Cone Marshall Leadership

Cone Marshall is law firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company has a reputation for dealing with some of the most complicated cases in the globe. Cone Marshall was founded in 1999 by Geoffrey, an expert in trust and tax laws. The law firm serves customers on an international scale, and it is respected for its achievements in solving domestic and international tax and trust cases.


At the moment, Cone Marshall is led by two experienced principals. These two leaders have worked in the legal industry for decades, and they have a reputation of serving of consumers. Since it was started, Cone Marshall is known for being an advocate of transparency and justice, especially for problems that involve different states and taxes. Cone Marshall currently has an online portfolio indicating its great dedication to serving high net worth individuals, organizations and different countries from around the globe. The law firm has a built its reputation internationally because of this portfolio.


The leadership in Cone Marshall is one of the reasons why the law firm has done well and beat most of its competitors. The principles of the company have past career that speaks volume about their achievements and values. One of these principles is Karen Marshall.


Karen Marshall worked in London before joining work in Cone Marshall. She worked in London for ten years before relocating to New Zealand. In 2005, she joined the company as a lawyer and worked hard to gain the principal position in the year 2006. Karen has always specialized in in commercial litigation matters in her career.


Geoffrey Cone is another principal at Cone Marshall. Geoffrey is an expert in tax and trust laws, and he has worked as an attorney for a very long time. Geoffrey Cone is one of the most influential lawyers in the trust and tax matters in New Zealand. Cone has also done a lot for the law firm, making it an internationally recognized institution that specializes in tax planning and trust issues. The successful lawyer has all the knowledge needed for the position, and he ensures that people who visit the company get the type of services they need.


Geoffrey Cone is currently one of the most successful attorneys in the world, and he motivates other lawyers in the globe to work hard and achieve the best. In the modern times, cases concerning international trusts have increased, putting Geoffrey Cone and his law firm in the limelight.