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At Sussex Healthcare, every one of the care homes are led by a phenominal team of completely trained and dedicated medical staff. Sussex Healthcare provides serving users with quality care homes that offer a variety of activities for people to get involved in. Certain activitiy programs such as Reminiscent sessions, Art therapy, music, and cookery are some that they offer. Sussex Healthcare has recieved top rating for being well-led, caring, effective, and safe. Sussex Healthcare currently provides non-emergemcy and emergency services to the individuals of east Surrey, north-east West Sussex, and South Croydon. They offer five, major medical services to residents such as mesical care, surgery, maternity services, emergency and urgent care, and outpatient. The team work fervently to care for thousands of patients each and every day. Because of this, the Chief Inspector of Hospitals have praised the healthcare staff’s work which has since lead to an outstanding rating all together. At Sussex Healthcare, the team provides residents who are mentally frail or who have Alzheimer’s Disease with specialized Dementia homes. These homes are known as the Forest Lodge, Longfield Manor, and Upper Mead care homes. All of the Sussex care homes offer excellent care to individuals and are lead by a strong, fully trained medical staff. The healthcare team offers in-home speech and language therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, and psychotherapy to those who qualify. These quality care homes provide amazing hydrotherapy pools and a 24-nursing staff for older people. The Healthcare team understands the special needs each individual should have to maintain healthy social interactions and work closely with local colleges in order to make sure that access to the community becomes a important part of their care plan. They also provide a creative care packages for mentally disabled individuals. They have a high-trained medical staff who care for a wide range of diseases, disabilities, and needs.A Typical Workday at Sussex Healthcare

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Dr. Saad Saad Invents Medical Solutions that Would Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Dr. Saad Saad has positively transformed the field of surgery and endoscopy.

The pediatric surgeon is revered for his groundbreaking Catheter with Location Identification Device, and Suction-Irrigation device used in endoscopy. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

But how have these inventions improved healthcare outcomes? We have examined each innovation to help you figure out.

  1. Electromagnetic Location Identification Device

In the past, physicians used X-rays to determine a catheter’s location. The method subjected patients to repeated radiations, and it delayed treatment during an emergency.

Alternatively, doctors used Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine. Just like the X-ray, MRI devices delayed treatment since a patient had to undergo the time-consuming imaging before surgery.

On that account, Dr. Saad decided to invent a solution that could be safe to use, and quick to determine a catheter’s location. His research led to the invention of the Electromagnetic Location Identification Device.

As inferred by its name, Dr. Saad Saad’s location identification device uses electromagnetic energy to define a catheter’s location. The invention is safe to use, and doctors can use it any time any place since it is portable. At present, the safe-to-use medical invention is under development.

  1. Suction-Irrigation apparatus used in endoscopy

In addition to the Electromagnetic Location Identification Device, Dr. Saad Saad invented the suction-irrigation apparatus that improve an endoscope’s diagnostic images. The pediatric surgeon developed the equipment after recognizing that physicians spent a lot of time cleaning flogged lenses in the event of an endoscopy procedure.

Saad invented the suction-irrigation apparatus which eliminate the hassle of removing and cleaning the endoscope and then re-inserting it into the patient’s internal organs.

The suction-irrigation apparatus are fitted onto the endoscope’s anti-fog port.

The apparatus’ suction system draws the fluids that clog the endoscope’s lens. On the other hand, the irrigation system sprays the lens with a cleaning agent to eliminate obstruction. Saad’s invention is practical in bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy.

Dr. Saad Saad claims that he has used the invention to perform numerous endoscopies. For instance, he has used it to eliminate tumors, inhaled or swallowed objects, as well as stuck food.

The pediatric surgeon claims that his procedure makes endoscopy easy and quick.

Dr. Saad Saad Believes in the saying procrastination is the thief of time. He encourages everyone never to postpone whatever they can do today. It’s through great time managed that he managed to earn great success in his career.

He knew of excellent work ethics and exploited any time that he had. Success is a journey whereby strategy and time management matters a lot.

His legacy in the medical career in unbeatable since he managed to bring a new face to this industry. He is a great mentor and a role model.

The Importance of Healthcare Staffing Agencies in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare staffing in the U.S. can be difficult no matter what state you’re in. While the task can be very frustrating and time consuming taking the necessary time to hire correctly will be well worth the effort. You’ll find your company constantly has void positions. Hiring the right person for even the smallest of positions can have an overall positive impact. Hiring the wrong person for the job will have adverse effects.

Though staffing your healthcare facility is a major priority sometimes you just don’t have the time and money to look over the hiring process like you’d want. This is when working with a professional recruiting firm can really come in handy. This way you’ll be able to focus on other important tasks. Plus, you’ll still wind up with a more than capable candidate.

Whatever the healthcare staffing agency you decide to go with you should think of the healthcare recruitment professionals as a new member of the team. For best results, you should educate your healthcare recruiter on your company’s core values and principles.

Recruiters also double as consultants. They often advise medical facilities on what positions they need to fill.

If you’re having trouble deciding on what healthcare staffing agency to hire I suggest HCRC Staffing. Its services are available for healthcare facilities across the globe. it has been around for a little under 20 years and is proven as one of the best in the industry. Visit for more info.

About Brian Torchin

Just a few years ago he was referred to as the best healthcare recruiter in America. Before he began managing and staffing medical facilities throughout the U.S. he gained experience in the industry as a physician of chiropractic practice. Many in the industry consider him a pioneer within the health care-staffing community. Brian has a passion for medical staffing. He has a mission to help as many medical students as he can find jobs in the healthcare industry. Read more:,13.htm


Extensive Scientific Research Brings Exceptional Jeunesse Global Skin Product to Forefront

As a company that is known worldwide for ground-breaking and cutting-edge products, Jeunesse Global has reached an exceptional level of accomplishment after just nine years within the online retail industry. With reputable distributors and clinically researched products, the company has lived up to its vision of helping people look and feel at their very best.

Luminesce skin care products are a fantastic way to slow the aging process and attain a youthful looking appearance. Men and women both are benefiting from the detail within the ingredients of Luminesce skin care products from all socioeconomically backgrounds, race, and ethnicity.

All of Luminesce skin care products have the formula APT 200, which is exclusive to Jeunesse. APT 200 is formulated with high concentrated elements to provide an even skin tone, while also producing a natural looking glow to the skin. Additionally, with antioxidants and vitamins, Luminesce skin care products revive the skin to bring out its natural tone, which can become diminished through the aging process.

The scientific advisory board for Jeunesse Global gave its sign of approval for Luminesce skin care products after an eight-week clinical study for many skin tones and skin types. The clinical study concluded that 100 percent of the participants had younger-looking skin in just four weeks and 93 percent of the participants gained a significant radiant improvement in just two weeks. Jeunesse Global’s advisory board is made up of internationally prominent physicians and board certified reconstructive surgeons, qualified to make assessments on the quality of skin products and the benefits they produce. When the study was complete, information was also provided through a webinar for details of how Luminesce skin care products should be utilized to receive the full range of benefits.

Jeunesse Global is an innovative company that does not adhere to market trends. Since being founded in 2009 by business partners Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, the company has reinvented how quality products should be distributed to reach the consumer. Their vision has been to become a household name with exclusive products that are effective for helping people thrive in life. Jeunesse Global has become a company that is “generation young.”

How Will CVS Vs. Amazon Impact Drew Madden?

Amazon and CVS are at odds with one another. The problems started when news broke that Amazon was going to try to enter the pharmaceuticals market. At the very least we know that Amazon is seeking licenses in several states to sell pharmaceutical products over the Internet.


CVS had to take the news to heart as they immediately felt the heat that so many other competitors of Amazon have felt in the past. Grocery stores felt that pressure when Amazon purchased Whole Foods outright and became a competitor in their industry overnight. Now, companies know that they have to think about what it could mean for them if Amazon is to do the same thing in their industry. In this particular case, CVS responded by purchasing the insurance giant Aetna.


To some this may appear to be an unrelated move, but that is not really the case. CVS wanted to diversify its business so as to not be as under threat by Amazon. They did so by acquiring another business. This is a common tactic, and it makes a lot of sense in this particular case.


If you wanted to ask someone who knows a thing or two about this situation, you might want to consider talking to Drew Madden. Madden is the healthcare IT professional who has put in time to know how the industry works. He has been both an employee of a company that expanded rapidly while he was there as well as an entrepreneur in his own right. Basically, he has done it all in some fashion or another.


He sees this as something that could really shake up the industry. Like all of the rest of us, he is not about to say that he knows what an Amazon entry into the market will mean for everyone, but he is curiously watching each new development. He wants to see if there are going to be impacts that are easy to measure. Drew Madden believes that it is possible that this may be one of the things that defines the market almost more than anything else in recent memory, but we will all just have to wait and see. See This Page for related information.

Drew Madden: The IT Healthcare Guru

The healthcare industry is worth $3 trillion, and the United States spends about $9,237 per individual in health care alone. Despite all that, there is no significant improvement in the healthcare industry. Majority of the entrepreneurs do not have any experience working in the healthcare sector. Most of them go into the healthcare industry out of their ties. Many people fear to invest in healthcare due to the heavy regulations. It is not a free market. However, healthcare is slowly becoming an attractive venture due to the innovation, and the growth in the market.



One of the reports in the healthcare industry is that Amazon has got pharmacy licenses in several states. The report has stirred up a lot of conversations. The move is forcing pharmacy companies to become more innovative. The companies have to come up with defensive measures to counter the Amazon decision. For instance, CVS has decided to incorporate health insurance just to remain competitive. The company will now combine insurance services, pharmacy, and routine care. All these services will be available at the store near the customer. Thu, CVS will have a competitive advantage over the over the other companies. Get More Information Here.



Drew Madden is the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Madden did his studies at the University of Iowa where he graduated with B.S.E in industrial engineering. He specialized in medical systems. Madden is a healthcare entrepreneur. Drew Madden is passionate about building trusted relationships and high caliber teams. In 2010, Madden joined the Nordic consulting partners. Madden was the president of the Nordic consulting from 2011 to 2016. In his time a Nordic, the company experienced a growth rate of 10 to 725 employees. Under Drew Madden management, the client partners increase from 3 to 150. The company also had an increase in revenue from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000. He also enabled the organization to get the number one position in KLAS ranking in 2012 and 2014. Drew Madden has also worked as an Epic consultant at Ingenix. He has taken part in business development in Ingenix. His career in healthcare IT started at Cerner Corporation where he worked as an implementation consultant.