About the life of George Soros

Some information on the news insinuated that George Soros is anti-Semitic. Fox news showed some excerpts from the book “The World According to Soros.” The quotes were used out of context bringing out the unintended message. Considering that this was put on national TV, the news reached many people. George Soros is a prominent person, and this can harm his reputation on newyorker.com. It can also mislead and fuel intolerance of the minority groups. This piece of news angered many people.

Connie Bruck wrote “The World According to Soros” in 1995. The book is a detailed description of George Soros’ life. It gives details of how he survived the Holocaust. The book also tells about how he got his wealth. Information on his philanthropic work through charity and foundations is also in the book.

George Soros was born in Budapest during a time when Nazi’s were after Jews. At this time, he narrowly escaped death because of the documents his father had gotten. These falsified documents showed that they were not Jewish. He later studied at the London School of Economics after moving to England.

George moved to New York, and in 1956, he began working in Finance. By this time, his parents had fled Hungary and were in New York as refugees on Reason.com. With his vast experience in finance, he has become an expert in stocks and investments. This has helped him gain a lot of wealth.

According to the Forbes list, he is among the richest people in the world at number 35.

Having experienced hardship in his early years, George Soros gives back to society. To ensure that countries like Hungary do not return to the state they were, he gives a lot to the civil society. Soros is also a great supporter of democracy believing that this kind of regime is the most beneficial to citizens.

Fox News, however, told this in a different way portraying George as a bad person. If that news were the first anyone heard about George Soros, they would not believe anything else. The person described in the news was after power and selfish gain; a threat to America and the rest of the world. The news by Glenn Beck was condemned by individuals as well as institutions such as the Neoconservative organ and several others.

Glenn Beck in his radio show said that George Soros provided funds for revolutions. Not explaining the nature and reason of the revolutions was as bad as telling a lie. The details intentionally left out are that the revolutions are to end communism and dictatorship in Ukraine and Czech among other countries in the region.

George Soros remains unaffected by what is said about him. He could have sued Glenn Beck for defamation, but he did not. Instead, he prefers to let his actions speak for him. It is true that George is a powerful and influential man. The good thing is that he uses this to make the world better. He is among the people who have done the most to end communism and dictatorship in the world.