George Soros is a Leading Philanthropic Investor in The World who Champions Democracy

As the world’s leading philanthropists, today George Soros has donated more than 12 billion dollars to different humanitarian causes. The George Soros Fund has given support to both organizations and private individuals from all corners of the world who champion causes for democratic principles of governing, accountability in government, justice and freedom of expression, and overall transparency. The generous giving does not isolate anyone deprived or someone who is discriminated, but it focuses on helping individuals and people who have been pushed to the outer edges of mainstream involvement in societal activities like LGBTI PEOPLE, sex workers, drug users.

George Soros’ background was full of such mistreatment. He was born in 1930 in Hungary where he spent most of his childhood during the Nazi occupation, but instead of succumbing to the forces of evil, they resisted by fighting back or migrating. He left Budapest for London in 1947 and by doing odd part-time jobs like being a railway porter or a nightclub waiter; he paid for his tuition fee at the London School of Economics. He later moved to the US where he entered the investments and finance industry from where he was able to build a big fortune. Soros became a hedge fund trade, and by 1970 he established his hedge fund known as Soros Management Fund. Visit to know more about George.

The fortune George Soros accumulated made him one of the leading investors in America, and it motivated him to build the Open Society Foundations which is a massive network of humanitarian projects, partners, and foundations operating in over 100 countries. The core belief of the societies is that no society can flourish without respect for individual rights, freedom of expression, and democratic governance. His Philanthropic undertakings started in 1979 when he gave black students from Apartheid South Africa scholarships. Other activities he engaged in included promotion of exchange of ideas openly in the Eastern Bloc communist countries. In the intellectual circles, he elevated critical thinking by establishing the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Some of the foundations he supports promote cultural exchanges between the West and Eastern Europe. As of 2012 George Soros, he had given out as much as $7 billion to different charities via the Open Societies Foundations.

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What influenced his way of thinking was the study of Karl Popper’s philosophy through the work known as “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” which is a critical exploration of the impacts of totalitarianism. The main thought espoused in the book is that no political ideology masters the truth, and societies can develop only if they operate openly and freely. From a humble origin, Soros worked for a few years and founded the Soros Fund which was later renamed the Quantum Fund. It became the Quantum Fund Endowment with an asset base of $12 million. At 85 years of age by 2015, George Soros was regarded as one of the richest people in the world at position 21. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Jamie Garcia Dias Leading Brazil Into The World Of Great Writing

Jamie Garcia Dias is a writer from Brazil. Wikipedia shows that he is the son of a successful writer and journalist, Arnaldo Dias, and with his father’s help Jamie began writing at the age of fifteen.

Jamie Garcia Dias was lucky that his father had many books for him to read and study, and a lot of credit for where he is now goes to that, as he says on his blog. He entered the University of Rio de Janeiro at eighteen and began to study literature.

After graduation in 1993 Dias joined the Carioca Literature Academy where he remained as a teacher for five years.

At this time he has published ten books and was awarded the White Crane, a prize awarded to the best new authors in Brazil.

In addition to his success as a painter, he was elected vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy and ultimately became its president in 2007. Since his appointment as president, the Carioca Literature Academy has become the home of journalistic literature in all of Brazil.

Dias has published twenty books, five of which have received awards. His works include, Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds, and Tiny.

Jamie Garcia Dias remains, today, one of the leading writers of fiction in Brazil. Dias needs a special commendation for writing in a language which only ranks as the sixth most popularly spoken language on the planet. The Spanish language has many more native speakers and is a more popular language for great writers in fiction and non-fiction. Great names like, Mario Garcia Llosa, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabelle Allende and Ernesto Che Gueverra, represent a pantheon of latin writers who have produced iconic works, writing for a much larger audience than those in Brazil speaking Portuguese.

Writing is both an art and a science, and requires a long study of human nature, fueled by the gifts of invention and imagination, Dias says so frequently on Twitter. When anyone writes for a limited audience, they must custom fit the story to those spoken to. While universal truths are applied universally. We are fortunate to speak the English language, because of the quality and variety of written and spoken words, which have flowered our very existence as a culture.

When we examine a writer working in, for us, an obscure language, which is subjected to uneven and usually bad translation; we can only marvel at their artistic accomplishments.  Jaime is also well known for providing financial and investment tips as well.  Including providing information about finances, and managing your accounts for best personal gain.

A Great Attorney And Financial Strategist

Sam Tabar is an attorney. He has a lot of experience in law as well as being a financial strategist. He is currently working in New York City. Here is some great information about Sam.

Sam Tabar has a lot of schooling and his CrunchBase page reflects as much. He went to Oxford University. At this school he graduated with high honors. After attending Oxford he went to Columbia Law School. Here he studied law. He was a part of many different side projects at this school. One of these was being the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

After college he got a job working as an attorney. The first firm he worked for was located in New York and was Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom LLP. During his time working for this company he performed many tasks. This included talking to clients about their hedge funds, job issues that they had, and other investment tasks. He worked for this company three years from 2001 until 2004.

In 2004, LinkedIn shows that he left his job to work for a finance company called PMA Investment Advisers. This company is based out of Hong Kong. His job title was Head of Business Development and Managing Director. He worked with really wealthy clients including working on a two billion dollar hedge fund for one of them.

After many years of working for a finance company he decided to go back to working for a law company in 2013. He started working for Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP. Here he currently has the title of Senior Associate. His primary job here is to manage hedge funds.

Sam has many different interests that he lists on his website that is located at He really loves to host events. He also has a love for traveling.  He even provides free financial advice online sometimes.

Tabar knows a lot of different languages. Some of these he can speak and write while others he can only speak. He can fluently speak Japanese. He can speak and write both English and French.

Tabar has a long history of great successes. He has worked for both financial and law companies. He has experience working as an attorney as well as advising people about their hedge fund accounts. Sam has the ability to work with really high profile clients that have large hedge funds since he has so much experience. Due to this experience he will continue to be successful in the future.

Highland Capital Scoops the US HFM Hedge Fund Award

Highland Capital Management Company has won the HFM Hedge performance award in the category of the ’40 Act Fund Equity’. In his acceptance speech after receiving the awards, the CEO of the company, Jim Dondero applauded the vast expertise of the head of short and long Healthcare fund, Michael Gregory and his team. He stated that the award was a living testimony to the highly qualified staff in the Highland company.The Dallas-based company together with its affiliates manages over $20 billion worth assets.

The US HFM Hedge Fund Awards recognizes outstanding performances in hedge funds, ’40 Act funds and funds of funds in qualitative and quantitative factors. The panel of judges analyzed the managers’ pedigree, their reputation with the investors’ funds and their overall performance data over a certain period. Besides being the president and director of Highland Healthcare Equity and Credit funds, Mr. Michael also heads the short/long healthcare fund. The fund is the largest investment sector by Highland with over $3 billion assets under its management. It has professional team of eleven healthcare specialists with vast industry experience. Mr. Jim added that the award is an indicator of the tremendous successful investments and risk management infrastructure in Highland, and the credit goes to the hard work of the professionals.
The short/long healthcare fund combines efficient risk management with generating potential public equity investments across all market in the healthcare sector. The award comes hand-in hand following the appointment of a new president in the department of institutional products. The management of Highland through the approval of its affiliates appointed Terry Jones. Mr. Jones has been very instrumental in optimizing the infrastructural risks of the company in relation to mitigation and assessment of applicable risks.
James Dondero together with Mark Okada co-founded the Highland Management Capital. Mr. Jim is the current CEO of the company. He specialized in accounting and finance in his degree of commerce from Virginia university school of business. He is an accredited chartered analyst designator. He developed the Collateral Loan Obligation.He seats in various boards of directors including NexBank, American Banknote, and MGM Studios. Follow him on here for daily updates on the investment world.