Equities First Holdings: A Good Place to Get Non-Purpose Capital

Equities First Holdings has always had an eye toward the needs of their clients. Every decision they make is based on the convenience of their base, and that is why they are proud to announce their recent move from the outskirts of their Melbourne, Australia office to a more centrally located place within the city.

Equities First Holdings has three regional offices in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Their new address in Melbourne is located at Equities First Holdings (Australia), Second Level, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia 3000. They also have a new phone number of +61 3 8688 7191.

This firm specializes in providing their clients with stock-based loans in order to help them raise business capital. The stock based loans they provide are unrestricted so that the client can use them for any purpose. They also are attached with a non-recourse provision as well.

Fortunately, Equities First Holdings has a number of different offices worldwide to better suit their clients’ needs. They have offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, and their world headquarters is located in Indianapolis in the United States.

Equities First Holdings is proud to specialize in providing alternative solutions for their clients in order to help them raise their needed capital. To date, Equity First has been able to mete out over $1.4 billion in 700 loans based off of publicly traded indexes all over the world.

Equity First has demonstrated that the are the world leader in providing financing for High Net Worth individuals. By doing so, they have also helped the local economy and provided jobs to middle class individuals throughout the world. They know that High Net Worth individuals are often large employers and they often need financing under some stringent guidelines. They are proud to make the world a better place one loan at a time.