How Will CVS Vs. Amazon Impact Drew Madden?

Amazon and CVS are at odds with one another. The problems started when news broke that Amazon was going to try to enter the pharmaceuticals market. At the very least we know that Amazon is seeking licenses in several states to sell pharmaceutical products over the Internet.


CVS had to take the news to heart as they immediately felt the heat that so many other competitors of Amazon have felt in the past. Grocery stores felt that pressure when Amazon purchased Whole Foods outright and became a competitor in their industry overnight. Now, companies know that they have to think about what it could mean for them if Amazon is to do the same thing in their industry. In this particular case, CVS responded by purchasing the insurance giant Aetna.


To some this may appear to be an unrelated move, but that is not really the case. CVS wanted to diversify its business so as to not be as under threat by Amazon. They did so by acquiring another business. This is a common tactic, and it makes a lot of sense in this particular case.


If you wanted to ask someone who knows a thing or two about this situation, you might want to consider talking to Drew Madden. Madden is the healthcare IT professional who has put in time to know how the industry works. He has been both an employee of a company that expanded rapidly while he was there as well as an entrepreneur in his own right. Basically, he has done it all in some fashion or another.


He sees this as something that could really shake up the industry. Like all of the rest of us, he is not about to say that he knows what an Amazon entry into the market will mean for everyone, but he is curiously watching each new development. He wants to see if there are going to be impacts that are easy to measure. Drew Madden believes that it is possible that this may be one of the things that defines the market almost more than anything else in recent memory, but we will all just have to wait and see. See This Page for related information.

Drew Madden: The IT Healthcare Guru

The healthcare industry is worth $3 trillion, and the United States spends about $9,237 per individual in health care alone. Despite all that, there is no significant improvement in the healthcare industry. Majority of the entrepreneurs do not have any experience working in the healthcare sector. Most of them go into the healthcare industry out of their ties. Many people fear to invest in healthcare due to the heavy regulations. It is not a free market. However, healthcare is slowly becoming an attractive venture due to the innovation, and the growth in the market.



One of the reports in the healthcare industry is that Amazon has got pharmacy licenses in several states. The report has stirred up a lot of conversations. The move is forcing pharmacy companies to become more innovative. The companies have to come up with defensive measures to counter the Amazon decision. For instance, CVS has decided to incorporate health insurance just to remain competitive. The company will now combine insurance services, pharmacy, and routine care. All these services will be available at the store near the customer. Thu, CVS will have a competitive advantage over the over the other companies. Get More Information Here.



Drew Madden is the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Madden did his studies at the University of Iowa where he graduated with B.S.E in industrial engineering. He specialized in medical systems. Madden is a healthcare entrepreneur. Drew Madden is passionate about building trusted relationships and high caliber teams. In 2010, Madden joined the Nordic consulting partners. Madden was the president of the Nordic consulting from 2011 to 2016. In his time a Nordic, the company experienced a growth rate of 10 to 725 employees. Under Drew Madden management, the client partners increase from 3 to 150. The company also had an increase in revenue from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000. He also enabled the organization to get the number one position in KLAS ranking in 2012 and 2014. Drew Madden has also worked as an Epic consultant at Ingenix. He has taken part in business development in Ingenix. His career in healthcare IT started at Cerner Corporation where he worked as an implementation consultant.