Kim Dao Answers Questions About Learning Japanese, Modeling, and More

Kim Dao was joined in this video by her friend Vienna, who is a model. Kim Dao and her friend answered questions that were posted on Dao’s  Instagram account. One person wanted to know what Vienna thought was the hardest thing about modeling. Vienna said she had to act as though she were of the traditional Japanese culture. What advice Vienna can give to a girl seeking a job modeling in Japan. Vienna said the main thing is to speak Japanese fluently. Kim Dao and Vienna met each other at Tokyo Extra, an online friendship service in January 2016.


A fan wanted to know what Kim Dao’s age was. At the time she did this video, she was only 25. Kim Dao’s 26th birthday was about a week away. The fan also wanted to know how Kim Dao could afford to live in Japan. Kim Dao said that when she lived in Australia she held down three part-time jobs. Kim Dao’s worst experience in Japan was trying to fit in with the culture. She is outspoken and needs to be quiet. Kim Dao’s best experience in Japan was meeting many new friends and having many new opportunities. Kim Dao said that she found her first apartment in Australia, online while she as looking for a place to live in Japan. Japan is cheaper to live in than Australia, which is very expensive. Kim Dao would like to visit Okinawa. Vienna was there in January 2016 and loved it.


The Future of Technology and Fashion with Chris Burch

Chris Burch


The CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch, has been involved with the rise of more than fifty companies. He chooses companies that have a directly positive impact on their clients’ lives. These companies are given support both financial and in marketing and development.


Chris Burch began his career by investing in his brother’s apparel business. They grew it to $165 million before selling. Since then he continually looks for new opportunities. Chris wrote an article about fashion and technology, which could lead to the next success.


Technology and Fashion is the Future


Throughout the years, technology has evolved to become more portable, from the boom box of 70s, moving through the Walkmans of the 90s, to the iPods of today. The portability of technology means most people are carrying some kind of technology with them every day. As a result fashion is being affected.


Some technologies give fashion designers new creative options to enhance their designs. Anouk Wipprecht is a designer who​ takes full advantage of what technology has to offer. She is known for the drink making dress, called Dare Droid. Wipprecht is also known for herself painting dress, called Pseudomorphs.


Other technologies are making you safer with the clothing you wear. Wearable safety devices are being created by merging new technologies and fashion. One example is the wearable airbag that is meant to be worn around the neck to protect bicyclist. It is meant to replace a helmet. When it is worn around the neck, it lays flat until it is needed. It gives the wearer the protection of a helmet with out and of the draw backs.


Still other technologies are being merged with fashion to make people more effective at their jobs. Gloves have been developed for firefighters that allow them to communicate with each more easily. With simple hand gestures, firefighters can let the rest of the team know valuable information such as it is safe or to get out of the building. Fashion that helps improve communication in difficult and damage situations is a technological lifesaver.


Kinetic energy technology is transforming fashion into a source of power. Running shoes are being developed that would allow the wearer to charge a cell phone or another electronic device.


Technology and fashion is helping to remove negative stigmas. Wearing glasses has had a negative stigma. Google Glasses are making it fashionable to wear glasses.


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Fashion And Technology Can Make A Huge Impact Together

The technology industry has made a tremendous impact on the business world and society as a whole over the past few decades. Technology innovations such as the smartphone and the internet have made life a lot different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. With technology such as the smartphone, millions of people can do a wide variety of things using technology to complete the tasks.


People can now do things with technology that were once thought to be impossible. People can pay bills online, shop online, work online, view concerts online, go to church online, watch movies online, and many other things that have changed the way people live their day-to-day lives.


One of the reasons why technology has been able to make such an impact on the way people live and conduct their lives is because of the technology innovations like the smartphone, WiFi, and the internet. The technology industry pushes new ideas. New and different technology is embraced by the industry and the public. Different is good in the technology industry. People want to see the latest and greatest technology.


The fashion industry is another industry where change and being different is a good thing. The fashion industry is all about change. Every year there is a new trend going on in the fashion industry. Fashion designers are constantly trying to create the next big fashion design. As a result, different fashions are delivered to the fashion world every year. People want to see new and different fashions. There is an anticipation to view something fresh, new, and exciting.


A different way that some fashion designers are bringing different fashion to the public is by using technology with fashion. The use of technology in fashion designs brings a different look to the fashion designs. Many fashion designers have made an impression with technology usage regarding fashion.


Chris Burch is a business professional who understands both the fashion and technology industries. He has a sound understanding of both industries because he has started companies in both industries. The companies started by Chris Burch in the industries were very successful.


A list of successful companies are on the resume of Chris Burch. He is well known in the business world and highly respected for his business experience and knowledge. As he moves forwarding his career, Chris Burch is looking for new challenges to meet both professionally and personally.