Veggies For Your Pets

Everyone knows that people need their “five a day.” But did you know that your pets need vegetables too? In fact, fruits, grains and vegetables are all healthy foods for your pets, provided they are present in a nutritionally balanced food.
If you’re looking for ways to feed a healthy meal to your dog in particular, you should consider the dog food varieties available from Beneful. In wet and dry food varieties, this brand from Purinastore brings a range of flavorful foods that incorporate real meat, veggies, grains and fruit.

The Originals line on Amazon of dry dog food comes in three different meat varieties: beef, chicken and salmon all of which also incorporate vegetables. The Originals beef flavor is blended with spinach, peas and carrots. The chicken flavor includes carrots, tomatoes and avocados. The salmon includes real sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots.

If you want to add a mix of fruit and vegetables, you may want to give your dog Beneful’s Playful Life dry food. This dog food is designed for active dogs that need extra protein, which is provided through real beef and egg ingredients, but also incorporates blueberries and spinach.

Another dog food from Beneful that includes both fruits and veggies is their Healthy Weight dry dog food. While this food is designed for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance, you can feed it to any dog. The Healthy Weight food includes apples, carrots and green beans.

If you want to incorporate more whole grains into your dog’s diet, consider some of Beneful’s wet dog food varieties []. The wet foods produced by Beneful include grains like barley, brown rice and wild rice. The wet foods come in two lines: Incredibites and Chopped Blends, both of which incorporate real meat, veggies and whole grains.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of dog foods available from Beneful that will allow you to easily help your dog get his five a day. With so many varieties, from apples and blueberries to spinach and tomatoes, you’re sure to find something from Beneful that is both tasty and healthy for your dog.


Treating Pets the Right Way

Beneful products help over 15 million canines maintain a healthy diet each year. Their dog food and treats are filled with health-beneficial ingredients that undergo extensive testing for safety and quality. Offering health-conscientious owners numerous protein-rich options for their furry family members, Beneful provides canines with the nutrient-full choices they need to live life to the fullest. For the fun-loving pup, the adult dog, or any age in between, the Beneful brand from Petco caters to any age group or dietary need.
Four Dog Treats that Canines Love
•Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges
•Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists
•Beneful Baked Delights Hugs
•Beneful Baked Delights Stars
Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges- Pets need their teeth to be healthy just like their human counterparts. Reducing plaque, getting rid of nasty tartar build-up and freshening breath are just a few of the many benefits the Dental Ridges treats offer canines. With a touch of parsley and a meaty center, dogs can’t get enough. Promoting healthy canine grins and owner satisfaction, the Healthy Smile Dental Ridges strengthen bones and make smiles glisten.
Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists- To keep dogs interested and intrigued Beneful offers on Facebook this “twist” on dental health. With a fun and twisty shape filled with a peanut butter flavor and a penchant for supporting teeth health, the Healthy Smile Dental Twists receive rave reviews from owners and their pets. The parsley flavor rounds off the treat with just the right hint of freshness.
Beneful Baked Delights Hugs- Beefy and cheesy, the Baked Delights Hugs satisfy the meat-lover cravings in every canine. Crunchy on the outside with a soft center in the middle, they make for a luscious and engaging snack. Hugs are high in protein and full of flavor. Offering a savory hug with every bite, Hugs are a baked delight quite a few dogs are barking about.
Beneful Baked Delights Stars- These bacon and cheese star-shaped shortbread treats are irresistible to dogs, big or small. Pet owners say Baked Delights Stars leave their furry family members begging for more. Moist and bursting with rich taste, canines delight in the crunchy treat.