life examples. Learn more:



Matt Badiali Gives Advice on Metal Investing

As a mining and energy expert, Matt Badiali knows there are different things that people can do if they want to invest their money the right way. He has always had a lot of help with the investment industry and that’s what has allowed him to be the best he can be for different people. Since Matt Badiali knows the right way to invest and is always looking for ways to help people, he does not have a problem using his position as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing to tell them about the things they need to learn when it comes to investments.

Read this article on Stansberry’s Matt Badiali On The Companies That Could Thrive In A Cheap Oil And Gas World.

There have been other ways in which Matt Badiali feels he can be a positive influence on the community and on those who are working with the community. As long as Matt Badiali is doing what he can to help people, he feels he is making a difference and he is giving them the options they need while they are in different areas. For Matt Badiali, this is something that will allow him to continue helping people who are a big part of the community and who are trying to make as much money as possible.

When Matt Badiali was learning more about mining, he made the choice to look at metals. Metals are mined easily, but they have different values based on the demand for them and other factors. Matt Badiali knew this and wanted to show people they could try different things if they were working toward a better future for themselves and for others. There have been ways in which the community can give back and ways where they can do their best to make things easier on those who have worked toward a better future. It has allowed Matt Badiali the chance to try his best with different opportunities. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook.

For Matt Badiali, this means he needs to make sure he can help people with the issues they are facing. He has not spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best investments for no reason. Instead, he has given people a chance to make things better and to allow them to grow their own wealth. It has helped Matt Badiali connect with people who are doing their best to provide different options and who want to make the most amount of money possible while they are investing in things like platinum.

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Paul Mampilly an Investor Giving Us the Tips on How We Should Invest for the Future

Paul Mampilly is a renowned award-winning investor who was a hedge fund manager tasked with overseeing multi-million dollar accounts. Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited an investment newsletter with more than 90,000 followers. He uses this newsletter to reach out to people and help them make wise and practical investment decisions. Among the investment advice, he has given touches on the food industry, automobile industry, and medical sector. These are among other sectors that he thinks investors should rethink before investing.

Investment Advice on Automobile Industry
According to Paul Mampilly, there is bound to be a shift in the automobile industry in the near future. This is because it is costly to maintain and service a car running on a fuel engine which makes it less economical with time. The reason for the above observation is the coming of electric cars. An electric car has very few moving parts, just three as compares to current fuel engine cars. Comparing the cost of maintaining and servicing an electric car with just three moving parts, Mampilly observes that it was economical to own an electric car. It is under this proposition he advises individuals to invest in electric cars and should not be fooled by the current huge market share of vehicle manufacturers, as the trend will soon shift to electric cars. He advises individuals to invest in electric car industry now.

Investment Advice on Medical Sector
The health care system is undergoing a drastic change due to technological advancement as seen even in other sectors. There is a new way of diagnosing and testing patients called precision medicine. Research and recommendation area focused on making personalized medicine using precision medicine standard for all patients. Personalized medicine uses genetic tests where a doctor can have a full genetic profile of a patient where they put it on a database with different DNA profiles and come up with specific treatment ways for that particular patient. Mampilly says that, due to the fast and efficiency of precision medicine, wise investors should not concentrate on drug manufacturing industries for investments. Rather, they should target these testing companies due to their effective treatment ways.

Investment Advice on Food Industry
According to Paul Mampilly, more people are eating out nowadays which is coupled by unhealthy eating habits. This happens out of convenience rather than choice. To get the balance between healthy eating and convenience which are the major reasons that make people eat out more, there have been food delivery companies which have emerged. Mampilly advice that wise investors should invest in them.

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The Journey Sam Tabar Has Taken For His Success


Born Sam Tabar, the New York based lawyer and businessman is one of the most influential leaders in the country. He specializes in capital strategies and has played an instrumental role in the transformation of business practices in the state. Most people just know the larger than life name of the entrepreneur, but only a few know the tough journey he has been through to get to where he is. Below are things you might not know about Sam Tabar.

Early life and education

According to CrunchBase, Sam was born and brought up in Montreal Quebec, Canada. He attended the first years of his elementary school in the country. It was after successfully completing his high school education that he joined the University of Oxford. After graduating Oxford with top honors, he enrolled in the School of law at the University of Columbia and graduated as an attorney in 2001. While at the University, he worked for their paper, The Columbia Business Law Review.

His career path

Sam Tabar worked for the Business Law review paper for a few years before he left again and joined Skadden, Arps, Meagher and Flom LLP. This is one of the most recognized law firms on the globe. His responsibility was to the hedge fund clients and the things they could do to help them invest properly in them. He stayed here until 2004.

He shocked many when he decided he had had it with his legal career and decided to switch gears completely. He approached the world of high finance as a rookie. The first company that took him in was the Sparx Group. He worked here as a counsel and worked all the way up to the post of managing Director. He was managing a hedge fund worth 2 billion dollars. This is the time when he created a strategy that was aimed at people with a great net worth. Before he left the company in 2011, he had helped them raise over 1.2billion dollars.

He joined the Bank of America after leaving the Sparx Group. He got an appointment as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia and Pacific Region. He decided to rejoin the legal world in 2013. He became a senior associate at the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Again, he specialized in hedge funds.

His career has been quite illustrious, and his investment portfolio is even more impressive. He is also very philanthropic. One of the courses of action he is passionate about is Thinx Company, which provides sanitary products to women that cannot reach them in third world countries. Sam is fluent in English, French and Japanese. When not working, he travels and hosts events. Sam Tabar is a truly inspirational leader in the world of business.  Recently, Sam became the CFO for Awearable Apparel.  You can read about this in iCrowdNewswire.

George Soros the Code Breaker

Open Society was set up in 1979 when George Soros chose he had enough cash. His incredible accomplishment as a hedge fund investment chief afforded him the freedom to seek after his desire of creating open social order around the world. Soros said that Open Society depends on the acknowledgment that our comprehension of the world is innately flawed. He declared that what is flawed can be moved forward. He began by supporting grants for dark understudies at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and Eastern European protesters to concentrate abroad.

His achievement in the money markets has given him a more exceptional level of autonomy than most other individuals. Soros once composed that his success permits him to stand firm on dubious issues. It indeed, obliged him to do as such because others can’t. George Soros is an author and seat of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations.

History records accurately as an article on reminds us. George Soros’s highlight of his investment banking career came on 17th September 1992. On this unforgettable day, the Bank of Britain was forced to devalue its currency after its performed dismally against the Us Dollar and Deutschmark. Soros had earlier speculated on this even and made a bet on the same. He pocketed a cool $1 billion on that day.

Born and Raised in Budapest in 1930, he survived the Nazi occupation amid World War II. He then settled in the United States, where he gathered a vast fortune through the universal speculation store he established and oversaw. George Soros has written a dozens books. His articles and papers on governmental issues, society, and financial matters frequently show up in real daily papers and magazines around the globe.

Soros reveals as a bellwether among wealthy Democrats. George Soros in December gave $6 million to the main super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential battle. The super PAC on, brought $25 million up to the second 50% of 2015, as indicated by a report it documented. The pull conveys the PAC’s count to $41 million for the year and left it with a solid $36 million in the bank headed into the year. His donation denoted the arrival of the very wealthy person agent, among the greatest providers in all of the American governmental issues.

George Soros also gave $1 million to another Clinton-backing super PAC. Notwithstanding, Soros gave just $1 million to Priorities USA, which at the time committed to supporting President Obama’s reelection. George Soros is one of only a handful couple of liberals who has demonstrated an ability to drop eight-figures in a race cycle. It is evident that George Soros have played a vital role financially; towards the achievement of the global market goals and targets.

The World Of Workout Gear

Fabletics along with Kate Hudson and entrepreneur fitness brand, is about to introduce their swimwear line. The company says that they also have plans to begin a line of dresses that will flatter any woman. Kate Hudson told Elite Daily that she loves the summer and is very elated about what is about to happen at Fabletics. She added that the designers are working hard to make sexy, stylish comfortable swimwear, that will compliment any body type.

Their model for the swimwear is a take off of the beautiful tropics, ocean theme and tribal patterns. All of their beach wear are made from recycled materials, which makes it very good for the environment. The swimwear will deflect the sun rays away from the wearer. The prices are very reasonable also. Bikini sets start from a little under forty dollars. Anyone can find something at Fabletics because the sizes starts from XXS and goes all the way up to XXL.

The company began it’s operation in October 2013 by Adam Goldberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. Their plan was to give companies like Lululemon and Nike some stiff competition.

They are a division of JustFab. These companies are online merchants that offer subscriptions. Fabletics also has men’s active wear that is run by Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson. September 2015 saw their first retail stores when they open in Malls all across America.

The cost of a memebrship is about $49.95 for the month but, members can choose to forego a month. It will not be deducted from their credit card. First, one would have to fill out a short survey, telling Fabletics about their workout routine and their fashion taste.

The outfits will be chosen for the month, based on their options. Marie Claire Magazine has reported that within the next fours years we should expect to see another seventy five to one hundred more stores in mall near us.

More facts about her can be seen on the Youtube video @

CCMP Builds on the Legacy of Stephen Murray

The sudden loss of leadership has felled many a company, big or small. When the CEO of CCMP suddenly passed away following a short illness in 2015, many wondered who would step up and what it would mean for the company. The late Stephen Murray had been a company founder who had steered the organization to tremendous success. He had a reputation as a savvy businessman and he was an admired philanthropist in his off time. Filling his shoes was no mean feat, and there were a lot of questions as to whether CCMP would be on the decline.

Stephen Murray had been the president and CEO of CCMP from 2006 up until his passing at the young age of just 52. Murray has been with the company in all of its various incarnations and forms for decades, spanning all the way back to 1989 when the company was known as Chase Capital Partners. He helped steer CCMP to huge success, making it one of the biggest private equity firms in the world.

Murray according to institutionalinvestor served on the board of a host of major companies, including AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods and Generac Power Systems. As a philanthropist and humanitarian, he was a member of the chairman’s council of the Make a Wish Foundation in New York, and he was a major supporter of the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

It was Greg Brenneman who succeeded Steve Murray, becoming president and CEO of CCMP. Brenneman had previously been the CEO of companies like Quizno’s Sub and Burger King. At Burger King he had major success, helping to increase profits, generate award-winning ads and improving customer service. He had helped Burger King, not McDonald’s, score a lucrative tie-in with Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith.

CCMP is a massive organization. Typically, they invest up to $500 million of equity per transaction. They focus on companies in the industrial, health care, retail and energy sectors. CCMP has invested in a host of major companies, including Quizno’s, The Tennis Channel, Triad Hospitaks and Warner Chilcott.

They recently acquired Shoes for Crews, the leading maker of slip-resistant footwear in the world. CCMP also bought Milacron Holdings, which makes plastic processing systems, and helped it grow into a billion dollar business.

CCMP was able to smoothly transition to Brenneman’s style of leadership despite a lot of questions and complications. The contributions of Stephen Murray will always loom large over the company, and he will be honored by all who worked with or knew him.