Robert Deignan Is Leading ATS Digital Services Forward

Advanced Tech Support Digital Services (also known as ATS Digital Services) is taking a major step…. thanks to the leadership of chief executive officer Robert Deignan. They have recently made an announcement that caught the attention of many in the industry. AppEsteem Corporation is providing them with a certification that allows them to stand alone.

In fact, Robert Deignan and ATS Digital Services are the first company of their kind to receive this certification. AppEsteem Corporation is allowing the company to become the very first call center to offer those who possess consumer software applications with the chance to enjoy premium support services.

AppEsteem Corporation is responsible for the certification of apps and the services that they provide. Their willingness to provide this certification to Robert Deignan’s call center is a symbol of the company’s willingness to comply with all of the parameters that AppEsteem has established.

Robert Deignan has shown his ability to provide companies with the assistance that they need in this regard over the course of his entire career. Before joining ATS Digital Services, he spent nine years working as the executive vice president for iS3 Inc. and this company is also instrumental in the world of online security.

Customers who require protection from malware and other online threats have often relied on this company in the past. Before working for iS3 Inc., Robert Deignan co-founded a company known as Fanlink Inc. and this company is responsible for creating turnkey systems that are used to provide added security during wireless purchases.

He embarked on this career path after receiving BS in Organizational Leadership from the University of Purdue. Robert Deignan’s past experiences are what has prepared him to lead ATS Digital Services going forward. Thanks to his forward thinking, the company is well positioned for the future.

Customers who contact this call center can now receive the help that they need with their computer software without taking any major risks. Now that customers do not have to worry about any form of exploitation, this allows ATS Digital Service to grow alongside of their clientele in the years to come.

Bob Reina: Embrace The New Way Of Living

There is a new way of living in today’s day and age, and it is not all about working behind a desk 9-5. There is a lot more to it than that. It goes way beyond that. It goes even deeper. Many people can start their own path and create their way of life. That is the best way to live all of the time and not just some of the time. When they are providing for themselves and they are their own bosses, they can create an avenue that allows their inner self to be fully on display at all times. Learn more:


Before long, those that are closest to them will see the difference in their attitude. This is because of Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, which has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. Video is the way of the future. People use video more than ever and Bob Reina was smart to notice that back in 2007 when he started the company. That is another great thing about him. He sees things happening before other people do. That is because he knows the trends, the markets, and how they go up and down. He is also very smart in that he listens to his customers.


He knows they are the people that are going to give it to him straight. He respects them for that. He wants to hear the truth and he has no trouble handling the truth. That has never been an issue with Talk Fusion. If there is something that needs to be fixed or something that needs repairing, he is on top of it as his IT team. He counts on them and trusts them. Bob Reina is not a micromanager. He surrounds himself with some of the greatest minds in technology. Learn more:


Because of this, they are up for the ever-changing technology landscape. Their video quality is truly outstanding. It is why they won two awards in 2016 for their work. More awards are likely to come, but it boils down to having a product that is something to be proud of as an owner. Learn more: