Agera Energy Welcomes A New CFO On Board

Agera Energy has been striving to streamline United States’ retail energy sector. It has been providing energy efficient products to cut-down its clients’ energy expenses, as well as empowering people to make responsible energy decisions. Watch this video on

Into the bargain, the retail energy company has been providing cost-effective energy plans, tailored to meet the unique needs of its individual and institutional clients. It is the number one supplier of electricity, renewable energy, LED Retrofit, and natural gas.

What makes Agera Energy a number one energy supplier? Agera’s customer support team and sales agents are trained to handle customers with dignity. They impart customers with transparent information that can help them make reliable energy choices. Moreover, Agera has tailored its energy plans to suit the needs of each client they serve. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

In August 2018, Geff Duda, Agera’s Chief Executive Officer announced that Mark Linzenbold had joined Agera’s top executive team. “We are glad to announce that Linzenbold has joined our retail energy company as a Chief Financial Officer. He will help us serve our customers better than before,” said Mr. Duda.

Before joining Agera Energy, Mark Linzenbold held top managerial roles in leading companies. He worked as the head of business development, and Vice President of Direct Energy, a leading retail energy company serving North America. Linzenbold served it for seven years.

Also, Mark Linzenbold worked as the vice president of Strategic Energy, another energy supplier of gas and electricity in North America.

Besides Direct Energy and Strategic Energy, Mark Linzenbold worked as a senior executive for KPMG, an international company that specializes in financial statement audits, unparalleled tax services, and investment advisory services.

As the Chief Financial Officer, Mark Linzenbold will take charge of Agera’s financial operations. He will be in charge of assessing the company’s business risks, keeping critical financial reports, as well as preparing the retail energy’s budget.

Moreover, Linzenbold will collaborate with other executives to drive Agera Energy to its long-term goals. For instance, he will help the executives to extract maximum value from its operations. Linzenbold will make sure that the retail energy company operates at its optimum financial health.