Balanced Financial Solutions From Nexbank

Nexbank Capital Inc. is based in the Dallas, Texas and offers a multitude of financial services to its clients. Despite the variety of banking options that this financial institution offers, its professional services are based on three main categories: institutional servicing, commercial banking, and mortgage banking. With clients across the United States, Nexbank works to create a customized plan for each individual or business that effectively suits all needs.

Commercial banking at Nexbank includes lending for startups and growing businesses. The bank allows for long-term expansion of the client’s business by providing loans in a timely manner and offering reliable services during the process. Nexbank also partners with real estate developers in commercial zones to assist in the construction, renovation, and financing of property. In regards to investing, Nexbank offers asset management to diversify the portfolios of other banks and generate exceptional returns.

The mortgage lending side of Nexbank works mainly in the commercial field as well. This includes warehouse lending services and wholesale funding for various clients. As with other banking options, the mortgage lending is both flexible and dynamic to meet the needs of the individual client instead relying on a one-size-fits-all plan. The same concept applies to institutional services, in which Nexbank effectively helps other local community banks to cover expenses as growth and adaptation occurs.

Nexbank is led by James Dondero, the Chairman of the firm and a longtime professional in the financial markets. The directors behind Nexbank offer decades of combined experience to create a successful institution based on leadership and management. The unrivaled financial guidance and loan services of Nexbank are included for every institutional, corporate, or individual client.