Event Planning, Lauren Conrad Style

Lauren Conrad has recently taken on the world of event planning. She believes that her biggest key to success with event planning is making sure that every party is not perfect. Perfection, to her, can be very fussy and having imperfections makes everything just a little bit more comfortable. Comfort and ease are Lauren’s two main goals when event planning. But her biggest goal is to make sure that everyone, including herself, has fun. At the end of the day, events should be fun for all of those involved. As an event planner, she wants to enjoy that everyone is enjoying the work she has done. If she is too busy worrying about the minor imperfections, she would not enjoy all the things that are going well. http://www.redbookmag.com/food-recipes/entertaining/news/a44678/lauren-conrad-party-planning-entertaining/

Twenty Three Layers is a group of event planners in New York City that has the same focus as Lauren Conrad. They are capable of hosting events of all styles. Whether it be a corporate gathering or a glamorous birthday, their attention to detail and creative ideas will make every event amazing. They promise to create memories, take care of everything and promise quality and value. The four general types of events they cater to are social events, corporate events, non-profit events, and styling/shoots. The services they take care of include everything from decor to catering.

The founder of Twenty Three Layers, Jessica Boskoff, has had over ten years of experience in hospitality and event services. She uses her travels and her love of decor stores to help make all of her events unique and up to date with the newest trends. Her partner, Sarah Freedman, has in the past held events for huge companies such as Yahoo. Having this experience has allowed her to perfect the skill of creating small cozy events for a smaller crowd or large events with all the grandeur for huge crowds. Together, just like Lauren Conrad’s event planning, this team will work to create extraordinary events that suit every person’s individual needs to create events that will create everlasting memories.

23 Layers of New York Designs Spectacular Events for Companies and Families

Twenty Three Layers is an upscale event planning and design firm located in New York City. They plan corporate events, picnics, showers, weddings, birthdays, and special events. Thes one of a kind celebrations create wonderful memories.

Jessica Boskoff is the owner and CEO of the business. She worked several years creating events for Soho House New York and Four Hundred. Her experience lead her to open up her own business. Jessica’s love of travel helps her come up with new ideas for planning events. She loves to let clients become involved in all the details of planning.She offers seminars on planning and entertaining at major retailers.

Most of her favorite designers love color. Jessica loves to use contrast of colors when she plans events. Some of her favorite colors are blush, mint and aqua. She loves to incorporate pastels into her event design. Often her designs include flowers, colorful party accessories and exquisite dessert tables.

She finds the ability to express herself through planning events an amazing experience. Jessica finds working in her own creative space planning events incorporates her values. She likes entertaining family and friends and designing her own home. Jessica says her style is always changing and evolving. She loves the details of planning every event from the party accessories to the food.

Every event she plans reflects the best ideas in food, decor, and entertainment. The event firm produces large to small events. She provides catering geared to client’s tastes in food and drink. They specialize in custom bars and unique appetizers for cocktail parties and special events.

Their contacts with the top venues guarantees they will find the perfect location and entertainment for your special event. Their decorations and floral design provide unique and one of a kind displays. They specialize in photography, lighting, and branding.

For more information on Jessica Boskoff planning services contact 23 Layers to learn more at 646.837.5902.

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