Draft: the Best Part of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports let you be the general manager or coach that you have always wanted to be and the stakes are real, large amounts of money is won on a daily basis. Your performance is directly tied to real players, which you draft. For example, if Tom Brady throws for three touchdowns on Sunday your team would receive 18 points. After all games are completed your team total is calculated and depending on your league format you would either win/lose against a head-to-head opponent or see your ranking in a daily fantasy game. The variations of this are almost endless.

Draft is a highly regarded company that can be used for fantasy sports. It has coved by ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance among many others. They offer both snake (the last pick in a round gets the first in the next) as well as salary cap drafts for the NFL, MLB, NHL, Golf and the NBA. Draft offers drafts that are completed in minutes as they know time is money for you.