Thor Halvorseen’s Life Obstacles

Born in Venezuela March 9, 1976, Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza better known as Thor Halvorseen became a well-known man for many things he had accomplished during his career. Before his career skyrocketed, Mr. Halvorssen attended and completed his concurrent undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science and History at the University of Pennsylvania. He also became a member of the Phi Beta Kappa and earned the title magna cum laude upon graduating.

During the course of spending time helping others and finding what interests him most about his career, Havlorssen built a specialty around specific matters regarding dictatorships, human trafficking, slavery and threats to democracy. He also took the time to set up and attend lectures that mainly covered human rights at multiple Universities including Harvard Law and other places such as New York City Junto as well as the United Nations Association in New York.

According to The Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen began advocating for human rights part time in 1989 during his adolescent years. After the imprisonment of his father in Venezuela, Mr. Havlorssen got more involved in the promotion of due process and individual rights full-time. Shortly after his mother was shot during a political protest in 2004, Thor founded the New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Thor Halvorssen’s business was built to be committed to free political prisoners while promoting tolerance and democracy in Latin America. The company has a strong staff of 12 that is highly educated and is covering many areas of the world. The staff of 12 is known for not taking their time when it comes to taking on tasks involving democracies and so forth. Since founding HRF or Human Rights Foundation, the business succeeds at getting seven prisoners released while providing evidence to Truth Commission, submitted brief and even got two books published about individual rights and responsibilities of the state.

As HRF’s success began taking off, Thor Halvorssen started another business known as the Olso Freedom Forum which is a global gathering that takes place once a year. As of today, is Thor is the President and CEO of the Olso Freedom Forum and this company is highly successful as well.

According To Founder Of Human Rights Foundation, Most Presidential Candidates Support Dictators

Something troubling came up in a Fox News interview with Thor Halvorssen recently. It seems that the majority of presidential candidates this primary season are in favor of brutal dictatorships. Nearly 75% of the candidates, on both sides of the aisle, support authoritarian dictators and their human rights violations. The only candidate that does not, according to Thor Halvorssen, is Bernie Sanders. But Fox News tried to tie the Vermont Senator to human rights violations in the interview. It backfires. Big time.


Thor Halvorssen is this young, charismatic man that is a rising star in the human rights world. He is a film producer and the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and has dedicated his life to stopping the authoritarian abuse of dictators around the planet. He recently gained fame for an open letter to Nikki Minaj urging her to cancel a personal concert for the dictator of Angola. And now he’s in this 3-minute interview that has turned into a smash hit viral video.


So this guy knows his stuff. He tells the Fox News anchor that candidates like Hillary Clinton have received millions of dollars through the Clinton Foundation from brutal dictators. This shows her implicit support of their dictatorships and their human rights violations. It’s unconscionable that she could use this money to fund her campaign and that is why Thor Halvorssen cannot support her. But the Republicans don’t fare much better.


He goes on to explain that the Republican front-runner candidates have publicly lambasted president Barack Obama, saying they wish that he acted more like Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia. This explicit support of dictators and human rights violations is thoroughly condemned by Thor Halvorssen.


He then announces his support for Bernie Sanders, shocking the hostess. It’s funny because the interview was originally meant to tarnish Mr. Sanders’s Democratic Socialist agenda. Thor Halvorssen endured reductive questions like, “Why does socialism violate basic human rights?” He valiantly tries to explain that dictators are the problem, not Democratic Socialism. But after the Fox News anchor badgers him, he exclaims that he is in support of Bernie Sanders and his democratic socialist stance. The backfiring makes the interview a must-see viral video.

Socialism Explained By Thor Halvorssen

The Human Rights Foundation founder and respected film producer Thor Halvorssen made an appearance of the Fox Business show “The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan” in a bid to explain why socialism can be a bad idea. Halvorssen set out the basic principles of socialism and went on to explain how the term has many different meanings in academic circles and for political groups; Halvorssen went on to detail why he believes some forms of socialism can be used by dictators to seize power and control the people of a country.

Thor Halvorssen has a long history of working with human rights groups after he was affected by problems in his own life through members of his family losing their freedoms in socialist Venezuela. The example of Venezuela played an important part in the appearance of the Human Rights Foundation board member after he revealed liberal leaning governments had caused major issues for the people of the country when socialist ideologies had been seized upon by a series of dictators. The appearance of dictators in Venezuela has resulted in major limitations on open markets as the government sets prices throughout the country, which has resulted in shortages of many products that are coming close to causing a major humanitarian disaster.

Unlike many experts working for the rights of the people of the world Thor Halvorssen has personal experience in terms of the effects of lost rgihts and how this issue has affected his own family. Halvorssen believes the extremes of socialism are a bad idea, but feels the example of Scandinavian countries working socialist ideas into democratic principles can have a positive effect on major western countries. The final points made by Thor Halvorssen in the Fox Business interview explained why he has backed Democrat Bernie Sanders despite the use of the term Democratic socialist to describe his views. Halvorssen believes the backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin by Republican Donald Trump and the millions of dollars paid to Hilary Clinton by oppressive regimes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain makes them difficult to back to the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

What Is Democratic Socialism

The Human Right foundation’s founder and current president Thor Halvorssen recently appeared on the Fox Business Network show “The Intelligence Report” with host Trish Regan to discuss and illustrate precisely what democratic socialism is. It is certainly not what many people think it is. Democratic socialism is, in fact, a political agenda espoused by current presidential candidate Bernie Sanders the Senator from Vermont. The interview originally aired on February 25, 2016. To kick off the interview the program’s host led off with the introduction, “Socialist senator Bernie Sanders wants America to be a socialist country.” and even liberals are blasting his agenda. She goes on to state, “My next guest says socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights foundation joins me now with details.” When Thor takes the mike he goes on to qualify the definition of socialism by stating that socialism is not always a bad thing it’s only bad when countries like Venezuela practice it. Thor Halvorssen then states that when these dictatorships use the mask of socialism to hide their true intentions not to help the citizens of the country but to instead bleed and loot the country dry it becomes clear that these countries are authoritarian dictatorships. They do not embrace any positive political elements only bad ones. Countries that practice good democratic socialism are instead democracies like Denmark, Norway and Sweden who embrace not only the rule of law but they have what can be said to have a hybrid government, one that not only embraces capitalist ideals but also some socialist elements such as Social Security, financial assistance to the poor, the sick and the elderly. It is, in reality, a political blend of the best elements of both.

Thor goes on to explain and recount his personal experiences with the socialist dictatorship government of Venezuela and why that it and all governments of this type are bad. He also points out and explains in very clear language why and how many of the United States government’s policies and programs are indeed of a socialist nature and how and why we are in many respects already embracing socialism. Follow Halvorssen on Twitter to keep up with news and other information.