Asylum Plan Revealed By George Soros

George Soros has been one of the most famous hedge fund managers in the world for a number of years after seeing his own company grow for more than three decades at a rate of 20 percent anually. Soros has embarked upon a series of philanthropic endeavors like Open Society Foundations in recent years that have brought him into conflict with Russian officials who have tried to bar his own charitable foundation from operating in the country; Soros has been working for the human rights of people since the Apartheid era of South Africa in the 1980s.
The concern for human rights and the protection of refugees has seen George Soros take a keen interest in the problems facing the European Union and the Syrian asylum seekers who are flooding the borders of the continent. Soros explained to Market Watch the plan he feels could rescue as many asylum seekers from problems as possible, and maintain the future of the European Union he feels is threatened by the crisis.

George Soros believes many of the issues facing the European Union and states within the Middle east are driven by economic concerns, which he feels could be removed if the EU embarks upon a period of borrowing against its AAA global credit rating. Providing around $16,000 per refugee to cover the first two years of their time as an asylum seeker would reduce the burden on individual states to provide backing for each individual arriving at their border.

Not only does Forbes billionaire George Soros believe economics play a part in solving Europe’s refugee crisis he feels the coordination of agencies across the continent must play a pivotal role; a continent wide migration agency could make it simple for faster decisions to be made about the future of each asylum seeker. Not only would this agency make it simpler for the individual to enter Europe, but it could coordinate the speedy movement of each asylum seeker to their final destination once their status has been approved.

George Soros said on a interview he fears the slow reaction to the crisis in the European Union by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has threatened the entire future of the EU; the debt crisis in Greece has already threatened the future of the Euro single currency and the refugee crisis has continued to push the economy towards collapse. To ensure the economy of Europe remains buoyant George Soros believes government agencies should start working alongside private groups from both the commercial and not for profit sectors. Engaging with the private sector will not only assist refugees, but also drive the economy towards continued success for the future, which could encourage the U.K. to remain a part of the continent wide community.