Peter Briger: Counting on skills to grow Fortress to greater heights.

Growing up Peter Briger always had an interest in finance. The 52 year old would attend the Princeton University, where he would graduate in 1986 with a B.A. This degree earned him an opportunity to work with Goldman Sachs where he was employed as an entry-level employee. At the time he would focus all his efforts towards achieving as much experience as he could in the various departments he would over the course of his 15-year stint work in. The opportunities came in thick and fast as he was soon heading some of the most versatile departments within the bank. This would land him in the Asian real estate private equity business one of the more specialized departments within Goldman Sachs. This department was mainly focused on real estate investments and opportunities within the Asian continent, especially at a time when the continent was experiencing a manufacturing boom that went hand in hand with a real estate one. This early introduction into the Asian market would expose him to the various opportunities that Asian held and he was able to give the continent a keen focus. Over the years Peter Briger would join various committees with most of them concentrating on the Asian market. These committees included the Asian management committee and the Japan executive committee. The Japan executive committee was one that would help Peter Briger understand the intricate workings of the Japanese economy and what motivated their investment strategists a skill that would prove useful when he joined the Fortress investment group. Peter Briger then joined the fortress investment group in 2002 with a special task of establishing a credit wing for them. This wing would be tasked with accessing, analyzing and recommending business opportunities that fortress would advance a line of credit to or make investments into. The model worked as intended as they have been able to finance deals worth more than one hundred billion dollars. These deals have been very instrumental towards the bottom line of Fortress. The group continues to grow its credit department as it announced a new fund worth more than five billion dollars for special credit opportunities investments. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group


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  1. No cash, no credit

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Madison Street Capital Nominated By M&A Advisor

Madison Street Capital is a very popular investment banking firm based in the United States. The company has grown significantly in the recent past, becoming one of the best international investment banks in the world. Madison Street Capital offers clients corporate financial services, merger acquisition expertise and financial opinions for companies in public and private industry.

The services provided by the international company have made many governments, corporates, and individuals to succeed. In all its activities and operations, the company makes sure that it meets the customer needs. The company has managed to earn the trust of many people because of its operational standards.

Not long ago, M&A Advisor, a popular institution in the globe nominated Madison Street Capital for the fifteenth M&A Advisory Awards that are held every year. These awards are respected and very popular all over the world. Most of the companies and individuals selected for the awards have accomplished significant achievements in the finance industry. To be honored during these awards, a company must prove its skills, especially in deal making. These awards also honor professionals with significant achievements from all around the world.

This year, there will be two nominations for Madison Street Capital. The company gave one of the nominations due to its great role in the recent acquisition of Acuna and Aociados. The acquisition plans were made possible by Karl D’Cunha, the senior managing director of the investment bank. The purchase of the company was a great success, and it benefited both institutions.

Madison Street Capital is very excited about the new nominations. According to Charles Botchway, CEO and co- founder of the company, says that his organization was happy to work with Dowco, one of its customers during the acquisition. According to him, the deal makers in the organization had to work very hard trying to make sure that the acquisition was a success, and that is why the company deserved the nomination.

The purchase of the Acuna & Asociados was not an easy task. Because it was a cross-border transaction, the deal was very complicated, and the institution had to spend time and money working on it. The company is excited that its efforts were recognized at the end of the day. The winners of the awards will be acknowledged at the 15th M&A Awards that will be held in November.

Madison Street Capital has been so successful because it employs a reliable team of experts who have experience, knowledge and excellent relations in the competitive market. These professionals have played a big role in making Madison Street Capital one of the best investments banking firm in the world. The company is headquartered in Chicago, but it has several branches around the globe. The nomination proves that the firm is successful.

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