All The Popularity Of Wen Conditioning Cleanser

Emily McClure from The Bustle recently did an experiment with WEN cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean. McClure has naturally thin hair, and she wanted to see if all the information about Wen was true. McClure decided that she would use Wen products for seven days and see what the results would be. The very first day that McClure tried Wen, she was happy with the results.
The following six days proved to be interesting as far as the results went. McClure found that the reaction of her hair to the sephora available product varied. There were many days when her hair felt full and healthy, but on other days the product left her hair feeling weighed down and greasy. McClure received compliments from family and facebook friends about her hair while using Wen products, and that inspired her to continue with the product. McClure is not sure if she will continue to use Wen products all the time, but she definitely will keep them in her shower for use when she wants her hair to feel thick and full.

Wen is a product that was created by Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is an individual that started off in photography. Dean worked for some companies, and he fell in love with hair. After a short time, Dean decided that he would go to school to be a cosmetologist. Dean was able to start up his own company, and he specialized in cut and coloring. Deam realized some things that many of his products lacked, and he decided that he was going to try to make his own products.

That is how Wen came about. Wen is a product that has no dyes, chemicals or parabens. Wen is a product that washes and conditions hair at the same time. Thousand of men and women all around the world have benefited from Wen’s conditioning cleanser, and that is why it has become so popular. Learn more about Wen: