Beneful’s Benefits for Buddy (The Dog)

It can be a challenge to keep your dog in good shape. Harder still is finding a dog food brand that is both healthy and nutritious enough to help buddy (the dog), reach his goal weight.

Beneful dog food has just the thing. The Healthy Weight line of kibble is designed to give your k-9 just what they need. It is made with 10% fewer calories than the Originals line, and all of the finest ingredients to help Buddy lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Plus, it being made of real chicken and accentuated with delicious flavors such as, apples carrots and green beans, Buddy is sure to love the taste as well. There are 310 Calories in 1 cup of Beneful Healthy weight, to give your dog the energy they need to keep, well to keep being a dog. To aid in the health of your dog, the Beneful website has given us a tool designed to help measure how much food your dog should eat in a day.

Further aiding in keeping your dog at a healthy weight. Beneful healthy weight is a dry dog food, and at the moment is available only in chicken flavor. Beneful is safe and even recommended by some for senior dogs, it helps them maintain a healthy weight. Beneful also provides Healthy Puppy line. for the new additions to the family. Beneful Healthy Weight is available at most stores, such as Walmart, Target, PETSMART, or Beneful’s website itself. The four star ratings from these same websites attest to the many people that agree with the quality and results of Beneful’s dog food.