How Freedom Debt Relief Resolved Over Seven Billion Dollars For Clients

You may have heard about the Equifax breach in recent days, which may have affected more than one hundred and forty three million Americans. People are now concerned about protecting private information. Here are a few tips for doing so.

First, find out if the breach affected you. You can go to the Equifax website for help with this. You can also sign up for a free year of credit monitoring reporting. If you have been breached, you can put a freeze on your report, which means that the people who have your information will not be able to use it. If necessary, you can also place a freeze with the other credit bureaus. This means that nobody will be able to use your information to open up a new account. Since your credit reports will be frozen, you will not be able to use it either, but you can unfreeze it at any time by using a PIN that you created when you first got it frozen.

Next, review your credit reports. Every American is entitled to at least one free credit report a year. Look for any red signs in your reports, such as credit accounts that you did not set up or misspelled names. Remember to monitor your bank accounts on a frequent basis. This way, you can stay on top of any unauthorized purchases.

Freedom Debt Relief is number one solution provider for debt relief. It is part of the Freedom Financial Network. It was founded by two graduates of Stanford Graduate School of Business. They have worked with over four hundred thousand clients. They help negotiate debts with settlers to provide you with debt relief. By doing so, they have saved billions of dollars for their clients, and they are the first company to have done so.

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