Jason Hope Donates $1.5 Million To Help With Anti-Aging Biotechnologies That Might Change The World

There is a new field of medicine on the rise, and it plans on using rejuvenation biotechnologies to improve the quality of life of the aging population. At the forefront of this new kind of medicine is the SENS Foundation, which is a California based nonprofit organization. To help with the efforts of the foundation Jason Hope, an Arizona entrepreneur and futurist, donated $500,000 to fund a Cambridge, England laboratory. When asked about what exactly what the SENS Foundation is up to and if they are working to discover the fountain of youth, Hope commented that anti-aging medicine isn’t really about tapping into immortality but is more about helping people to live higher quality, longer lives.

On top of his $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation in 2010, Jason Hope has given another $1 million since and expects to continue to support the efforts of the organization. While some animals like the hydra and tortoise do not have a higher chance of dying as they age, the human body is different in that it deteriorates over time. This makes humans more vulnerable to disease, illness, and a plethora of other health conditions that come along as we get older. The idea of SENS is to focus more on creating biotchnologies that rejuvenate humans rather than focusing on the cure for one disease at a time.

Part of Jason Hope’s latest donations will help SENS to create AGE-breakers, which target metabolic waste products that accumulate as humans get older. These are known as AGEs, and they are the reason why our skin breaks down and our blood vessels become more elastic with age. While AGEs have been studied for many years, they weren’t yielding anything that could be used in medicine until it was discovered that glucosepane is responsible for most of the AGEs in people. The focus is now how to get these out of the human body in a safe way.

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about giving back to humanity, and his giving is centered in on organizations and initiatives that improve education, medicine and science, and biotech. He especially likes to improve his local community and supports educational programs in Arizona as well local organizations that help children like the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, and Teach for America Phoenix. Jason Hope has high hopes for humanity and knows that all it takes is more people focusing on working to make it better for everyone.

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How Jason Hope initiates Businesses in Embracing Technology

It always takes a person a lot of passion, interest, and love of a particular career to become a true futurist. Jason Hope is a prominent and skillful futurist in tech industry, hailing from Scottsdale. He is well knowledgeable in trends concerning the industry, and that is the reason he manages to make viable predictions on the future of technology. With the advancement in the industry, Jason believes that Internet of Things will be the most influential in generations to come. The businesses will embrace technology and increase competition among firms thus producing the best products for the clients. Jason’s insights help the companies to capitalize on technology and find ways in which they can benefit maximally in future.

With the growth of Internet of Things, most of the peoples’ lives now depend on this trend, and several gadgets enhancing the internet of things are now are in the market. In 2017, great gadgets and apps that work better to help in meeting one’s needs are already in the market. Smart, athletic shoes which have a fitness tracker fitted on hand to record the distance, the time was taken and split time are as a result of utilization of the new trend by the Armour Company. The IoT has also come up with an app to control home appliances. Now you can control your washer, heater, air conditioner and radio using smart app. With the use of smart apps, it is easy to monitor your home while away and get a message in case something is happening at your home.Other gadgets in the market include smart sprinkler controller and ear buds.

Having Jason in the Tech Industry keeps the public waiting for more amazing and practical gadgets and apps. With his much interest in the latest advancement, the public expects him to come up the best IoT product in future. Jason also confirmed his commitment to the industry by accelerating human intelligence using the technology. He has kept the public informed on any new trend through his writing and sharing of medical, scientific and technological advancement.

About Jason Hope: www.sens.org/outreach/press-releases/jason-hope-pledges-500000