Mark Holyoake Promotes Health and Wellness Through Fishing Company

Mark Holyoake is a successful business leader who lives in London. Throughout his career, he has done an excellent job helping clients manage their money. When he attended college in London, he had no idea what he wanted to do for his career. After graduating, he became an insurance salesperson. Although Mark Holyoake enjoyed the work, he aspired to make a positive impact on his community. Mark started a financial planning company that became successful. In a short period, he had hundreds of clients who listened to his advice on various subjects.

Investment Advice

Mark enjoys offering investment advice to his clients. He primarily works with people who are just getting started investing. As a result, these clients do not have a ton of money to invest with. Instead of selling these customers expensive investment options, Mark tells them to invest in an index fund. Index funds mimic the performance of the stock market. These investment options are easy to understand and have almost no fees.

Icelandic Fishing Company

As his investment firm continued to grow, Mark started looking at other companies to purchase. Several years ago, he bought a significant equity position in a fishing company from Iceland. The fishing company was about to go bankrupt, and many people thought Mark was crazy for giving the company money. However, Mark was able to offer valuable advice to the company’s leaders. The fishing company is now thriving.

Mark wanted to invest in the company for several reasons. Purchasing healthy food in Great Britain has become extremely expensive. The average person living in London cannot afford fresh fish. Mark convinced the company to offer inexpensive and healthy options for people living in Great Britain. Although he still has a lot of work to do, Mark is proud that the company followed his advice. Anyone who wants to learn how to become successful in business should follow Mark’s advice.

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Where HGGC Currently Stands In Their Domain

Boasting a high degree of proficiency and acumen, HGGC, a private equity firm, is an organization of notable prestige and honorable repute. This PE company graced the industry in 2007, at which point Steve Young, Rich Lawson, and Steve Taylor combined entrepreneurial forces in hopes of propelling HGGC to new heights. Given the company’s status as a leading middle-market equity firm, Young, Taylor, and Lawson materialized their goal. Since its inception, HGGC’s helped various portfolio companies find their niche in the market. What’s more, they’ve executed countless transactions totaling $19 billion.

As strong proponents of modern methods, HGGC seeks to inject newfangled ideas into their operations. Advantaged investing is a promising trend that’s slowly making its mark on the present-day corporate world. With that said, Young, Lawson, and Taylor made the savvy decision to incorporate this practice into procedures. As a result, the company’s acquired keen insight into investor-operator relations. No doubt a prudent business move, HGGC is continually rewarded for their willingness to embrace ultramodern strategies. What’s more, this private equity firm puts a premium on diversity. It’s for this reason why they’ve honed their skills in various domains including acquisitions, platform investing, recapitalizations, and industrial services.

While the company is most prominently known for its vast portfolio of successes, HGGC is no stranger to controversy. Just three short years ago, Young was met with a fiasco of grand proportions. Following accusations from A. Schulman, a global plastic supplier, Young was tasked with cleaning up the mess. According to A. Schulman, Young and his partners were falsifying test results in the name of saving face. When Young denied these claims, A. Schulman filed a lawsuit for $275 million. Though the civil trial is still in the works, Young, Lawson, and Taylor are desperately trying to get through this scandal unscathed.