How Serge Belamant Brought Net1 Technologies to the World

After being employed for many years, Serge Belamant decided to go it alone and start his own company. It is in this period that he founded Net1 Technologies. The company was built around a single aspect of Funds Transfer System (FTS). In fact, Serge had made his name in the funds transfer, which is an apparent reason as to why he chose to continue with innovating systems that would be used in transferring money with ease.

Serge Belamant struggled to make his company relevant in the industry and used much of his resources, energy and time trying to convince banks to use his Universal Electronic Payment System, otherwise known as UEPS. Like other startup companies, Net1 Technologies struggled to get a grip of the industry and, in most cases, was operating at lower ends. This means that the company was finding it hard to sustain itself in an industry that was not responsive to technological changes. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

However, the fortunes of Net1 Technologies would drastically change when Visa, which is an international money transfer company, hired Serge Belamant, through his company, to create a new fund transfer system, which would be based on his Universal Electronic Payment System. Serge worked for this project when in the United States where he was able to access all the technology he needed. The system he developed is currently being used by Visa to prevent fraud and misuse of credit card.

The success of Visa project gives the limelight to Net1 Technologies where it becomes a global company that can be consulted fr financial and payment systems. Net1 Technologies was also listed in Johannesburg Securities Exchange, which is a clear indication that the company had grown to be accepted at the highest financial echelons.

Within the next few years, Net1 Technologies had established itself as one of the leading technology company in South Africa. The company bought Cash Payment Services, which was a system that was used to pay grants and owned by the First National Bank of South Africa. The acquisition of another payment option gave Serge Belamant the push he needed to be recognized as an expert in the financial industry where he was nicknamed the Henry Ford of IT sector. Learn more:


Article Title: Career life of Bhanu Choudhrie

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Bhanu Choudhrie is the director of the famous C&C Alpha Group. The private equity fund company majorly specializes in helping investment ventures that have been operating for more than 30 years. The venture is one of the largest ones that is based in the United Kingdom. His family is known to be a wealthy one and this formed the basis for his major successes today. Being close to his father, he has continued to learn a lot, and he believes that most skills he holds in the business area as a result of the insights that his father continues to give him. Read more on

Bhanu Choudhrie has continued to be on the limelight for the significant developments he has brought in the field of entrepreneurship. He is known for his dynamic nature. He always strives to adopt change because he believes in it. According to his advocations, change is inevitable when it comes to running a business due to the impact that technology continues to bring. He believes that change positively impacts business as long as a business owner is fully prepared to try out new things. His firm continues to change many lives through the strategies that his employees share with their customers on how they can grow their businesses. Besides, the employees are always on the know about emerging trends in the market, and this knowledge enables them to alert their customers on the best opportunities that they can seize to bring out the best in their ventures.

On the other hand, Bhanu Choudhrie is known for the confidence he exercises in the running of his venture. He believes that leadership is a challenging journey and without courage, it gets easy to give up. He has continued to stay strong in every situation that he goes through and his admirable traits have played a key role in helping him achieve great things in his career. He is also a believer in the impact of empowering his employees. Bhanu Choudhrie always ensures that he motivates them so that they can continue to do their best for the sake of the successes and development of the C&C Alpha Group. Visit

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Serge Belamant the Brains Behind Zilch Technology Limited

 Serge Belamant is the co-founder patent holder of the renowned Blockchain technology. He was born in the city of Tulle in France. At the age of 14 years, they moved to South Africa with his family. He later attended Witwatersrand University to study computer science and technology.

Serge Belamant has worked with a range of companies in different industries. His skillfulness and passion for developing financial transaction software has made him prominent, as well as bringing immense impact globally in the modern financial and banking sector. His first company was NET1 UEPS in 1989, and lately Zilch Company.

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Serge Belamant, says that he makes his money by creating products that are useful and satisfy the diverse needs of people. He states that it took his business time before realizing its success; however, he holds no regret to the time taken as he associates it with learning lessons necessary for success. He further says he experienced doubt on his work to whether “it is worthwhile, or will it be successful?” But all these time he trusted his instincts and trust that he had in his work.

Having worked in many field and positions, he describes himself as his first customer, since he had to first buy the idea from himself before trying to convince someone else on the same. Serge Belamant, says his main marketing strategy over the years is word of mouth. Since the happy client will always share a good thing with their loved ones. He says, his hardest decision to make is the choice between two equally important options. He believes being a student of new ideas has progressively made him successful.

He holds that he is most fascinated by the trends in DNA analysis and believes that there is a lot more potential in this exploration. The book” Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, carries his day; he describes it as an artful book address many questions relating to social life. Buying his daughter some American Girl’s books stands to be his recent most fulfilling purchase. He ends by giving his favorite quote “it’s easy to see far when one stands on the shoulders of giants.”

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That Which Sets Mark Holyoake Apart

Often, when people see the seafood industry taking off so strongly in Iceland and other neighboring countries. If you are totally out of the loop with the industry and its inner-workings, your confusion would make sense. However, those who are more familiar with it are aware that folks like Mark Holyoake have been making waves within the field for ages, and they do not appear to be going anywhere.

Mark Holyoake could tell you himself of the great talent that exists within his company that he recently acquired, Iceland Seafood International (or ISI). He has gone on record stating that the employees and clients he has the pleasure of working with within that industry are some of the very kindest and most genuine people that one would ever expect to find in the world of business. Among these individuals, you can find people who are so supportive of the efforts to improve the world’s state of starvation that they spend dozens of overtime hours working extra every fortnight, constantly focusing in on the smallest aspects of business that they might have overlooked.

With Holyoake, the small details are often what actually ends up mattering the most. The truth is, according to Holyoake, that when you are first exposed to a detail of life, you cannot truly discover what its significance is until you see the way things carry out. Situations are often like that, and when you enter the world of seafood business, you are only bound to find more examples of this. Folks who are hoping for a stable amount of employment opportunities coming their way ought to consider that no company is obligated to give them such an opportunity.

Furthermore, the prospect of stability within business is, in and of itself, a bit of a foolish desire. The entire interest and appeal in business is its volatility; anyone can become rich overnight if they make the right investments in the right companies. This is the view Mark Holyoake adapts when confronted with every single potential investment he could make throughout his career. With every important decision, he takes a long moment to consider that decision’s ramifications; this is what sets Holyoake apart from other businessmen.

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” LumenXT Names Marc Beer as its New Chairman of the Board “

LumeNXT recently announced Marc Beer as the newly appointed Chairman of the Board. The company is privately-held and specializes in the development of a surgical illumination product line designed to enhance surgeries that have a minimally invasive approach. The focuses on pioneering the use of LED illumination for intracavity purposes, the company’s illumination platform being used as a mechanism in order to improve safety, efficiency and precision via enhanced visualization.


Surgeons who have used targeted illumination noted that this technology is able to enhance flexibility, precision and visualization during operations. The illumination platform offered by LumeNXT is used as a heat reduction mechanism, this being designed to improve low-cost disposable option, as well as surgical precision, as well as safety.


Marc Beer talked about his new role in the company, noting that he is proud to be working with LumeNXT’s group of surgeons and engineers, describing them as dedicated and accomplished, as they advanced the field of surgical illumination by using the company’s technology. The new Chairman of the Board also stated that he considers that the platform’s importance will increase, given that more surgeries get performed using minimally invasive approaches.


The company’s co-founder, Paul Rhyne, also commented on the appointment of Marc Beer as the Chairman of the Board, stating that he demonstrated high levels of success within the startup companies that he has guided through phases of growth. The co-founder went on to highlight the fact that Beer has experience in starting and guiding companies to profitability, noting that his experience is highly valued at LumeNXT, as the company is growing.


The new Chairman of the Board brings over 25 years of experience in development and commercialization areas in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. Besides his new role at LumeNXT, Marc Beer is also the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia, Inc. The company was founded in August of 2016, and specializes in discovering and delivering digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices to those suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Throughout his long career, beer held a number of roles in companies that are part of the healthcare sector.


In 2000, Beer took on the role of Founding Chief Executive Officer at ViaCell – a biotech company that was focusing on umbilical cord blood stem cells. His role lasted seven years, leading the company from its inception through a phase of rapid growth. Under his leadership, ViaCell had 300 employees, and went public in 2005. The company ended up being acquired afterwards by PerkinElmer, in 2007. Beer also played a role at Genzyme in the sales and marketing department, was part of the diagnostic divisions at Abbott Laboratories, and was a member of the Mass Life Science Board at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Learn more:

Oren Frank: Talkspace Therapy Does Well

Modern times bring us more pressure and even more challenges. Many of us don’t have a person of trust or someone to confide in, and yet, we must open our souls to someone. Very often – because of the social stigma – we avoid seeking the help of an expert. But for quite some time, this is possible through one of the applications that have made a revolutionary turn in mental healthcare.

Numerous applications on mobile devices are very popular. Among those, you can find many senseless contents, but also some very helpful ones. However, the question is – how to choose the useful one? The point is to choose the one that helps you accomplish your goal. Talkspace application can definitely help you if you’re ought to improve and work on your mental health. Today, mental health is a part of the health culture, and yet, we still seem to be ashamed to seek for an expert.

That’s why Talkspace is such a revolutionary application. It offers you a highly expert help but with discretion and affordable price. Follow Oren Frank on Twitter for updates.

Talkspace Helped Felps

Michael Phelps famous swimmer is one of the public persons who openly spoke about facing depression. Phelps was trying to improve his mental state and so he revealed his issues to a therapist using Talkspace. Today, not that he just solved his issues, but he had also become the promoter and the advisor of Talkspace.

But who is the man standing behind this inventive idea?

His name is Oren Frank. A Co-Founder and the CEO of Talkspace, is the man who has helped over a million people in order to help them find someone to talk to and someone who will provide effective therapy. In times when mental health care is almost a global problem, the effectiveness, convenience, and discretion that Talkspace provides, definitely stand out.

Oren Frank did a very important role in connecting clients with professional licensed therapists.

With the idea and the power of innovation and technology, Oren Frank founded Talkspace with his wife Roni. After Oren and his wife had an experience with a couples therapy, they have got the idea of the Talkspace. They were both great believers and philanthropist who believe in moral rights, and accessibility to the support and psychotherapy.

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Mike Nierenberg and the Use of Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights

Mike Nierenberg is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and President of New Residential Investment Corp, Managing Director of Fortress and previously served as director and head of Global Mortgages overseeing bank products. He has previously worked for various institutions holding different executive positions before venturing into the investment industry.

The Use of Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights

Mike Nierenberg has motivated many investors to involve in Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights through capital and stable long-term business partnerships. Successful investors use undervalued assets to capitalize and generate profits, but complex investments such as excess Mortgage servicing rights require a thorough understanding of the benefits and the accompanying limitations. However, financial markets currently deal with regulatory changes and demand for capital reserves when involved with excess Mortgage Servicing Rights.

Benefits and Limitations of Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights

Some of the benefits of excess Mortgage servicing rights include the ability to minimize impacts of interest rate changes, the opportunity for high cash flow, provision of a fresh and significant asset opportunity and the supply is strong. The more common limitations include pricing discrepancies and lack of essential occupation joint partnership.

Correcting Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights Challenges

The residential Mortgage investment industry has received several perspectives as a financial problem instead of an opportunity for investments. Mike Nierenberg, together with New Residential Investment Corp., help investors to developed innovative solutions of the financial market, for instance, development of a liquid market used for excess Mortgage servicing rights. A residential mortgage-backed security is one of the leading limitations and ignored by many investment managers as an opportunity for profits as highlighted by Mike Nierenberg.

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College DropOut Serge Belamant Becomes Software Developer

Software developer Serge Belamant has significantly contributed in the Bank Sector. The co-founder of Zilch is passionate about technology. He has gained extensive experience that spearheaded him to invest in his company. Serge Belaman was born in France. At the age of fourteen, his family migrated to South Africa due to his father work.

Tech titan, Serge Belaman has shown exemplary skills. Despite dropping out of college, he was determined to achieve his dream. Once he aims to do something nothing can divert his mind from achieving his goal. He loves involving himself in solving tasks. Through his innovative ideas and good masterly of the computer, Segre Belamam has been an instrumental figure to the success of various companies. Read more on

The Birth of Neti UEPS

Serge Belamant’s passion for entrepreneur combined with software development skills enabled him to venture into his business. In 1989, Serge Belamant launched his first company, Neti UEPS Technologies. The company uses digital payment methods. His partnership with VISA was the dawn of his flight. He developed credit and debit chip card for VISA. Shortly after, he committed his valuable time in developing a system that greatly helped in managing grants and welfare fund.

Serge Belamant Inspires his Children and Young Self

Serge Belamant loves spending his precious time with his family. While on his business trip in America he bought an inspiration to guide his daughter with lives skills mostly finance matters and effect of peer pressure. In partnership with his son, they launched Zilch Technologies based in Britain. The support from his family has dramatically inspired him towards achieving his goals.

Serge Belaman noted that he founded his success through great determination and dedication towards his work. His ability to analyze, learn and comprehend new concepts spearheaded his success. He noted that accounting and law career field should never be ignored. His insightful piece of advice to an aspiring entrepreneur is to follow their passion. He affirmed that the entrepreneur should always aim up to a new challenge. By challenging their ideas, it’s a way a more straightforward way to grow their business and achieve limitless possibilities.

Serge Belaman asserted that being open-minded he has always managed to have a back plan if his idea does not work. In spite of challenges and stiff competition in the market, the entrepreneur needs to be patients with their business while at the inception and should never give up on their ideas, he noted.


Vijay Eswaran, The Malaysian Conglomerate Entrepreneur

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and executive chairman of QIcompany. QI is a group of companies operating internationally in retail, hospitality, financial services, and on the education sectors. QNET, a star subsidiary of QI that was founded about three decades ago in Malaysia, has expanded its reach globally including its offices in the UAE. The companies approach their sales by morphing the traditional direct sales run by his salespeople and the wide reach internet-based e-commerce platforms. Dr. Eswaran attributes this hybrid model as the key to his companies’ success.

Dr. Vijay and his partners ventured into the sale of precious metals such as gold, diamonds and numismatics. Armed with the sells right in Asia and the Pacific for commemorative coins for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, QNET emerged top 3 among the 42 worldwide distributors in sales volume thus demonstrating the effectiveness of its hybrid sales model.

Despite the lack of funding and connections coupled with the economic crisis that Asia was facing in 1998, Vijay was buoyed with the support from his wife and that of his partners to succeed. Dr. Vijay attributes challenges to his business and personal growth.

QI is putting up a university in Malaysia which Dr. Vijay Eswaran reckons will rival Harvard once QI city is established to include the permanent campus. The temporary one sits in Ipoh,2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. The QI city will be a multi-user complex complete with a park, hospital, residential block, and shopping complex.

Dr. Vijay recognizes his father in shaping his leadership style where service comes before self which he regularly imparts to his employees. Vijay is always on the lookout for traits and mindset as opposed to academic approach when hunting for talent to recruit. His motivation is derived from the feedback from people his ventures have had positive influences.

Nitin Khanna a Portland Based Serial Entrepreneur

The Silicon Forest is used to big exits however in the lasted decade it has recorded very few exits, and one of them is the acquisition of Saber Corps. Saber Corps was founded by Merger Tech Owner and CEO Nitin Khanna way back in 2009. The Portland-based company had been contracted by the US government to provide some of the government services to the members of the public. The state government services include vehicle registration, issuance of driver licenses and registration of those that are unemployed among others as detailed here.

Saber Corps first acquisition took place in the year 2007 when EDS purchased the firm at a tune of 420 million dollars. Nitin Khanna after the firm’s acquisition continued serving as the firm CEO. Saber Corp a year later was naturally absorbed by HP Company after it acquired EDS. After the purchase of EDS by HP, Nitin Khanna opted to leave the firm and pursue other entrepreneur interests.

Nitin Khanna, an entrepreneur at heart, established another firm together with his brother known as MergerTech. MergerTech is an investment bank that is headquartered in California. The firm focuses on providing capital and offering buyout deals to early-stage firms including small businesses that are worth less than 100 million dollars. Nitin Khanna will serve as the firm’s CEO and will run the business while in Portland. Nitin Khanna’s brother will serve as Merger Tech COO and will be the one carrying out the business operations in California.

Nitin Khanna is optimistic that the new investment will have a substantial market for its services. The niche that Merger Tech chose is free from completion from big investment banks that targets big businesses. According to Nitin Khanna, Merger Tech considers three factors when selecting potential clients. One of the things that they look out for is businesses that are in distress and are seeking for a fast buyout deals to salvage investors equity. The second category of business that Merger Tech deals with is those companies that are growing and are look for investors. Lastly, Merger Tech looks for mature startups that want to exit.

More about his latest ventures can be read via this link