Andrew Rolfe Is Heavily Involved In Planning For The Ubuntu Fund’s Gala Dinner

Recently, the management of the Ubuntu Education Fund deemed it fit to organize a gala dinner. The objective of the event was to raise £600,000 to help needy children in Africa. After the event, the leadership of the institution posited that they had raised more than £603,000. During the event, Sinesipho Rabidyani and Jacob Lief, the founder of the Fund, were present. Jacob posited that children should be provided with everything for them to grow. Sinesipho contended that she is a proud beneficiary of the Fund’s scholarship. As a young girl, she dreaded going home from school. This is because of her father’s drinking behavior. However, against all odds, she excelled in her studies. She is looking forward to graduating from the university with a degree in law.

The management of the Fund posited that they would account for every coin raised during the gala dinner. To this end, they said that they would put part of the money in expanding their school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Moreover, they would develop a modern and fully-equipped pediatric clinic. Once they have completed these projects, they would be able to enroll more needy children. The campus runs an innovative program that seeks to support all the children right from when they are young until they start working.

The Ubuntu Fund was founded in 1999. The small charity zeroed in on offering education to the needy children. After a while, the management saw that most children were not doing well in their studies. They undertook a vigorous research to unearth the problem. The leadership posited that the results of the study showed that hunger and HIV were preventing the children from realizing their potentials in education. It is for this reason that the institution started offering nutrition and catering from the healthcare needs of the disadvantaged children and their families.

About Andrew Rolfe

At Ubuntu Fund, Rolfe has succeeded in undertaking his roles as the chairman. During his tenure, the fund has been able to raise huge resources, thus helping many disadvantaged children in the society. The graduate of the University of Oxford has vast leadership skills.

Andrew Rolfe has rendered his services for PepsiCo Restaurant International as the vice president of operations in Europe. At the company, Andrew was heavily involved in leading 1,300 KFC restaurants and Pizza Hut in 30 countries.