Waiakea Named on Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing American Companies

Young industry giant Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water recently received major recognition after it was named as one of the fastest growing companies in America. This is the first time a water bottling company of any sort has made it to the prestigious list and Ryan Emmons, who is also the company’s Founder and CEO said that it was a moment that his team had been working hard towards and that they had all been looking forward to.

Waiakea water is still a relatively young company having been started about half a decade ago in 2012. The company’s main business operations revolve around the treatment and bottling of natural, pure water which originates from the rains and snowmelts coming down the Mauna Loa peak- an active volcano peak and one of the most serene and beautiful environments in the world. The company then filters the water through porous lava thereby increasing its mineral content to turn it into a natural alkaline. The alkaline minerals give the Waiakea springs water its unique taste which most people consider rather delicious.
Part of Waiakea’s rapid success can be attributed to its unique approach which does not tie performance to the health of the bottom line alone but also hinges it to ethical and social responsibilities with the overall goal of improving lives within the community. As such, the company operates on a slogan that encourages everyone to drink healthy, sustainably and ethically. Waiakea also supports a number of charitable programs in different places as part of their corporate social responsibility. It is their unique model that has earned them the bragging rights of being the world’s healthiest, greenest and most charitable water brand on earth.
Inc. Magazine publishes an annual list of the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America based on their rates of profit growth other the last year and the list is dubbed Inc. 5000. This year Waiakea was placed at number 414 on the list, a position which places it in a smaller, even more prestigious, class of companies known as the Inc. 500 and has some of the biggest brands in America including companies like Microsoft and GoPro.
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