Chainsmokers New Single Frees Artists From Caricature-Making Fame

The Chainsmokers just released a new single, Sick Boy, and is quite unlike anything they have done before. In an interview the DJ duo, made up of New York University Alumni Adam Pall, and Syracuse Alumni Andrew Taggart, speculated that Sick Boy was the beginning of a new chapter. The Chainsmokers have risen to much success in a short expanse of time. Now with success on their side they are taking the opportunity to experiment and establish themselves as artists.


The Chainsmokers first appeared on a top twenty slot in 2014. Their hit song, #Selfie established their breakthrough and led to their first EP, Bouquet. They flew up the ladder after that, hitting the top 10 of Billboards Top 100 with “Roses”, then the top 5 with “Don’t Let Me Down”. Don’t Let Me Down also garnered them a Grammy Award. In a recent interview Taggart stated that he always felt the groups music spoke to their generation, mirroring the tone of society. Sick Boy, helmed as a darker than their previous music, follows that same tone. Taggart said that the song would be the first to focus on a new topic. In the same interview Pall addressed their success, saying that the whirlwind was unbelievable, but the duo was not letting it go to their heads. In fact, the duo is using Sick Boy to escape where their music has put them.


According to Taggart, Chainsmokers’ rise to success also came with frustration. Fame unwittingly led to them becoming caricatures of themselves. Taggart, who believes that you can only tell a story for so long, applauds Sick Boy as a break. The song allows the group to establish themselves as artists, break through the caricatures, and tell a whole new story. Given the fan base the group has already accrued this new avenue will probably be a successful one. Whether it will take them to the next level as artists is another question. For now, Sick Boy accomplishes what is supposed to. Give the artists something to say to an audience yearning to hear it. Go To This Page to learn more.


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Alex Pall’s Musical Journey

Alex Pall is part of the group “The Chainsmokers.” He grew up in New York City. Alex Pall’s passion as a child was DJing. In the beginning, he treated DJing as a part-time job. While working at an art gallery, Pall realized his true passion of music was overpowering any other desire. He met his other partner, Drew, through their manager. They both pursued music in NYC.


When first meeting his other group members, Pall recalls a meaningful conversation with Drew and Andrew. The conversation was about their collective love for music as children. All members expressed how much they loved music, and their deep desire to be successful in the industry.


This young group formed shortly after the initial conversation. Pall recalls the days they would work from early in the morning, to late at night. They created music they believed was meaningful. They truly put their hearts into the groundwork for their success. All three members constantly pushed themselves to do better every day. Check Alex Pall on Instagram.


All output of the group is a collective process. They discuss in-depth about their concerns, ideas, and emotions together. These components are what build a successful group. Get More Information Here.


Pall explains how social media has affected his success individually, as well as collectively. Applications such as Instagram have enabled the group to reach fans all over the globe. From the Philippines to South Africa, the young generation is loving their music. They estimated the average listener is between 16-25 years old.


The Chainsmokers aspire to reach all ages with their unique sounds and catchy lyrics. No matter how old a person is, the ear can detect a soulful melody and clean vocals. They want their music to be as potent as possible.


The band has seen rapid success with multiple sold out shows across not only the United States, but worldwide. They do not want to lose momentum with their appeal. During their live shows, they aim to give the audience a performance unlike any other. They aspire in all aspects of their music to push boundaries and make a new mark in their territory. (Watch: The Chainsmokers New Song Video).


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