Chris Burch Talks About His Early Business Success And The Idea Of Philanthropy

Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. The successful entrepreneur recently gave an interview where he talked about his success in the world of business, as well as his efforts to give back to the community.

Burch fist started doing business at Ithaca College, when he was selling sweaters to classmates in order to help his brother and a $2,000 investment. Eagle Eye got sold to Swire Group for the price of $165 million, which enabled Burch to invest in Internet Capital Group, a historic IPO story that happened during the early days of what is now known as the internet revolution. During the interview, Burch noted that early on in his career as a businessman he went with his instinct and creativity, and did not realize that he had any talent. However, despite that, he was very successful due to the fact that he came up with good ideas. See to learn more.


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Some of my first Eagles Eye sweaters. Made in Scotland by hand. My first company.

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Perhaps Burch is most known for his foray into the world of fashion, having co-founded the brand Tory Burch, alongside his ex-wife. He also played a significant role behind luxury and technology brands such as Voss Water, Jawbone, Poppin, and the hospitality group Faena Hotel + Universe. His recent move in the world of business was partnering up with entertainer Ellen DeGeneres in order to launch her brand ED based on (

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Burch is also a regular speaker for Harvard Business School. He stands out due to the fact that he credits his success to the idea of empathy. When it comes to philanthropy, Burch notes that he would only do it if it was real, and expresses his negative feelings towards companies that use philanthropy as a way to sell their product. He believes that philanthropy has to come from the heart, and that it is critical to how one builds their business.