College DropOut Serge Belamant Becomes Software Developer

Software developer Serge Belamant has significantly contributed in the Bank Sector. The co-founder of Zilch is passionate about technology. He has gained extensive experience that spearheaded him to invest in his company. Serge Belaman was born in France. At the age of fourteen, his family migrated to South Africa due to his father work.

Tech titan, Serge Belaman has shown exemplary skills. Despite dropping out of college, he was determined to achieve his dream. Once he aims to do something nothing can divert his mind from achieving his goal. He loves involving himself in solving tasks. Through his innovative ideas and good masterly of the computer, Segre Belamam has been an instrumental figure to the success of various companies. Read more on

The Birth of Neti UEPS

Serge Belamant’s passion for entrepreneur combined with software development skills enabled him to venture into his business. In 1989, Serge Belamant launched his first company, Neti UEPS Technologies. The company uses digital payment methods. His partnership with VISA was the dawn of his flight. He developed credit and debit chip card for VISA. Shortly after, he committed his valuable time in developing a system that greatly helped in managing grants and welfare fund.

Serge Belamant Inspires his Children and Young Self

Serge Belamant loves spending his precious time with his family. While on his business trip in America he bought an inspiration to guide his daughter with lives skills mostly finance matters and effect of peer pressure. In partnership with his son, they launched Zilch Technologies based in Britain. The support from his family has dramatically inspired him towards achieving his goals.

Serge Belaman noted that he founded his success through great determination and dedication towards his work. His ability to analyze, learn and comprehend new concepts spearheaded his success. He noted that accounting and law career field should never be ignored. His insightful piece of advice to an aspiring entrepreneur is to follow their passion. He affirmed that the entrepreneur should always aim up to a new challenge. By challenging their ideas, it’s a way a more straightforward way to grow their business and achieve limitless possibilities.

Serge Belaman asserted that being open-minded he has always managed to have a back plan if his idea does not work. In spite of challenges and stiff competition in the market, the entrepreneur needs to be patients with their business while at the inception and should never give up on their ideas, he noted.