Dr. Mark McKenna has Regrets But Pushes on

There are some who are afraid of admitting that they have regrets regarding the past, but Dr. Mark McKenna is one one of those people. He is someone who openly admitted during an interview that he wishes that he had found his passion at a younger age. He wishes that he had started living the life that he is living now when he was younger. He is not afraid of sharing the fact that he wishes that his life was a little different from how it is right now.

When Dr. McKenna was asked in an interview if there are people in his life who have influenced him and helped him to become who he is today, he shared that there are indeed those kinds of people in his life. Dr. McKenna shared that the former president, Barack Obama, is someone who he looks up to and who he follows after. His other influences include Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg. He is someone who has found people who he would like to follow after, leaders who he would like to learn from and use to grow.

Dr. McKenna is someone who is passionate about those patients he cares for, and he is someone who is always advocating for those individuals who he feels are in need of representation. He cares about those who are in need of help, and he is there for those people who look to him for that help. Dr. McKenna is someone who is always looking out for the community around him. He is not focused on himself and only himself, instead, he is focused on all those in the world around him who are in need of assistance.

Dr. McKenna is a licensed doctor who has been licensed by two different states. He is licensed in Surgery and Medicine in both Georgia and Florida. He is a man who knows how to practice medicine, and he is someone who has touched a number of lives with the work that he has completed. He has regrets, but he pushes on. Because he pushes on, he has accomplished much good.

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