Pup Paradise Counts on Beneful.

Here at Pup Paradise we have been raising, rescuing, boarding and grooming small dogs for 17 years. We have had everything from an Affenpinscher to a Yorkshire Terriers and we count on Beneful to keep our dogs healthy and happy.

In the past few years, we have been breeding World class Alaskan Klee Kie puppies and the first food that they get is Beneful Healthy Puppy. When the pups are sold we send home samples of Beneful food and treats and recommend the continued use of Beneful products.
We also rescue small breeds of dogs. We have had Basenji, Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Kromfohlander’s and many other breeds. Sadly some of the dogs come to us in desperate condition. In addition to love and attention, we provide them with Beneful both wet [https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/] and dry foods and we have been very happy with the restorative effects. After a few weeks with us, even the most damaged pups will be happy, healthy and ready to be re-homed.
There are three professional groomers on staff here at Pup Paradise. They enjoy rewarding the canines with Beneful treats [https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/] after a grooming is complete. Our regular customers know that they will be receiving a Beneful treat when they are finished.
Pup Paradise also provides boarding for ten dogs at a time. We continually have a waiting list as our clients appreciate knowing their beloved pet will be treated with respect and kindness in their absence. A major factor in our boarding contract is that we will only provide Beneful food while the dogs are with us. We start the day with wet food and have a second serving of dry food later in the day.
We love our pups and we love knowing they are getting the very best with Beneful. Beneful is giving the pet you love the very best. On your next Walmart shopping, why not try Beneful too? Beneful is also available online via Amazon.



Beneful: Continuing a Trend of Excellent Canine Nutrition

As a new dog owner, I have tried to research the best nutrition for my pet. I admit that I felt nauseated when have seen and smelled some of the brown goo that comes out of most commercial dog food cans. I also question myself when I try to read some of the ingredients that are listed. Some of them, I cannot even pronounce. Recently, I read an online article from DailyHerald.com that highlights some forward-thinking dog food companies. One of the companies mentioned was Freshpet, Inc. As the reporter was touring the plant, he talked with the CEO, Richard Thompson.

The wikipedia article goes on to say that even though using fresh proteins and vegetables are not a new concept in canine food, there are several companies that are listening to what dog owners like me have to say and are creating blends that are as visually appealing and tasty as they are nutritious. I was pleased to find my choice of dog food mentioned in the article. Purina Dog Food has been experts in dog nutrition for decades.

There Beneful brand has special blends for all the stages of my dog’s life. Instead of big blobs of mystery ingredients, Beneful has whole proteins like beef, salmon and chicken. These are combined with wholesome veggies like spinach, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots. My dog loves the scrumptious kibble and licks his bowl clean every time. Beneful also comes in wet food varieties with whole pieces of meat, vegetables and fruits that I can actually see. It is all blended in a savory gravy that is healthy and delicious. The article says that the trend for premier dog food is here to stay. I am glad that I chose Beneful for all my dog’s nutritional needs. It is a choice that he and I both love!